Sony FDR-AX53 4K High End Consumer Video Camera Review

Cameras and accessories:
Get the Sony AX53 here
AX53 extra battery
Micro SD card I use for 4k 100mbps
Much of this video was show in 4k (UHD) on the Sony a6300
Sony T E 16-70mm F4 lens for the a6300 (great deal)

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Gary Hauptli says:

Nice review, especially ur comments on the improved zoom control and airplane low light shotsshots. Will the AX53 take standard hot shoe accessories in addition to Sony’s propriety stuff?

admin says:

yes it has both a sony hotshoe and stereo miniplug capability for extra mikes, plus a headphone jack. don’t hesitate if you have another question!

mixc8 says:

Good review! Can you transfer the data via WIFI? like you can with the Canon G30?


Todd Autry says:

Thank you for the video. Was all of this handheld? I am looking for a camcorder that gets stable handheld footage without using a tripod. Thanks again. Awesome video!

Danny Nowak says:

Do you know of an automatic metadata labeling system for video files? I just purchased a AX53 4K handycam, and I want to research the best system to save the hundreds of digital video files before I lock into it. Not on my computer, but to store all the files on an external hard drive that I can back up. I’m a Mac user, and I know the various video formats, but it would be great to find a system to:
1- auto name the files chronologically;
2- automatically import only the new shots;
3- easily highlight a bunch of shots for viewing (ie ‘our trip’).
Is there a perfect application that would be future proof? Thanks.

Jorge Martinez says:

would this be better than a sony rx10 first version? In terms of low light and overall image quality?

PixelProject says:

what’s the  storage media on this camera? SD Card? Twin/single HD drive? any built in storage media? microphone operation in windy conditions? any video light?

fv3video says:

Nice presentation. Does it have an audio in?


What are the frame rates? Can it do 4K(UHD as it really is) at 50fps ?

Sal Salone says:

Great video man thanks!!!

Jacob Rowsell says:

With this camera, how do you import your video to a computer and then later youtube, without lowering the quality?

Mircea Costiniuc says:

What difference you found between SteadyShot Active, intelligent active. In moving from shooting hand?

Ron Free says:

Great info!

Just got the 33AX. Love it, but it takes a photo every time I start recording. Don’t see how to disable this dual capture function in the manual. How?

Oh, and I’m bummed that I have to convert my 4K files to MP4 to work on my Mac. Any word on when Apple is going to upgrade its video software to accommodate the Sony XAVC formats?

Also, will the Opteka NP-FV100 battery also fit & work in the 33AX? They are currently out of them on Amazon.

Mike Noone says:

Nice review , great shots from California. Keep it up.

hbrookes says:

Nice review..Thanks

Darrell Barrett says:

Looks great… I don’t know whether to get that one, the Canon HF G40, or the Canon XA30

Rancho Pancho says:

Great video–I am having a major issue importing from the SD card to my Mac, either by direct connection or via an adaptor. Any help most welcome!

Conley Marcum says:

Can this record movies directly to SD cards? I can’t find the way if so.

Wincent Persson says:

Hey, nice video! Thanks. I was hoping to hear something about the HDMI… Do you know if it’d stream so one could also use the camera as a broadcast device? Obviously given that the receiving end can handle incoming signal through HDMI.

John Bell Hood says:

Nice. Im saving up. Channel says:

Great review. Thank you.

gabospodcast says:

Battery Replaces the following Sony models: NP-FV30, NP-FV40, NP-FV50, NP-FV70, NP-FV100

andreiiasi says:

what is the lowest aperture you can go? Thank you.

Stuart's travel videos says:

Excelent review!

Fark Googol says:

This is NOT a true 4K compliant camcorder.  It’s a 1080 camcorder that happens to support a low frame rate version of 4K.

Two Cats And A Mouse says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing!

BlackIjs says:

Did you post the night / low light vid for the AX93?

craig grace says:

Can you upload to Adobe, icloud or an Iphone  using the WIFI?

David Kaminski says:

Why is is that when I watch the Video on my TV (1080p Sharp Aqous Quattron), the picture is much, much darker than it appears in the Video camera’s LCD screen???? Thank you.  
On the whole, loving this camera and its glorious 4K quality. Easy to use. I do experience “pan” blur when I pan about. Dont know why, but it does.
Best, David

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