Sony Xperia XZ Premium Camera Review – 960FPS and 4K HDR are the FUTURE !

The new Sony Xperia XZ Premium is here with our early camera review – Sony’s camera flagship 2017 ! with the best 4K HDR display and a 960FPS HD camera ! Get the XZ cheap here: *
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mohamed khalifa says:

sharpness is not good at sony cameras

French Fries says:

3:19 my god!.. good review and nice voice bro.. subscribed!

JuBear Reviews says:

Your accent is so confusing. But nice video.

Barnboi says:

I’m just going to wait for the Note 8. I was hoping the XZP pictures would blow the competition out of the water but all the comparison videos I have seen, there is little to no difference. Loosing Samsung pay is just not worth the camera quality difference if there is even one.

Woozer73 says:

Did you learn English in Ireland?

russell perez says:

It’s the lightest Sony flagship,and the lightest Snipedragon processor!!I’ll take eet.

Max Paul says:

nice specs but the design is ?

Mitul Shetty says:

I really hope Sony, LG, Motorola, Nokia and HTC phones are successful again

Ankit Sen says:

But in low light pictures looks amazing

DT B says:

Funny fact: the Z5 premium is the cheapest tech gadget with a 4k display.

Florian Lindebner says:

Whoop whoop

Mighty Cat says:

Schönes Review 🙂

John Doe says:

Do you have an Xperia X or other Sony phone with a 23 MP camera? I was wondering which one you would like better if so.

The Insane Bolt! says:

Sony best ever!

Shw Pipo says:

Great work fellas is the speakers loud or quit

Río Obsidiana says:

Best review I have seen! Congrats bro, keep the excellent work!!
I’ll be waiting for your final test of this device, with the definitive one.

Maochan81 says:

I suppose Sony will continue to give us gimmicky features instead of a really good stills camera. I loved everything on the z3 compact except the camera..and super slow charging. I guess they want to keep selling those RX100s and don’t want people to say “oh, my phone camera is good enough for me, i don’t need a real camera..”


is it possible to change fram rate from 960 to 300 FPS for moor then 2 seconds ?

xyoxus says:

3:47 AlexiBexi! 😀

tony okoro says:

it always astonishes me how software is blamed for everything. xperia cameras have always had the issue of blurry and noisy lowlight photos. same goes for the pixel xl and other cameras with f2.0 and non OIS lenses. The sensor is just one part of the camera module. lens sharpness and quality as well as the stabilisation system are just as important. The Samsung camera has a sharper brighter lens with the best ois system around. The sensor also has larger pixels so it’ll always deliver higher fidelity in lowlight and at night time. software isn’t going to fix the issues you’ve encountered with the devices. The retail version will perform similarly. with cameras, always follow the hardware!

HunterEatsHunter says:

I absolutely LOVE Sony phones!

Matt Brum says:

My current. XZ has horrible battery life and in low light the pics are horrible.

Azfar90 - A2ZGames - says:

I hope the phone offers other HFR settings; 480fps and 240fps like RX100 IV does, but with better quality or a bit longer recording time…

Fahad Naeem says:

actually this isn’t an issue with pre production model and am sure you will get the same results as you are getting now with this preproduction model…Sony failed to deliver us grainy free shots even in bright light..when zoomed in the pictures totally distort no matter what lightning condition you are taking pictures in…this story started since sony launched its first flagship device i.e (Xperia z)…till now sony is suffering from camera software issues….what sony gonna do in upcomming years we will find out later…

Wagner Carvalho says:

lindo lindo perfeito!

Adolfo Wilson says:

I hope Sony finally gets the camera right, because i’m tired of the “almost great” camera they have been delivering, like man, they are the camera makers for most of the best phones, i want to buy a Sony phone with the best camera to such a point no other can match at the time. Will be on the watch for the news.

Julian Tibana says:

does this phone have 240fps and 960fps slow motion camera or just 960fps?

Adam Soa says:

you’re from Vienna???

Kindell Armstrong says:

What is the name of this song ??

Goldkoron says:

Can the motion eye camera detect a flash of lightning and grab a picture of that?

Nawar Sabah says:

What do you mean about ” pre-production ” unit ?

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