Sony Xperia XZs review – Did Sony improve the camera?


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Aaron Arguelles says:

What happened to the good looking guy that used to do video reviews in GSMArena? I don’t see him anymore here.

Rahul Srivastava says:

Great review!

Ilhan H says:

why change something that works??? as long as the performance, camera, battery and software is optimised..who cares for the fashion

jokiing says:

the slow mo is just for 1 sec

Pip Hacker says:

clone of last years XZ & waste of money also

Muneeb Ahmad says:

This time sony is the best in quality, speed and performance of everything. Xz premium will be the beast.

Zero Fcuks Given says:

bezel king

Mustafa Sezer says:

The best camera feature of this year!

S Saini says:

Hopefully the XZ Premium can redeem Sony

Mgtakiller Mc says:

I think it’s not worth its price.

Mk.Stavros says:

I Really liked the review! Congrats Gsm arena! I also love Sony’s user interface since the time I had my Xperia P that got stolen 🙁 I think Sony has to improve the screen quality, to lessen the bezels and to fix its camera issues!

maria ikar says:

it is good looking phone

Maroof Juneja says:

looks like a 2015 device

Ricardo Oliveira says:

Everyone said that the price of this smartphone is to much higher but if they are Apple everbody bought them whithout any complains about the price little strange thing. This Smartphone is superb for what they offer because of the feature of the slow motion camera the way he treat the image period.

Stranger_in_black says:

Look at the trolls who bitches about design, when their favorite smartphone looks like an egg shaped garbage.
Who has front firing surround speakers? – That’s right, Sony.
Who has 960 FPS slow-mo? – sony again.
Who has a camera which tops in DXOmark rating everytime? – Sony again.
Who has the sharpest IPS display with X-reality, Tri-lumnious engine and dynamic contrast enhancer? – Sony again.
Who included water resistance in all of their flagships for the continuous 4,5 years? – Sony again.
Who has the light skinned UI with less bloatware (Excluding google)? – Sony
Who has the most stable software with less crashes? -Sony
Who is faster in updates (Excluding Google devies)? – Sony.

Rather than whinging about Sony, just stick with your explosive girly device or some Cheap Chinese devices. How bow dah?

Piotr Cipkowski says:

Nice voice, review very well done, waiting for XZ Premium

dat boi says:

this phone features is good… but it look the same since 10 years ago… nothing much change in the design, and I am not feel like I am changing to new phone.. design is just meh and ugly fck.. look at that thick bezel… rediculous

S Saini says:

Curved Glass is revolutionary..check!


wonderful review and a great phone even if it has huge bezels,looks so much cooler than other bezel phones like iphone 7 plus,pixel xl…

Muneeb Ahmad says:

Bull shit review

Oh! Media says:

Oh poor Sony…. Your design is so outdated.. Please step up a game!!

Mic Jam says:

I want that SLOWMO

s hudson says:

the xperia XZs screen has been downgraded it seems, it looks a lot duller than the original xz

rocky reto says:

fuck off idiots

Incognito says:

I love the voice of the reviewer i dont know her name but her voice is so sexy, can i have her number even if she’s not a Sony fan lol

Anshul Gupta says:

Excellent review! 🙂

Malik Shahid Farooq aWaN says:

I love my Xperia z5 premium. but before I buy it I watched gsmarena’s review, I felt that z5 premium is not a good phone.after that I purchased z5 premium because one of my friend. but now I love Xperia z5 premium because it’s design, built quality, great software and of course great cam. I wonder why gsmarena hate Sony? I always buy Sony products and I love their products by heart

Vandrefalk says:

Can’t wait for the review of the Premium. That’s the one I’m getting if I’m getting a Sony phone this year. 🙂

Marinko Agić says:

GSM Arena is always on Samsung side!

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