Step outside: Nest’s latest camera combats the elements

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The $200 Nest Cam Outdoor is similar to the indoor version, but instead monitors the exterior of your home.

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Eddie Young says:

never been this early before

brad f says:

What can you actually do with 3 hours of video? Pointless

metal4life says:

is it necessary to be in bright white like that? lol

Hi-Fi Insider says:

Is the Wifi stronger than indoor Nestcam version?

Bran Will says:

YouTube is stupid

krtica15 says:

That loose bumper on that iphone is bugging the hell out of me

DTS says:

I just installed the indoor version in a weather-resistant casing I got off of Amazon. Works great and it’s drilled into the wall so that it can’t be stolen or tampered with.

fahad al.madhefar says:


Umar Ahmad says:

I’d rather have a camera that’s not that noticeable unlike this where you’d have to put it near where you want it to record

Ramolifee says:

Can’t wait for mine to arrive video coming soon

Rosen Petkov says:

Easy to steal or destroy. It makes no sense for an outside security camera. Even if it’s mounted very hight you can take it down with a rock. It needs to be a lot more robust and the magnetic stand is a joke.

James Overeem says:

Very high quality video and easy to set up. I highly recommend

mouthbalz says:

Easily to steal or to destroy it.

Josue Contreras says:


texan176 says:

They should have made it look like a rock or mini statue of something instead of a bright white device with a glossy black front plate and “nest” painted on it. Better yet; license the name “Harbor Freight” and put it in the rock or statue version so even if someone gets wise to what it is they will not want to steal it.

Steve Leighton says:

I just wanted to let anyone in Canada know, I purchased this camera and installed it yesterday. In Canada (due to laws apparently) it’s limited only to the 2.4Ghz network. At my house here in Mission BC, the router and camera are only 10 feet apart and where I initially installed the camera it was no more than 18 feet from my router with one exterior wall and one window to contend with. The camera would not connect. On my 5Ghz network I have 111Mbps where the camera is currently installed and 40Mbps where I would’ve liked to install the camera. I initially purchased this unit because of the great success I had with a Nest Cam (indoor?) but I’m definitely not happy with this camera’s operation. I may re-purchase when these units are readily availble at Home Depot in the US but for now I definitely would not recommend anyone in Canada or Europe purchase this unit for outdoor use. My internet is provided by SHAW cable 150Mbpsdown and 15Mbps up. I have no connectivity issues on any other devices outside of my home when on my 5Ghz network. I would love some troubleshooting tips if anyone out there has suggestions! Thanks

MrEpicStunt says:


Unan1m0us says:


Lex Luthor says:

If I buy 4 of those, do I have to get 4 subscriptions?

Duke Nl says:

4k nest camera with 20x zoom then u have my sales !!!

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