Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Camera Review – More Cameras, More Light

As the first Sony flagship with dual cameras on the back, the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium has a lot to live up to, and Sony isn’t resting on its laurels for this release. Packing a main 19-megapixel Sony IMX400 camera, and a secondary 12-megapixel monochrome camera on the back, the new AUBE fusion ISP is able to take a composite of the images produced from both cameras to enhance the scene, providing better low light performance in both photo and video mode. Just how much better is it? We compare it to the Huawei P20 Pro, HTC U12+, and the Google Pixel (2016) for reference. Be sure to check out the HDR videos we took and compare them to what’s in the review on an HDR capable display!

HDR playlist:

Full comparison album:

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dejan110782 says:

Android Headlines, does main cameras have or have not OIS?

Amran Ibrahim Rashidi says:

More videos and photos of this smartphone pleaseee… Thank you…

MoronFeministJang says:

Huawei sucks

Lucky Never says:

good camera, terrible software and design

Padid AZG. says:

Another crap from Sony. Old-fashioned design, a missing head phone jack following stupidity of other companies, mediocre camera, and over priced.

W YW says:

p20 pro >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>sony big bezel heavy ugly 2,Sony mobilecamera is always the nothing more than a gimmick

ishaan simpson says:

plzz tell is sony better than huawei p20 pro???

Wind says:

what about hdr mode ?

Jeffrey Lipata says:

Sony always fail in smart phone division. Best since Z1 series…. Sad truth…

Reena Sahoo says:

This time Sony make me feel that ..amazing Sony …win win win …

5.5. K Tech says:

I don’t know about the rest but I still think the Pixel 2 had the best smartphone camera. A little sad to because of that. Cause I really want Sony to best the camera game with this one. It still is a very good competitor.

Ãhmàđ Ńahàş says:

Nice comparison it’s cool and fair

marlowe marzan says:

The best is Sony

tudo podjhou says:

I prefer huawey p20pro

jose ruiz says:

Camera the BEST P20 pro.

JustNewbie InTheWorldOfExpert says:

Great Move Sony!

unal bulut says:

Best camera review on youtube, thank you

Hassan Ashiq says:

What kind of people are you why you didn’t clean the lenses?

loopymofo says:

i can’t wait to see what this camera on the xz2 P is like with the final software and added stuff to the camera suite. he best thing about this phone is what they can improve with software updates. Might replace my LG V30 for the XZ2 premium!!!

GenaniDeluxe says:

That color accuracy on the p20 is still too horrible. I would even prefer u12+ over p20…

Дамир Якупов says:

It doesn’t have ois

wendel carteiro says:

Sony xperia xz2 premium, the best camera and the best smartphone of 2018!

Radhe Radhe Production says:

I’d prefer that front flash in sony. Looks good to me

leonard diwa says:

looks like a bloated battery in the back.. a big nah for me

UltraDXSASC says:

So just wait for XZ3 to get the dual camera for cheaper (TBH, who cares about 4K display at 6- Screen)

Sourav das says:

sony gonna beat all the smartphone in market.,…

Sarker Mahmud says:

p20pro night mode hellooo

Ayuro Trevori says:

Even with smaller sensor than huawei p20 pro, sony can come to this leveel..
This really amazing..
Sony camera software has been improvedd so much..

Next year will be great battle on camera..

YNA A says:

XZ2 P is the best.

mia khalifa plays pubg says:


Creative School says:


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