Sony a7 III Full Frame Camera Review – It’s that Good!

Lisa Gade, technology reviewer by day and avid photographer by night, reviews Sony’s new entry level full frame mirrorless camera, the a7 III. This is a third generation product, and it finally realizes Sony’s vision for an extremely capable yet relatively affordable (by full frame 35mm standards) dSLR competitor with a BSI 24MP Sony sensor, impressive auto-focus with face and eye detection, 10 fps continuous shooting and excellent low light performance. The camera can also shoot oversampled 4K video up to 30 fps (this video was shot using our usual Sony a6300, but we switch to the a7 III in one section so you can see how it compares). Lisa took all the photos used in this video, and they’re a mix of out of camera JPEGs and processed uncompressed RAW files using Photoshop CC 2018.
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Philip T says:

Very good review, Lisa. I am still waiting for my A7iii to arrive. I have already bought an aftermarket external dual battery charger for $18. I also have the Sigma MC-11 adaptor for Canon EF Lenses to Sony E-Mount. It reportedly does a very good job with autofocus. It is currently selling for only $149US at B&H.

Frederick Miller says:

If this camera had a flip out screen – I’d have already purchased it….I need a camera for making “how to” videos and need to see what I’m filming…..

Ed Rakel says:

Hi Lisa, great video. Before I purchase this camera I was wondering if it comes with the open memories tweak in order
to remove the 30 minute record limit. Thanks

Buddha Black says:

Great tshirt

anu l says:

Nice review, but the video seems to be overprocessed and caught my attention. The blacks seem to overwhelm and are spread over too much eliminating details in darker shadow regions.

Norberto Castro says:

WOW… Pictures look so beautifull.. dam…

John Spirou says:

there are wasabi z batteries too…

Piotr Mic says:

This was probably asked like a zillion times but.. Lisa, where do you get your t shirts??

Ashlee Sayles says:

I’ve been shooting with this camera for a couple of weeks now – it’s awesome! I still have frustrations with Sony’s menu and lack of native lenses (Sigma and Tamron are releasing options soon) but overall, I’m loving the versatility the A73 offers. It’s also the first camera I’ve ever purchased brand new; I have no regrets!

Nice review, Lisa!

Cosmos Rose says:

I love it when you review cameras! I hope to see you review more! <3

Anthony Maurice says:

Great review! There were a few missteps however. There is in fact an after market Z battery available via Amazon (by Wasabi). The Sony retails for $70 while the Wasabi retails for $49. And you don’t have to spend $400 on an adaptor to get AF and Eye AF. The Sigma Mc-11 does both for about $200 (used). You can also get that on Amazon. You’d be hard pressed to find the difference in autofocus speeds with the MC-11 compared to native lenses. More specifically with newer lenses. Older lenses, debatable. This is specifically talking to Canon. Nikon doesn’t fair as well with adaptors due to the way their lenses focus.

DeusExAstra says:

I bought one. Excellent camera. Beats others that are 2x the price.

SwitzerlandFromAbove says:

By far the best review of the Sony A7iii on YT. I currently have the A6300 and was thinking of upgrading. You helped a lot in making up a decision!

BTW: Great shirt!

Mike Eastridge says:

Love the T-Shirt

JoeDemStyle Tv says:

Thanks for this review just confirmined that 24mp is enough for prints

blacklizted says:

I’ve already seen loads of a7iii reviews, but Lisa goes to upload another one. I just have to watch your videos coz ur one of my favorite tech reviewers out there.

Tigerex966 says:

the panasonic gh5 needs this autofocus system

Nicnl says:

Nice t-shirt!

ALL IN ONE says:

Take a breath lol

Bruce Wayne says:

This review was great thanks!

Mark Shirley says:

Hi – can you back your video up with the second slot.

Natasha Nicole says:

Lovely review. I always love watching your videos.

Nandos Dan says:

Just a note, the Sigma MC11 can handle auto focus and works with Canon glass.

Brady Loughner says:

Im pretty new to the camera space, please excuse my ignorance. I just don’t understand why this is over 2 grand, my iPhone X takes similar pictures and video. I want to start shooting video and over all I’m very confused

TomoQuads says:

i have full respect to you when it comes to reviewing pc and macs but for dslr you are just not experienced enough to give good reviews

VFX Todd says:

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…actually its not.

Skylark says:

I’m sure you could definitely use this camera to peer into your cat’s mind.

T. Frank says:

Great video, Lisa!

Jon Bushell says:

I think these are great and i also think canon and Nikon nerds don’t necessarily want improvements. I think they have a certain amount of comfort without spec improvements.

Lyazid CHERGUI says:

For lenses, there is also Sigma with a new line of primes designed specificaly for Sony cameras.

Stratos H D says:

Great review and the camera is great. Got it a couple of weeks back and it’s amazing.

Rozely Lindim says:

great job sony for producing something really awesome performance product with such a low price compared to competitors.

Brujo Hernandez says:


finallyanime says:

Good lord can we get a review…..

Why does everyone insist on making 30+ minute visual spec sheets. What are things about the camera applies to REAL WORLD scenarios.

Heru Rishardana says:

Nice t-shirt 🙂

MoroccoGamer says:

nice review

Camera Perv says:

“The lens ecosystem has also widened”. No, it hasn’t. I’ve been hearing that for seven years now. Sony doesn’t make enough native lenses. Third party native level full function lenses are still almost non-existent. Most of the lenses “Sony” does make (which are actually made by contractors) are shit. The ones that aren’t shit are super expensive when compared to their Canon and Nikon equivalent. Yes, you can use an adapter for other brand lenses but the full functionality is never as good as a native lens or you have to shoot manual focus and therefore defeats the purpose of buying into the Sony auto focus and image stabilization system. Unless of course you’re loaded and money is no object. Then you can afford the high quality German made Zeiss lenses for E-mount. The Asian made Sony / Zeiss lenses are also made in those same contractor factories but are tested on a Zeiss machine for quality so they can have the Zeiss name put on them and their price increased. Bottom line is you can take just as good or even better (Canon color science, skin tone rendering, and dual pixel AF FTW) and spend much less money.

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