SONY A6400 FULL Review! Best Vlogging Camera?


Along with my travel content, I want to make some other fun videos whilst at home so this is episode 3 of my Tech Talk series, Today I’m looking at the $900 Sony A6400. In my opinion, it’s a pretty amazing camera for this price and perfect as a vlogging camera, what do you think?

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Release date in February 2019

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Jessie Nacar says:

Good review! Hows the battery life and the screen on bright sunlight?

Mrr ZaraPong says:

love it

Ernest Loh says:

Oh maaan now how you gona mount a Rode mic! Still tho, sony finally has a flip screen for their upper scale mirrorless

MRZ Vlogs says:

For this model (A6400), is there an overheating problem that can be solved?

Rios Family says:

seeing this camera just says, the a7s III WILL BE a banger. Sony’s not worried in the mirrorless game.

Gone with the Wynns says:

Thanks for the preview! I (Nikki) am headed to LA next week to pick up one for us. So…it’s super nice to hear your thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

A BRoy says:

That’s quite an autofocus!

Tetra Ezio says:

That’s a great camera I need one for my vlogs night get the Sony A6400.

A BRoy says:

… I still shoot with Lumix and have timelapse feature since more than a year now.

Anoop Raju says:

How is its battery life?

mariosam2 says:

same problem with the roliing shutter like before. not going to buyit

Checkered Flag Films says:

impressive specs form factor however, if you use a small shotgun mic in the hot shoe screen visibility is going to be problematic. although the sound was not too bad with your test of the on-board mic.

MyLifeFrAiur says:

i got the a5100 instead and it’s 600 dollars cheaper!

Marcin Cebula says:

No IBIS and a screen that gets covered by the mic. Yep. Exactly what no one wanted.

Aeariss says:

*full review on new camera*

*wastes time talking about other sony cameras*

Gotta make those 10+ minutes

Sandeep Rai says:

Surprised at the quality of the camera mics. Seems decent.

cineffect says:


Arun T says:

Which is better for my use…6400 or 6500…? My requirement is vlogging…Nature and wildlife…Need flip screen…Which one has more battery life…? how is built in audio of 6500?

Roberts Kristins says:

USB 2.0 in 2019 ?!!!?!?!?!? WTF

Najeeb Badalandabad says:

all sony needs to do is put the a99 ii screen on all of their cameras and it would crush the competition

Dan Kron says:

Dude if you are coming to the Gold Coast AUS, give us a shout i’ll take you Mountain Biking… or bush walking to some cool waterfalls…. lost os places to explore here…

Domingo Santiago says:

The swivel was bad, wow no steady shot is no good for vlogging.

RossWild says:

Wait does the Sony A6500 have the touch screen effect?

Vlad-is-my-name says:

Does it still overheat after 15 minutes?

Deepak Murthy says:

I would have slashed A6300 and A6500 and released an A6XXX with filppy scren AND IBIS

Cristian Rodriguez says:


Sergio says:

No flippy lcd = no bloggy

Vuk Ninkovic says:

why not fold on the side??????? whats wrong whit that?

street fighter. says:

My budget is 1200$ which camera I should buy.

Mikus Macus says:

Hi! Thank You for those first thougths! -What’s about the low-light abilities (real-life, not those ISO and expanded ISO numbers)?

DJ 730 says:

does it have a clean hdmi output?

Cristian Rodriguez says:

Bro why is this guys accent so awesome

Rakib McAvoy says:

What’s about heating?

phynx2006 says:

Yeah but how many memory card slots does it have? hahaha

Andrej Hanžekovič says:

That seems like a great camera, it has a mic input, great autofocus, flip screen, 120fps and 4k mode. Rolling shutter was expected and the only downside I see is lack of IBIS, but I can live with that.

RichbergEnt says:

In my opinion….im listing to the voice mic test through headphones as i normally do when watching youtube. I find the Audio to be fine while your talking to it as close as you are. Crystal Clear!! Now i wouldn’t trust it to record any music bands or loud sounds or conversation happing out side of two arm lenths. But in general it sounds fine. Not just in your test…but in all of the other reviews. I say go without the external mic if all your doing is walking and talking.

Leiberg says:

What do you think about the 18-105 compared to the 18-135 lens? I got the A6000, and i need a new lens, but i’m not sure wich to pick :/

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