Sony a9 Hands-on Camera Review

We’ve got the brand new Sony a9 in a hands-on review! We took a look at auto focus, that incredible 20 RAW frames per second shooting speed, ISO, and rolling shutter.

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Keep those cameras rollin’ and keep on clickin’.

-Jay P.

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samiebuka says:

What already? been waiting for this one. You guys are not going to let us europeans sleep tonight with all these Sony a9 videos

Jan Itor says:

I was at the press event for this camera. Was completely blown away by its focus tracking ability. Especially in that somewhat dark environment and the ridiculous speed of athletes moving around.
I don’t see the need for this camera for me, but it is definitely an amazing camera, especially for sports photographers

trevorpinnocky says:

I don’t have any problems with this camera. It’s targeted squarely at professional sports shooters, a crowd for whom $4.5k makes sense. It doesn’t make sense for wedding, event, landscape, product, or any of the other many genres of photography. That’s the part that confuses me a little. Sony has packed this full of features a7 shooters have been asking for, for a while.

Hopefully, some of the tech will trickle down into other lines which will only help bolster Sony’s surging market position even more.

Also, as an a7r ii shooter (I would never replace that with this camera) whomever shot that beach video footage made a royal mess of it. I’m a huge fan of your content, but the a7r ii should have handled those conditions with aplomb. It was neither exposed properly or graded well.

Excellent review. 🙂

Andrew Holmes says:

Awesome review guys! How do you feel the a9 would do for concert/event photography? Mainly the autofocusing in low/dim lighting and noise control with ISO ranges up to 1600-3200. Thank you!

Belchdragon says:

How is the dynamic range of the sensor? I would have liked if you tested that as well.

Phil Indeblanc says:

Why dance around the buffering info? One says it buffers, then it never buffered, then confused with preview and buffering….So unclear. Usually love you guys for your lighting reviews, but you guys need to do some technical justice. At least without saying it you confirm AF issues with the past bodies like the A7rII, which is as good as a brick on the field.

Khalid Saif says:

Thank u guys for the great review , just wanted to know more on rolling shutter with a panning photo shot also what I have hared that if u use the sony 500mm F4 u need an adapter and this adapter is going to slow the frame rates to 10 frames & I think because of that Sony told u guys they are not targeting sport photography with this camera because they do not have the glass for it yet , I would love to test the camera in a soccer match but Sony didn’t invite me for the event for the camera yesterday in Doha so I’m not going to test it 😛

Pieter says:

I have to admit I am somewhat distracted by that girl.

Jenny FTOL says:

Maybe there is a DSLR kit for it? 😉

DarkRami says:

Does anyone know of any real, non Sony sponsored review I can watch?

Daniel Hawryluk says:

Couldn’t you shoot a little bit more of footage @ISO3200 rather than reversing the clip? It looks obvious and creepy it’s not Twin Peaks!

Croo ookie says:

Very talented subject for this test =)

Showbis Sydney says:

Why are you comparing burst rate of the a9 to the Canon 5D? and you were going to say Nikon…

Michael The Maven says:

Good work & informative!

Illview Visuals says:

Dat ass

Ted Manasa says:

Mine was supposed to arrive today so I could take it to Maine, but it got stuck somewhere during shipping. Thanks for the great review. How was weather sealing?

Ry Uemura says:

Lightroom released a new updates 2 days ago v10.1, and Camera Raw 9.10.1 that supports the Sony a9.

Sammy G Art says:

great review and happy birthday bro!

Unicorn27007 Pring says:

Who cares about the A9? The girl takes the cake!!!

Arm Head says:

Don’t let the Angry Photographer watch this. He’ll have a heart attack!

Joey Yothanan says:

Kidneys for sale…

Showbis Sydney says:

When you say actual camera you mean DSLR.

steve blow says:

Sony finally cracked the “Equation” for Mirrorless.. All photographers around the globe are celebrating it… A9 mark the birth of a new Era, and already a Legend… 😉

Daniel Gebert says:

if it can do 20mp RAW burst at 20fps, then how much harder would it be to have raw 4k video?

CT. TV. says:

At 12:23 you said it shot 4K at 60fps. Is this true?

Rafael López says:

Now try it with low light conditions… xd

Michael Mystro Pierce says:

I got my A9 , Sony grip and a Muti battery adaptor today and i’m so happy and impressed with this camera. I have an A7R2 and it might not see much action anymore because the A9 feels like much more my style. The AF, IQ, Sutter speed, Battier life, EV, dual cards, low light ISO ability, and so much more, it’s just a camera thats a beast! love it = happy lol it’s over kill for what i do, i got it for my weddings 🙂 but its great! it’s so far. PS I was able to work with the A9 for two days before i bought it 🙂 so i kinda knew it was just what i wanted. 🙂 Great review keep up the good work guys

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