Sony A7III – Camera Review for Filmmakers

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Merlin Alfonso says:

2:37 … so the A7SII has rather terrible autofocus. The was my experience with the A7II as well.

Joshua Hubbard says:

Your voice is so smooth! Like… something that’s really smooth. Great review! Looks like I know what my next upgrade is!

Jake´s Tapes says:



Hi, very informative video.
I just found this new video @Jw9E about the new “Osmo Pocket” that
Includes 4K/60fps. If something so small has it, Panasonic GH5 has it, why this Sony A7iii can’t include
4K/60 fps in the next firmware update. That’s an increasing trend nowadays in most video cameras,
already included on most smartphones.
Think about that.
Help me spread the word.

CHATH K says:

Kraig do you have any problems with microphone jack?

M D says:

Kraig Adams One of the best reviews I saw, from a user perspective

Alec Julian Garza says:

Where or how did you sell your A7SII?

BlackEagle352 says:

So what camera did you use to shoot at in 0:17?

Joseph Abdullah says:

Have you taken off the door for the audio port already? 🙂

Luke Holliday says:

me me BIG sensor


How long can I shoot from a Dslr camera? Because I searched online that its limit is 29 min 59 sec for recording videos…

I'm Jack's Nipples says:

a7iii or gh5?

Matt Reed says:

Great review

caroline and tigger says:

Great video. Thank you for sharing.

Snap Jackson Photography says:

Haha! Not a bad Stefon!

Vagabond-Dogs TV! says:

hey craig. I’m surprised you didn’t go with the the A6500. Fully capable 4k video and much smaller/lighter. Why not the A6500? Thanks. Love your vids.


if it fixes the hdmi port issue then its worth it…

Reno Jackson says:

r u beavis or butthead

Jeru says:

My favorite part about this video, is your tone. It’s not like that uniform tone everyone tries to speak in when they make review videos. Makes it feel genuine. Oh and the video was great too. Subbed just for that.

Juliano Guerra says:

Great video. And how about using Canon lenses in this camera?

Making Skidmarks says:

Oooh, I want a big boy camera!! But I promised myself no more buying camera gear until after my a6000 pays for itself.

But we wants the precious….

Robert 'GRIFF' Griffith says:

Can you help me figure out how to get the 4K video file to open on Mac? Mine is a VERY small file and won’t open with QT, Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X. What am I missing? Thanks for the tip on transferring files via USB cord! New Sub.

EdVentures says:

I’m confused.. so is the Sony a7iii the successor to the song a7sii? Or is there a Sony a7siii coming out? I was looking at the prices yesterday and the Sony a7sii is still more expensive than the brand new Sony a7iii…? Sick video btw

Tim van de Stadt says:

Yeah, the only thing really annoying on the Sony A7Sii is the slooooow autofocus. No idea why they thought it was a good idea to have a different focusing mode on the Sii, all the other Alpha cameras have a different focusing mode…

Reaaaally tempted to switch to the A7III, but I’m just waiting it out for September for the Sony A7Siii or Sony7 A9ii…

Michael Mavris says:

What’s wrong with the wall next to you? is it a compression of youtube or what?

Howard Davidson says:

Good review but every review I’ve watched about this camera they go on about the battery the strap the USB charging.If you didn’t know about these things you shouldn’t de watching a review for this camera..

Douglas Donoghue says:

Thanks lots for the video. <3

Full Motion Photography says:

This question is for anyone but how does the dual SD cards work for 4k video? One is UHS-II and the other is UHS-I. Is there a degradation in write speed?

Kyle Stewart says:

How are you liking the 16-35 GM? Is that what’s on your camera most of the time?

Also, why tape over the logos on the camera?

Evan Lam says:

I hope you know that because of you, i bought this camera.

Bobby Ibrahim says: lagu untuk Persib…. #BangkitPersibku

Aaron Chew says:

This may be off topic but, did you go to film school and do you think film schools are worthless?

Eno says:

was this color graded?

alex fabricio says:

Saw the TV with the videoclip of “Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter”, instantly subscribed!

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