Sony a6500 Video Camera Review!

Today we look closely at the Sony a6500 and see how it stacks up for video shooting! Sony a6500 ►


► Great AF
► Stabilization is good
► Less overheating
► Touch AF works well
► Improved body and feel
► Slightly different but good slow motion/quick motion features
► Slightly improved menu design

► Still no flip OUT screen
► SD card slot is still under camera
► Battery life not improved/worse
► Rolling shutter still pretty bad

Sony a6500
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This camera is a no brainer if you are always behind the camera.

Vloggers/Youtubers will need additional gear to get the most out of this camera.

This is by far the smallest and best camera for $1400 right now.


Sony a6300
Amazon ►
B&H ►

Panasonic G85
Amazon ►
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Panasonic GH5
Amazon ►
B&H ►


Bushido Photo, LLC says:

The image stabilization looks just like my Sony FDR-AX100. Thanks again for the great video!

Marco Candra says:

Hey Caleb, can you make comparison between G85 vs A6300/A6500
Thanks 😀

Jotun Studio says:

I´m thinking seriously in changing my Canon EOS 600D/Rebel T3i for a 4K EVIL camera, for video purposes mainly, and I´m quite interested in the Sony A6300/6500, but you mentioned the Panasonic G85 and I looked into it quickly and really liked it…Which one of these two options (or another one) would you recommend mainly for shooting music performance indoors with some artificial lightning?

Thanks in advance!

Spaceway Films says:


Václav Mužík says:

When you mentioned the SD card issue, I was thinking why don’t you
create some “dummy SD card” or SD card extension to put on one of your
rigs or boxes. I did quick search and there is no fast solution but
since you’re a tinkerer I found this link in instructables
(easier solution was that I saw micro SD to SD extender, but you need
micro SD to SD adapter on one end anyhow)

anyhow nice quick review, I like the IBIS in the a6500 but the price
jump is not worh it for the stuff I’m shooting.

Motywacja Skate Video says:

a6500 or a7 II ???

Levi Cochrane says:

How does the low light compare between the a6500 and the GH5?

Lvl9chao says:

Any ETA on that A6500 course?

Recap Gaming says:

For casual shooting would you recommend the a6500, GH5 or something else? I’ve shot stills with canon for a while so being able to use my existing lenses would be ideal. Thanks.

Rajul Shah says:

Good review of pros/cons! Have you tried using the Fuji x-t2? Any thoughts?

shofimu says:

Max ISO recommended¿?
Another issue I have is that everytime you film in a new card, the naming of the videos start again from C0001, do you know how to change that, thanks for your video !!

Ethan Bike Media says:

For action shooting like fast panning following mountain bike riders in forest. Would you recomend the g85 or a6500? Or niether?

Spyridon Giortsios says:

I would really like you to compare all this mid-range cameras for guys like us who would like to start filming and vlogging! For example i would like to see canon 80d vs sony a6500 vs panasonic gh5 or g85. I ve been watching quite a while and I respect your opinion about cameras. What camera would you recommend for outside filming and vlogging as well? If I buy one like canon 80d with a flip out screen and i install a ext. mic my job would be easy. What happens if I try to install ext. mic and ext. monitor in sony a6500? Is it important to capture our filming in 4k, since everyone exports in 1080 and what are the gains of it? Also I would like to see a video about stabilizers for those cams and rigs from you. Thanks

Aaron Walterscheid says:

It kills me that Sony doesn’t just take the a6300/a6500 internals and put them in a slightly bigger body. The GH4 is plenty small but still has some breathing room in it. I live in southern New Mexico and do a lot of outdoor shooting, so that issue alone makes these a no-go for me.

νικος γιώργος says:

Yup, “great potential”!
That’s a Sony product ,,for sure…

Abraham Sotelo says:

I live in the hottest city in Mexico, so it’s a bad idea to buy this camera? lol

Vic Tilling says:

I think I’ll keep using my Canons. Thanks for a great review.

Spakes says:

>Over 2k$ for getting a headphone jack;
>Canon 80D got it and costs around 1000-1200$.

Streets of Vancouver says:

I think that the only thing you missed out mentioning is that the A6500 captures a 6K images for video and down-rez’s to 4K in the saved movie file….

Very reasonable and fair review!

Seth Williams says:

Why no flip out screen Sony? WHY?!?

mark shirley says:

Thanks Caleb – So if you put a Ikan VL35 on and record 4k the Ikan wont show you information.

