Sony A6300 vs Canon 80D Epic Shootout Review | Which camera to buy tutorial

Can the new Sony A6300 match the focusing systems of the new Canon 80D? Find out in this Epic, real world Head to Head Shootout!

These epic shootouts take 3-4 weeks to thoroughly test, analyze and put together, so when you guys like and share it is definitely a HUGE help and encourages me to keep making them. Its kinda funny, I always swear Ill never do them again, and but the response from you really encourages me to do it, so I am very thankful for your support.

We will be adding lots of information & links to methodologies here including additional thoughts and things I didn’t feel like mentioning for the sake of time. Im trying to find a good balance between quality of information and length of video, so Ive removed most of the methodologies and posted them in my blog here:

Here is the buffer depth & write speed calculations:

Note- The Canon Lens used was the 24-70 2.8 L for sports focusing and the 24-70 2.8 L ii for portraits and all others. The reason I use the L 1 for sports is that lens for whatever reason has scored slightly higher for servo accuracy tests.

0:33 Intro
1:10 Similar Features
1:24 Differences
5:09 Rack Zoom Focus Test / Sports Shooting Test
6:22 Servo Focusing Accuracy Scores
6:50 Buffer Performance
9:32 Sports Performance Winner
10:34 Precision Focus Test
11:09 Accuracy vs Precision
13:03 Live View Focus & Tracking
14:07 Low Light Focusing
14:53 ISO Tests
17:05 Moire
17:32 Rolling Shutter Test
17:52 Thermal Temperature (after 20 mins of shooting)
18:21 Overall Video Quality
18:51 Dynamic Range Test
19:52 Silent Shutter Modes (How quiet are they really?)
20:28 Portrait Test
22:24 Conclusion

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To learn all about the methodologies I use in this video CLICK HERE:

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Brian Martinez says:

Excellent review, and I’ve seen a bunch already but yours was the best !

Christopher Jung says:

That was by far the best comparison I’ve seen on youtube so far and I’ve watch really a lot of them. Thanks a lot for that video!
I’d liked the image comparison and I picked 9 times the a630 in addition I was really unsafe on picture 3 and 8 where I decided to pickt the 80D.
That video totally kicked out the 80d of my choices and brought the a6500 close the finish line 😀

George Anderson says:

Hello Michael
You say you are not impressed with the kit lense of the sony, could you say why…great vids by the way, very informative. [subscribed]

David Lewis says:

Best video so far for a beginner like me, trying to decide on my first camera. It looks like the A6300. Thanks a bunch!!

Joey Mantka says:

Image preference… It’s a complete tie for me.. It means it doesn’t matter.

Don Spencer says:

Hello Michael:
After watching two videos: one Canon 80D vs. Sony A6300
and two Canon 70D vs. Nikon 7100 you have these scores
Canon 70D
Side to Side 99% ; Forward Motion 91% ; Away into Light 97%
Canon 80D
Side to Side 92% ; Forward Motion 74% ; Away into Light 70%
Would like to see these two cameras tested again side by side under identical conditions

Don Spencer

Mr. RefurbishedBrain says:

Best review seen on line and I’ve seen a thousand. Subscribed and in case I buy the Sony , your course is in my to do list for sure 🙂

Bee Bee says:

I don’t know why anyone would buy the A6300. It looks like a toy.

ISO 100 says:

Now do this test with the kit lenses and we know the winner. ^^

Joey Mantka says:

What if you slowed down the continous shooting of the A 6300 to about 7fps(same or close to Canon 80D) how would the buffer hold up?

Adrian Pocea says:

A6500, had it for one week, just returning it today. Yes, it does some great things, but that body is just not for me. The screen is terrible, small, the movie record button is the most ridiculous button ever, small, on the side of the camera, half buried into the body, like you would almost need a pin to push it . Overall, feels flimsy and i was scared not to drop it, to hit it hard somehow by mistake. I looked for the lenses, you gotta be kidding, to pay 2700 for a 70-200 2.8, i don’t care how many G and master has under it’s name, it is first of all, a zoom 2.8 lens, a quintessential lens in photography, to have the ONLY option at 2700 dollars it’s just ridiculous. Camera does some nice video(it’s not like it does wonders in low light, it is just better than most in it’s class, but still has noise, and colors are just not for me), but it is not like a game changer for me, like something that i haven’t seen before. To be honest, i did comparable footage with my GH1 hacked and the Leica Summilux on it, years ago. Ordering the Sony Rx10 mark 3 today, as a video tool next to my Canon 5ds, and as a travel and fun camera. a way better deal, doing comparable footage in most situations, except for very low light, having an amazing lens, being the Jack of all Trades in a good way. I wasn’t going to invest in that E mount system, especially with the Gh5 coming soon.

