Sony Xperia X Performance vs iPhone 6s, Galaxy S7, OnePlus 3 Camera Review

Ultimate Camera Comparison of Sony Xperia X Performance vs Samsung Galaxy S7, Apple iPhone 6s, and OnePlus 3 in still, selfie, and video recording.

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whitesqual 123 says:

I”ll go with the oneplus,because of the low price and a very decent camera,plus the other specs sold me on it too.

saksham jain says:

Oneplus 3

jemil jolindon says:

top1: xperia x
top2: galaxy s7
top3: OP3
top4: IPhone 6s

top1: galaxy s7
top2: xperia x
top3: IPhone 6s
top4: OP3

Imran khan says:

Samsung and iphone is too common. So my money will go for the sony X because it is the best.

Vittal Panduranga says:

Could you kindly do a water test for oneplus 3.

MARVEL Rabbit says:

This guy definitely got paid to write this review trashing the X Performance:

Matthew Norzan says:

hi guys, the x performance unfortunately does not sell her in Malaysia. If I wanted to purchase online via eBay the F1832 model, will this work here?

Anon Bin Anon says:

thank you for this fair comparison, unlike other reviewers who seem to get paid to promote phones. I bought the s7 edge and then note 7 because of the positive reviews of the camera, but actually the camera is so saturated, unnatural plain colors with yellow hues eating up most of my pictures specially in certain lighting, and lacks details in landscapes.

Juan Ramón Ortiz says:

sony es la mejor camara del mundo

MaryMmmm m says:

What accent is it?

Neo Edition says:

Iphone and Sony <3

Life in Wow says:

IPhone 6s has no ois. Only the iphone 6s plus.

Eshrak Kader says:

can you review the X compact

Jx Gap says:

Xperia X Performance definitely

fadi fallouhs says:

Xperia x performance is the best

Bear Ice says:

X Performance top

Kitty Cat says:

Which is better LGG5 or Sony xperia x performance

MarvinRyan Biel says:

x performance has a more detailed colours because of the triliminus display technology but samsung has more detailed when it zoom than x performance it has a less noise and jagged

Dylan Carias says:

dayumm sony nice improvement on camera…

Snake Eyes says:

wow x performance camera results is amazing!!!

Constantin Munteanu says:

if only sony didn’t have the blue tint all over images at low light.

Khánh Lương says:

vậy là sony x performanece đẹp hơn ngon hơn

Ahmed Mossaied says:

use manual mood in Xperia X preformance cyz Auto mood just working with 8mp not 23

Blaze Julien says:

The X performance looks the best.

Harvey Quinto says:

I thought the Sony Xperia X Performance isn’t available in the Philippines?

Fahad Naeem says:

xperia x seems better…s7 user.. :/

Pip Hacker says:

V. Nice Review

Teddy Manchester united says:

sony is the best here

Utoob3r says:

Sony’s smartphone cameras should be more advanced. It’s still a disappointment in low light performance.

silvershock82 says:

in that first night photo of the city in the background, the Xperia completley wrecked the other 3. it looks amazing!

Imran khan says:

Samsung and iphone is too common. So my money will go for the sony X because it is the best.

crankyboiy says:

The x performance would be a great phone if it was 2k screen. 1080p is for the r low end phones. The x performance is $700 for friken sake.

MrChrizyzel says:

All of you guys are complaining about the noise in xp? Use the 8mp oversampling and details will be clear as sky.

juzzkin says:

guys whenever the xperia xa ultra is available can you do review and comparisons for it .. that mid ranger is ver interesting! thank you and keep up the good work ..

Javirus62 says:

one plus 3

88Goldilucks88 says:

Nice review… Pls feature vivo xplay 5 elite…. Very intriguing phone

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