Sony Xperia XA Camera Review

In this video let’s take a close look at both the 13MP rear camera and the 8MP front facing camera of the new Xperia XA from Sony.

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I Love Pasta says:

I just subbed coz he’s cute ^_^

Marty Allencar says:

After nougat update on xperia xa can you control manual focus and shutter speed?

Jose Manuel Arreaza says:

XA or C5 Ultra? Please help me!

Mohit Arora says:

does its camera have metering option in manual mode?

Venkatesh Muthusamy says:

Hey ash. Any plans on reviewing Xperia X?

undead rex says:

Ash I need help so on a old vid of yours (Galaxy note 5 how to root w/o loss of data) I messed up bad I forgot the first thing like the N920C code thingy and idk mine and know I’m stuck on the download screen and CANT GET OUT please help.

Benny R says:

Came here from AshAnswers 28.

Rajendra khose says:

Aare yar camera night ko image nikala to zoom kiya to dot dot aate hai…. Kauv


xperia xa or m5???

Ishan Goyal says:

Does the front facing camera of xperia XA is also dull as xperia m4 aqua ? I am not able to decide that either i should go for iphone 5s or xperia XA….plz respond for my problem .

Rahul Shankar says:

ashwin macha good video da

Andrey Khomyakov says:

Sony XA or Alcatel Idol 4?

charan gowda says:

bro do u think the price is reasonable or is over priced a lot

triumphrider says:

good vid. how would you compare the video/photo capabilities of the xa to the m5?

Karan Desai says:

Your videos seem somewhat like marques brownlee’s.

Abhishek Yadav says:

please do a camera Comparison between redmi note 3 and xperia xa

juan felipe cacedo says:

dose it has slow motion

Ahmad Khan says:

Nice review dear bro…..ilke your channel

Jerico Luy says:

Nice video! Subscribed. 🙂

chandan sharma says:

deserve thumbs up… nice house .. and surroundings…quite green … kudos

Zaher Alsaghir says:

What usages? I haven the device for less. Than 2weeks!! Had BBpassport for 2years never had single issue.


Camera comparison of moto g4 plus vs xperia xa plz leave some videos of camera comparison

sokha chea says:

I like the camera of XA ultra

Kenny Camps says:

whuch to buy lg stylus 2 or xperia xa

Tim datoolman says:

Great video Ash, keep up the good work.

sajeeb saha says:

Good to see that sony improved there video recording mic and disply…..

Sarkhan Gadirzade says:

what about the slowmo video?

marinelle magpantay says:

I’m using Xperia xa for 5 months now and all i can say is;this phone sucks…for 5 months it already had 3 reset,battery is deflating fast even if you turn off wi-fi connection and data connection. On idle mode after 15 20% off battery was deflate. Turns hot after 5mins of call.
Note:i don’t add any other applications since bought.

Muhd Yasin says:

Whats a good phone with nice display and decent camera guys please help

Abrar Ansari says:

got an offer to exchange this XA with my older Htc one m8 eye ???? wht do u say shud i exchange or keep m8 eye… ???? pls reply asap..

Nick Gaming says:

hi is xpirea xa waterproof

Samir Ammarcha says:

hi ,, nice video ,, can you do GPS test pleas .?

dipolog tower says:


The Sick Boys says:

that’s all you do ugly ass send videos of you and music not even rich

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