Sony a6400 Hands On Camera Review

We get an exclusive hands on review of the Sony a6400 to put its autofocus, ISO, and color quality to the test. Is it worth it? You’ll find out here!

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Sony A6400


Jay P. Morgan has been working as a Commercial Photographer and Film Director in the Los Angeles area for more than 20 years developing an impressive list of clients from Paramount to McDonald’s. Jay P.’s experience with elaborate set design and extensive lighting are key to the success of his illustrative work.

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Sean Phạm says:

I bought an A7III last year. Also owned a5000 & a6300. So no more buying. But If I haven’t had a7iii, and stay on budget, i’d sell the other 2, to get this a6400

Richard Crowe says:

Heck guys, be realistic… This camera is not designed for pros or even for bloggers. Bloggers are a tiny portion of the purchasers of cameras.
This camera is designed to compete with the Canon M-50 which has gained the lion’s share of crop sensor, mirrorless sales, especially in Japan.
The M-50 is being sold to folks who use the flip out screen for selfies – not for vlogging. Vloggers are actually a minuscule segment of the camera using public. Most of the users who I expect the A6400 is aimed at would be very happy with the flip up screen since they would probably never invest in a hotshoe mike. They probably would not even know what the hotshoe is for…
As far as lack of IBIS, this will not hurt the A6400 in competition with the M-50 since the Canon doesn’t have IBIS either. It will actually help the A6400 in competing with the M-50 by reducing the price. Most of the users of the M-50 and the expected users of the A6400 will never use anything except a kit lens. Since the kit lens is stabilized, it can be argued that IBIS is not needed in the A6400.
What about the amazing focus capability, isn’t this overkill. Certainly not! It will help the sales of the Sony against other cameras like the M-50 and I personally think that the ability of girls and boys to easily shoot well focused images of their doggies and kitties will be an added incentive.
Now, I am very disappointed that the A6400 doesn’t have IS. I wanted a second small form factor camera to shoot in tandem with my A6400 but, since I often use non stabilized lenses especially, the 85mm f/1.8 Sony or vintage glass – LACK OF IBIS IS VERY IMPORTANT IN MY DECISION NOT TO PURCHASE THE A6400!

Vantage1987 says:

the purchase of this camera would make more sense if sony added at least something like electronic stabilization in the software … unfortunately sony looks at the money and sees that thanks to this model will sell more sony lenses with oss and accessories like microphones … very big disappointment … this is a still 3 years old 6300 after a small facelift with a tilted screen and unfinished software at a price higher by 150 $

Phil Jones65 says:

It’s a fail = repackaged A6300 with minor tweaks and no steadyshot!


Is there any camera below $700 which can beat Sony A6400 in video shooting.
I’m looking for a camera with best video shooting capability for making Short Films and videos for YouTube. Please suggest.

Richard Crowe says:

Sony sure picked a “special” area for you guys to shoot in…

Cameron Reynolds says:

Love that the 29 min recording limit was removed. Makes it an excellent B or C camera in a harder to get to location.

Petru B. says:

I am using a polarizing filter most of the times
I can see myself like in a mirror

PD says:

it is for A5100 0r A6000 user who are too clever to upgrade to A6300.

Roo's Views says:

“You take one photo and you have to wait five seconds before you can review it” This doesn’t seem right. How bad is the buffer, really?

noorizerx says:

haha Jay P Morgan…like JPMorgan…. get it? no?
Hope nobody preorders this camera

Sitha Puth says:

Fuji Xt3 or Fuji xh1 …kills this camera..

Andre M says:

Sony is the new apple..they put out a feature packed bang for your buck camera with no ibis knowing that the only way you can get the stabilization you desire is to buy into their exclusive OSS native lenses. You win by getting a great camera…Sony wins because if you wanna vlog or do any type of serious video, your forced into the Sony lens lineup as well

Montana Jones says:

FUJI XT3 leading APSC (no IBIS). Spend a bit more, it’s loads better.

Astronaut Ninja says:

You’re talking about a “vlogging” camera, the 2 year old Olympus M5 Mark II is still better spec’d than this. YouTubers hype something up and everyone gravitates towards it. They hyped up full-frame but they can’t see that no one really cares at the end of the day besides other geeks and nerds. People think full-frame and auto-focus is good for videos but they don’t know that cinema cameras have smaller sensors than a full-frame and no one in the film industry uses auto-focus. It’s so easy to manipulate humans nowadays.

Dee P says:

I’d rather stick with the M50 its $400 cheaper the AF is still fast has a better EVF and touchscreen which flips out properly already has 4k timelapse which can processed it in the camera and does offer digital IBIS. with cheaper APSC lenses, But I do like the 1080 120p and slog of the A6400

Gone With Jon says:

Turned the video off at no image stabilization. Love your videos though

onlysublime says:

nay! who is the idiot that put the screen in that position. worthless with a microphone


Waiting for buffer is not my idea of a decent camera. Some mishaps made here by Sony.


They really should have gone with a UHS II card slot.

macbaar says:

Future of cameras is chip electronics software not mechanic…

The Slanted Lens says:

Thoughts about the a6400? Yay or nay?

romenorom says:

Why are audio levels of this video so off? Intro music is extra lound and conversation audio somehow weak.

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