Sony RX100 V Review & Video Test – Best Vlogging Camera

100% shot on the Sony RX100 V – a review in the form of a vlog. Impressive slomo, 4k & snappy autofocus! Deets in description below.

Sony RX100 V —

*Footage is lightly color graded unless stated otherwise*
1:52 – 60fps slowed down to 24fps
3:10-3:36 – that was not captured as a video. it is stitched 24 pictures every 1 second to form what look like video. crazy.
3:37 – the beginning of slomo shots filmed at 120fps, 240fs and 480fps all slowed down to 24fps
3:50 & 4:24 – 960fps slowed down to 24fps
All audio you here was from the sony rx 100 v


Best iPhone Accessory Ever (on the back of my phone) —
Vlogging Camera —
Mini Wind Screens (fuzz on top of camera) —
Small Bendy Tripod + Ball Head —
Manfrotto Travel Tripod —
SD Cards —
SD Card Case —

Sony A7S II (main for video) —
Sony A7R II (main for photography/2nd video shooter) —
On Camera Microphone —
Off Camera Wireless Lav System —
Audio Recorder for External Recording —
Native Sony Lens —
Rest of lenses are Canon + Metabones/Photodiox adapter
16-35mm 4L IS —
50mm 1.2L —
70-200mm 4L IS —
85mm 1.4 —
Manfrotto Tripod + Fluid Video Head —


New Here?

Hi! My name is Sara Dietschy (rhymes with peachy). I upload MWF 8AM EST. Monday & Friday = vlog. Wednesday = (non)vlog video.
I am the creator of the Docu-Series Creative Spaces TV and the show That Creative Life. Both are hosted on this YouTube channel! I live in NYC originally from Dallas, Texas. Big fan of traveling, tech, social media / biz and highlighting other artists. Subscribe & say hi to me on Twitter, Instagram and/or Snapchat! @SARADIETSCHY

For more about me watch my “Film My Life” video –



Andrea Volpini says:

The autofocus is really amazing. Is really different from mark IV? I mean the difference in price is high. Is this feature enough to choose this instead of mark IV?

Sid Lester says:

Hi, do you think it is OK to buy an open box instead of a brand new unit from Best Buy?

AlanDoesThings says:

Can you do a video on you vlog settings? and also how u quickly switch it to do slow mode and also for time lapse! I just got the camera and its hard to get used to coming from a g7x mark ii

Jacob A Tran says:

for $1000 I’ll just get the M3 and have $400 left for a studio set up. M3 does the same shit far as video shooting for vlog.

Makoro Gaming says:

Sara you are just so beautiful <3

Thomas Botts says:

I enjoy your vlogs.I just know the struggle of trying to get big, especially starting with something new. And the struggle of being a college student and i work nights ha…. fml.

Rahul Khatavkar says:

not worth 1k

mark nathaniel says:

it was very focused baby

Tony Fisher says:

Thanks. What did you use to edit the fast frame footage?

XSquibX says:

It’s funny. The 4k downscaled to 1080 looked more noisy than just the normal 1080

yusukegarners says:

did you edit or enhance the audio in post?

Jacob A Tran says:

why do you color grade your stuff. I rather have it clear.

ShaneSharpVlogs says:

Sara, great video. I found you by watching Casey Neistat. Keep up the great work. Hopefully one day my channel will have numbers like yours.

Aaron Explores says:

Great test video, I have one question, would you be able to shoot timelapses with the RX100?

Storm Wyatt says:

Awesome video. I have the same camera

Johannes Luckas - Personal Training says:

Thanks for that entertaining Video! I am thinking about using this cam too. But what about the microphon? And is there a slot to put on an external mic? Thanks in advance for your answer and greeds from Berlin/Germany!

Valentin am Berg says:

hey, where can I get that twitter cap?

Nicola Robin says:

Please check my channel for some cinematic test with sony rx100iv

Eugene Grewing says:

There’s no reason to do vlogs in 4k. Most budget computer video cards can’t handle it very well. 1080p looks great.

Alyson Palomo says:

Thank you so much! Great review on the camera! I’ve been looking everywhere for a good hands on review for it. You’re very knowledgeable. Keep it up!

MJ Alay says:

Good camera. really expensive though 🙁 gofundme anyone? haha

Nick Zaglmayr says:

I’m so glad I found this review. Was going back and forth on finding a vlogging camera and after watching this I bought the RX100 V. Thanks Sara!

Sean S says:

Helpful, thanks!

MegaBojan1993 says:

I had no idea that girls were into cameras too 🙂

Robert Kraychik says:

Great review, Sara.

needspractice says:

That is a very impressive in depth analysis and explanation of why the Sony is better at 8:06 . I can see why you are an Adobe Creative Resident that speaks at their conventions 6:11 . A lot of promise out of Adobe these days, can’t wait to see what the next generation brings with all of this new and impressive talent.

Streets of Vancouver says:

The Sony is worth every penny… superior codec…. metal body construction… pop up viewfinder… internal 4K… truly pocketable… and face-priority tracking is much faster now, too.

Aral Ynot says:

What in the heck is warp stabilization!?

Abdullah ell says:

Good camera

ThatDudeJCrash says:

How’s the rolling shutter that’s the real question. It looks nice so far

Zeddi Mwai says:

I like the way you vlog, your cool, funny & joyful

StefanUrkel says:

Sara, when you get a chance to test 4K more, can you share whether the camera overheats?

Falih Azmi says:

4k is crispier #teamcrispy

Ronnie Rios says:

Just bought today I’m super excited

RoyTecTips says:

I am going to buy one

Rudy Velez says:

What about overheating problems? Are there any that occurred with your new rx100 v?

Roger Sherman says:

Nice review. I just upgraded from version I to V, should arrive any second. Used the I for stills only, but since most of my work is doc filmmaking –Florentine Films – I’ll use the V as a second camera, probably 4K to get the most out of it. You did all the tests I would normally do, so mine won’t have so much pressure.
I was surprised how good the sound is. My first test will be how far good dialogue can be captured. Six feet would be awesome.

fi5ke says:

The 4K looks much better!

U Do It says:

I had to watch this video again because I’m in the market for a 2nd 4k camera. I have to watch the vlogs you did with Sam when you did the slow mo. Great review Sara!

Gregory Davenport says:

Can you posting any tutorials on color grading? I’m looking forward to your Premiere Pro Run-through on Saturday. Wait. Are you going to show us how to color grade on Saturday?

SpottedXtreme says:

Wow the audio is nice on the RX100V…Are you sure it is from that camera?lol

Makha Sy says:

Nice work ! I just bought the RX100 V and I am surprised by the high quality of the HD image (coming from Canon Dslrs).

Robert Angle Vlogs says:

I picked up the Sony RX100 V about 10 days ago, and I love it. Your review as well as some others helped influence my decision. Everything I film for YouTube will be shot on this camera, at least for now 🙂

Albert Kim says:

Hi Sara, can you do a tutorial video on how you use and setup your RX100 along with some of the profiles and settings? Thanks!

TaeNyFan says:

It is good but 1000pounds? No thanks! Definitely not worth that price.

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