Sony A6500 Mirrorless Camera Review

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Hi, this is Jay P. Morgan. Kenneth and I recently took a look at the Sony a6500 mirrorless camera. People are constantly asking us for recommendations on a small camera that’s easy to use for everyday pictures. This is a great little camera that fits the bill. See what we thought, here on The Slanted Lens.

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Keep those cameras rollin’ and keep on clickin’.

-Jay P.

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Mighty Mike Midget Murga says:

Hows Slow motion, on a6500?

Some Guy says:

I was thinking about pulling the trigger on one of these for indie filmmaking, but now I don’t think so. That rolling shutter with handheld is pretty bad.

murd777 says:

This old fart doesn’t know that this new technology is way better than those old canon and nikon cameras.

mcbass729 says:

How would you rate this aps-c camera over other options (Nikon d7200/Canon 80d,etc) for a budding photographer ( Does Sony able to use Canon glass affect your decision?)?

DaveSincere says:

Nice video guys..

Bradley Lindseth says:

When you are shooting S-Log it is always better to “expose to the right” by a stop. It seems like you will be blowing out some of the highlights but amazingly enough you can get the detail back in post and you will have better, less muddy Shadows. Great video per usual!

Wenyu Lian says:

You said that people don’t want to spend 2-3k on cameras for armatures, but a6500 + 18-105 zoom will be 2k already. It is more expensive than its competitors in the same range. Unfortunately or fortunately, I have ordered it just for 4K and small size as a travel camera. I don’t like its manual system too. One more question, do you think that evf has advantage than ovf when using flash in studio?

Dexter Lee says:

Why didn’t you use Eye autofocus?

LIllyman JPL says:

Thats what you guys call low light, its a joke, first floor of a garage, next to the street, why didnt you move to the middle of the garage, i bet that would have been a better low light test, Please be honest when doing review. People are looking for truth not sponsorship.

Chetan Ancharaz says:

The IBIS was hardly discussed.

Benito Graanoogst says:

She is stunning!!!

mark shirley says:

Im not a big fan of the small Sony’s I’ve owned one and found it fiddly to use but I need a camera to go on a gimbal and shoot in low light, I can’t think of a better suited camera than the A6500. Most of the reviews I’ve watched using a gimbal seem to be using the A6300/500 because of the AF.

Davide Bianchi says:

The “affiliate” link at the bottom of the description returns a 404 page.

ObelixCMM says:

In Body Image Stabilization is the biggest advantages of this camera, and you guys didn’t even mention it. 4K IQ is better than anything else under $3,000.00

photographerjonathan says:

the IBIS is the A6500 best feature. and also the eye focusing. and having a touch screen is great. but wish it was fully funtional. and i wish the camera had front and back control dials like a Nikon. and a fully articulating screen. i like the fuji cameras more as far as there look and controls. and there nice small primes. but unfortunately fuji has no touch screen eccept on the XT20. and no IBIS. I am looking forward to the next generation of Sony and fuji cameras. like the A7r3. i am hoping it has a fully funtional touch screen. that fully articulates. and two sd card slots. but im also hoping that they dont make it any bigger or heavier. and im hoping that fuji gives us touch screens and IBIS on all there future cameras. Ibis and touch screens need to be on all cameras from all companies

Sully Cortez says:

lol 1600?? this thing is perfectly fine at 12,800 for video. Even for photos. I’d be perfectly fine taking it up to 12,800 compared to other cameras. The noise is very fine and looks pleasing it’s not blotchy and terrible. I personally use cine lenses ONLY for manual focusing, but for stills I use a native emount. Even for video lately I’ve been using auto focusing with face tracking for video and it’s been solid as hell. I also use adapted glass via the metabones mark iv and it’s awesome especially video autofocus with certain lenses is almost as good as native glass. You can reprogram the video button to a custom button btw. And ibis for me, works great if you’re not trying to walk. The stabilizer really isn’t meant to be used as a walk around camera literally for video. It needs a tripod. or monopod or gimbal. Don’t get me wrong, it can def help going handheld with certain lenses without a rig, but I find it to be most helpful in stills mode not video. Sometimes I notice it jumps around too much in video when it tries to compensate. The meter on the A6500 lies, I would always use a waveform or false color for video. For stills the built in meters can work well, especially the ‘entire screen avg’ which works better than center weighted. Great video guys always love to hear other peoples opinions. I shoot short films with this with a rig and it’s perfect. when you build it out.

simon gentry says:

time to review the Sony A6500! other guy… mic drop!

rujakandroid says:

at 5:53 ..ACP sensor. what is ACP sensor?

Anonymous says:

Put your advertisements/affiliations content at the end -> Im unsubscribing bye

spytromics says:

Very nice review.  Thanks for actually using real photos & videos.  Most camera reviews are just a rehash of spec sheets.  I have the a6500 and am quite happy with it.  As you mentioned, it’s not perfect.  The thing about Sony cameras is that they’re not camera-first like Canon, Nikon, etc.  A Sony camera is more of a computer with a sensor & lens attached.  There are so many options that you can program like a computer.  I agree that the a6300 is best with A mode or even P mode.  It’s actually amazing how great P mode can be.  The camera really is that smart.


Chetan Ancharaz says:

Do you feel the need to have a screen protector on the screen?

Joshua Valentin says:

I’m slightly salty cause you chose their worst lens…. they so many better ones….. 🙁

B defonzo says:

That’s one heavy duty tripod for a 6500 sony cam.

vegasti says:

Well.. At least we know for sure it’s an honest review and that they aren’t sponsored by sony to follow a script since they hardly mentioned the IBIS – the biggest reason to get this over the older a6300 🙂 . I’m planning to use this as a pro camera for video mostly in tandem with the a7rii, so it’s mostly going to be used with high end FE glass. But I’m probably also going to get some aps-c lenses for when I don’t want to lug around those heavy full frame lenses.

JGasPhoto 1 says:

Love the channel, but I trust this kid’s video knowledge as much as I trust a fart at a Chipotle.

edshotsdotcodotuk says:

Min shutter in aperture priority. Came in with the A6300, so great. Have it on the custom switch as the bottom option.

A6300 and A6500 have gamma assist to help with the SLog. Or use a standard profile then switch at the last moment.

That video button NEEDS to move.

micah mackenzie says:

Great info on the new Sony A6500. Thinking of switching already from 5d Mark IV for this beauty! Would you recommend it?

Gordon Court says:

you can switch the wheel and the top wheel so your shutter is on top. Learn the camera before you review it… lame.

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