San Shady says:

thnx do an update of a6500 please

Ozias Goldman says:

Awesome video! Too bad I saw this the day after purchasing the Canon 80D 🙂

ryleyjrichardson says:

this is the review that leaned me to 6300 thank you!!!

John Spirou says:

will you make a comparison with the new sony 6500 ?

Jim Blind says:

Jay Cutler? 🙂

ini Budi says:

sony look better in my eyes

Amogh P Swamy says:

compare canon 80d with Sony a6500

ValiRossi says:

Battery eater.

ZEUS the DJ says:

Best video comparison I’ve seen on these two cameras, touching on several things I had questions about. Subscribed and liked! GREAT STUFF, I know a lot of time and effort went into this and even though the A6500 is out now, i’m still leaning towards the A6300 due to the price drop


80D hands down!

SuperDigitalMe says:

portrait comparison is very good, its jpg i hope?

Liberty Music says:

Sure, the a6300 looks better on paper. But just look at 16:38 where the reviewer even claims the left side looks better. It looks like crap, the shadows have a bad tint, the colors look displeasing and just the whole image looks nowhere as cinematic as the canon 80d. 4k doesn’t mean shit if they colors are worse.

Kevin Marriott Jr. says:

thanks for your hard work. I’m about to dive into the digital camera world. could you please do a review and crash course on the eos m5.

Jay Harris says:

Thank you so much, I have been very on the fence about these two cameras, I know that the 80D would give an all round stable performance for video (my main work) with the correct lighting equipment etc. But sometimes Sony mirrorless’ ability to get usable imagery in low light is a godsend. Very aware of the overheating issues in 4k with the a6300, but the Canon 80D does not offer 4k at all, so we can’t penalise the 6300 too much for this problem. Having the option to shoot in 4k as and when is appropriate, (B roll shots, establishing shots etc,) is much better than not being able to use it at all. With the option to drop to 1080p and avoid overheating, I will only use 4k in mission critical situations. The lack of a headphone jack is an annoyance however I record audio from external devices and sync in post! I feel that the a6300 is more futureproof than the 80D overall. When the output material is 1080P a few bits of downscaled 4k can’t hurt anyone!

Guanyang Huang says:

Sony has to realease new budget fast lenses and i will switch

Steve C says:

Great video, what do you think of the Nikon p900?

UXTips says:

wow what a review!! congrats! but at the end some people (like me) will choose ergonomics LOL Im tired of bulky cameras. I love the mirrorless style 😉

the anarchy says:

in indonesia, sony a6300 highest price than 80d

peace gamer says:

i too want a6300…but I crave for bokeh and Sony high speed lenses are expensive af. So I think I have to go with canon or nikon.

romansten9 says:

you can list all the great features of the 6300 in the video and get my interest climbing……. then show me how it overheats and all the other details don’t matter anymore!

Lau Bjerno says:

Canon is a clear winner imo.

Michael Marr says:

BUT! Canon D80 is not an mirrorless camera.

Zahin Jawad says:

How about an epic shootout between the a6300 and gh4?

Grant Essex says:

What an amazing review!

Robert Linthicum says:

Very well done.

Cocina Topia says:

Very detailed comparison. Great job. I can’t wait to see the a99ii vs (1dxii?, 5diV?, d500?, d5?). They a99ii is a hard camera to compare to

Collin says:

I heard the Canon 70D is one of the best for videos. Autofocus is incredible. Unfortunately the 70D and the 80D won’t record in 4K.

Tùng Phạm Thanh says:

Interesting results. I’m a a7 user and even though its AF fits my every purpose, I always thought mirrorless lags a bit behind DSLR when it comes to AF tracking, but I seem wrong. I’m not very experienced with DSLR and I don’t shoot sport anw. Well done mate

bob91166 says:

Lots of people deem the Sony unusable because of the rolling shutter for video? Thats understandable because its quite bad, then why would you recommend the camera’s video at 24p…

קארטיוב says:

The A6XXX is ergonomically nightmare. they A7 is much better and DSRL are still the best in usability. If you have time to take photos, than the A6300 is fine, but if you in a “hurry”, skip the A6300 and take A7ii.

U.S Time Productions says:

i been looking for this page for months i remember a review from a few months back and these are the most detailed reviews ive seen

Hemant Mittal says:

Sir what about a6000 vs a6300

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