V Gedzo says:

a bit off topic but you mentioned g85 so im looking for a camera with a flip out screen for vlogging but aldo making some good quality videos. looking for the sony a5100 and now thinking of the g85 … which one ?

Suck My Mod says:

Hey buddy quick question. Recently bought this and am just about to try it out. Do you think it’s necessary to transcode or create proxies in FCPX on my 2015 MacBook Pro?

punkforsale1 says:

Looking forward to the guide!

Reginald II says:

Sony A6500 or Panasonic G85?

Giri Sonna Seri says:

great review as usual. I am still stuck with my A6000. Does it make sense to move on A6500 or GH5? I still plan to keep the A6000 as my second angle camera.

Julien Santini says:

Great review as always. I personally bought the sony a6300 this weekend. It is the perfect camera for me. The screen is fine as I am always behind the camera. It is very quick to get the right exposure. For the stabilization, I will be either using a glidecam or a shoulder rig so in body stabilization is not as useful to me. The overheating is really fine since I don’t shoot single clips of over five minutes at a time. I shot 4k 24fps this weekend in 30 degree weather with clips of around 3 minutes on and off for 2 hours without any a problems. For me, the money I saved by going for the a6300 instead of the a6500 can be spent in better lenses. Also, charging with a battery bank is so useful.

Kisi3L says:

For me another annoyance is that you have an issue to put a quick release plate because of the screen and lens mount position…

Bangbangboom51 says:

Nice Video, But G85 have worse autofocus compared A6500??

CTV TME says:

I wish a6xxx series has a headphone jack 🙁

Pro Shooters studios says:

yo , i got film luts for sale , convert log footage to kodak/fujki silm stock

The Post Color Blog says:

I don’t see how a flip up screen would be practical for this camera. Or, realistic, I should say. The LCD screen would displace the evf, which would make the camera wider. They definitely already had a flip-up screen and touch with the A5100 but I had that camera for a short time and definitely missed having a viewfinder.

Mike's Road Trip says:

Awesome review! Thank you so much. I was all ready to buy the 6500, until I heard that Sony will make an announcement this Sunday. If they announce a new A7 iii, I will probably go that route. If not, I will probably get the 6500 to tied my by until the 3rd version of the A7 comes out. I am done with Canon! Finally ready to make the investment in a new Sony system.

Mehmet Kozal says:

Wondering how much moire/aliasing you get on each different frame rates. 24/25fps 4K is gorgeous. 120fps doesn’t look alright though as far as I seen from other videos. Maybe 50/60fps is better? or the camera does the same amount of pixel binning for all of them?

Jad Mcdad says:

I wish Canon will put 4k in 6d2 that supposed to come out soon. I shoot with Sony 6300 now but my heart is always… Always with canon. Just give us 4k Canon please

Wayne Goss says:

Hey mate… so, are you going to get a GH5? I’ve just bought mine. While the auto focus is shocking and the file sizes HUGE, its pretty cool. Would love to know your thoughts…

Shaun Easterbrook says:

Wth!! Why’d YouTube unsubscribe me…. I was wondering why I haven’t seen any new content from you show up on my feed….

David Bharrat says:

Could you make a video to replace the a6300 Rig and elaborate on how the Small Rig top handle works with the IBIS when walking and panning? I’m looking at it from a sports filming perspective.

Chava Marquęz says:

I was a Sony hater until I decided to give it a try… I’m loving my a6500

Cqrrot says:

lol I was thinking when you were going to post this review just a few hours before this was actually posted

Seanieboi says:

When is the GH5 review coming? Also what would you recomend, the g85, or the gh4? And whichever one you pick out of those two, would you pick the gh5 over it? $2000 is a lot of money.

evangore says:

How does the A6500 and GH5 compare in terms of 4K image quality? I am most concerned with how it looks on big screens at film fests.

ConorMcGuinness says:

Is rolling shutter not as bad in this camera as the a6300?

KabalSaint says:

Can you pair with bluetooth headphones?

Hiep Pham says:

Would you recommend riging the g85 up with a shoulder rig or gimbal is a better choice? Great video, now I can order my G85 and your guide 🙂

Gustavo Garcia says:

I wonder how many people would rather have a flip up screen instead of the evf.

Ryan Wright says:

What nikon lens is on the GH5 in this video? Also, is there a metabones speedbooster on there or a generic focal reducer?

Andy Zagar says:

My concern is I’ve heard there are issues with the GH5 and autofocus..

Api Hemi says:

G85 or a6500? Thank you. Love the videos.

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