SONY Xperia X Performance Real Camera Review: The best SONY can offer?

Sony carries a reputation for top tier multi-media performance on Xperia phones. This year, the Xperia X walks away from high end specs while keeping a premium price tag. Does the camera on the X Performance suffer from these cut backs, or can Sony still compete against similarly priced flagship phones? Here’s our full real camera review for the Sony Xperia X Performance!

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Israel ben david says:

Soft Edges at 02:41/13:56

David A says:

Not impressed.

Saut Moeun says:

Great work for viewing this, but you should learn more how to use sony xperia camera.

seepeoplenotme says:

Honestly speaking, even though this phone has the exact same sensor Z5, the Z5 camera is kind of better than this X Performance. The Z5 actually focuses and the SteadyShot Intelligent Active is much better and much much much faster than this X in Video

MrWalker1000 says:

so what I got from this review was this guy pretty much complaning that sony does the camera differently from other companies. dude this phone takes amazing pictures in auto mode. Which is what dxo tests since that’s what most people are going to use.

and for manual mode it’s good enough for a phone. It’s not a dslr camera. It’s easily the best camera and it has better white balance than the s7 and htc10, and takes in more details as well.

Aaron .T says:

stabilization on the z5 is way better

Viewer says:

Excellent review.. Thanks ))

Mie Mohd says:

why they make a phone that could shutdown the camera function when needed? , this phone shouldn’t sold to public!

slavevBG says:

The new Xperia XZ is king with it’s camera and new sensor/s.

MrWalker1000 says:

this phone is optimized for 1080p 30fps. Actually all phones are like that due to their limitations. That’s where sony’s steady shot works best. not in 60fps mode.

Reel Curve says:

THIS IS NOT A FLAGSHIP PHONE Guys! Cool Down! It is the Sony Xperia XZ

Alvi Ahmed says:

considering how important how phone cameras are becoming so important and for most people the only camera they use, a series like this is really useful. Bravo @Pocketnow , always keeping up with the times and providing meaningful content for the consumers. I have a suggestion, consider giving a point to every phone based on thier camera performance like a DxO mark mobile only this will be say PNW Mark

Jerry Berglund says:

Did he say this phone has bad stailization? Common? I have seen this phone take almost as stable clips as a phantome 4. rock solid. Cant understand why reviewers hate sony this much. A phone that has the same issues but is called sAMSUNG, or HTC is getting praised, but Sony getting the same things as flaws. Dont get it. Is it because Sony doesnt care about america?

Rendy Rijanto says:

damn So many Sony hater coments here.

sai sreekantt says:

i bet ……Indians cant take a single pic with this puppy …shhhh

ToastersMakeTea says:

“megaPICKLE images”

Joseph Sing says:

Can the app allow me to both continue to record video and pause video at the same time?

Daniel Morelli says:

+JuanBagnell when describing how fast you are going to move at the beginning of each video can you please use proper grammar and say ‘quickly’ as it drives us grammar natzis crazy lol

Marco Rivera says:

OMG YOU ARE COMPLETELY RIGHT…. i love sony but the Canadá sucks balls big time …. I HAD THE Z, THE ,Z1s, Z3,Z5 PREMIUM AND THE X PERFORMANCE… AND ITS THE SAME HEATING PROBLEM OVER AND OVER AGAIN … the only one that does not have that problem is the XA ULTRA …. had the X PERFORMANCE for only 10 days and send it back… now I was forced by Sony to go back to Samsung… now I have the note 7 and the camara is amazing…. GREAT REVIEW ABOUT TIME SOMEBODY SAYS THE TRUTH ABOUT SONY’S CAMARA

AkHil AcHu says:

i love sony camera than over saturated sam camera

Joseph Sing says:

Can the Sony’s camera app allow me to take a picture while I am recording video in the same time?.Thank in advance.

Ken Green says:

does the xperia X have the same camera as this camera?

Shw Pipo says:

why sony why you sell the best camera sensors to apple samsung and keep shit for your self

Андрей Петров says:

which program used for panorama?)

jorge andres says:

manual shutter speed? its mean good picktures at night? , the xperia X have it too?

Patrick Star says:

1:19 8 or 23 “megapickel” lol

ToastersMakeTea says:

anyone know if focusing and stabilization are fixed in the xz

Emil Oskarsson says:

fun fact is that all the problems he takes up in this video about the x performance camera is something I have never experienced with my x performance myself. For example when I focus on objects it does focus where I tap on the screen and when taking the shot the focus remains on the right spot. And that image stabilisation called steadyshots make wonders for my videos, it does the job really good and the videos comes out almost shake free even if I do walk fast. And I haven’t experienced any overheating issues so far when taking photos or videos. It has been a pleasure to use the phones camera :p And I have had the phone since 4th July 🙂

Semi Con says:

9:05 You’re talking about SteadyShot suffering from tiny jitters during video and blaming it on not having OIS, the exact same problem is present in the S7/Edge/Note 7 and these phones have the best OIS modules available in smartphones today. SteadyShot electronic stabilization performs almost 100% as well as OIS.

ren nitsuga says:

now i im not sure if im gonna buy this or iphone 7. thanks!

A N G E L singh says:

once i switched to manual mode on sony phone i was taken aback by the power of their cameras in a smartphone superiorauto modes are ok for rookies but for some really nice photography u need manual mode

Blaze Julien says:

I like the camera I think its nice.

af1rs2jl says:

This is about $1000 over priced.

Gediminas Jurgaitis says:

what a shame… biggest matrix manufacturer keep failing with cameras in they own brand phones…

Chirag Atrey says:

It’s a shame the camera app and processing has so many flaws but I must say this was Juan of the funniest Pocketnow videos! 😀

Truth Seeker says:

ha ha ha sony still sucks

Stefan Krummenacher says:

Stylus name?

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