Sony a7S II Camera Review – Dat low light performance…

Brandon is back to show off just how badass the Sony a7S II is…

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SoluriZe says:

Honestly this camera isn’t THAT much better then the gh4. Sure better low light but i can buy a speedbooster for the gh4. Other then the image stabilization that’s pretty much it. I also hate how the preview screen can only be slightly raised and not turned completely around like the gh4

MS Videos says:

I want more!

Harbyn Agudelo Films says:

Sony a7S II VS Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G7KK

Aksal Abitahta says:

why a7s cannot 360° led like canon._. ?

DT B says:

one more dislike for 300

Pascal G says:

Background song?

Mike Prat says:

since you use the sony for B roll what camera do you prefer for primary footage.
also what is your opinion of the LG G5?

Jor0716 says:

Brandon’s B roll on his camera videos are so on point

maxpayne28 says:

Sony mirrorless camera is indeed very awesome.

Fritzel Media says:

3:49, pretty obvious you watched Film Riot’s review.

Nadine Chamas says:

how much is it?

Danaz Sdiq says:

Do you think this can be my first camera? I never had a camera before! I’m considering to buy one

Anthony Talevi says:

Can you add still performance when reviewing cameras?

Pascal G says:

What background song is used?

Pascal G says:

Background song?

Alexander Levit says:

any issues with the a7sii in regards to rolling shutter issues when panning?

Michael Flatman says:

why are all low light cameras 12MP:
Google pixel
Samsung S7
Samsung Note 7
This thing
the list goes on….

Eulalio Benavides says:

Great camera for Astro photography, maybe?

Vincente Parker says:

I really want this camera for my productions!

Min Fan Lee says:

cheap or expensive?

fvckitsnico says:

5:40 that guy must be happy, i envy him

Andy Terrazas says:

Please do more camera reviews!!!

Alfred PianoMan says:

Sometimes, I watch LTT reviews just for the beautiful b-roll

Josh Jones says:

Great review

D4N1312 says:

do you recommend the a7ii for a film student who has limited budget? or do you recommend something else

Emanuele Stravino says:

Hi Brandon, which camera did you use to get this review?

ChestNutGaming says:

the nikon d5 is full frame and does good in low light i think

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