Sony A6300 Mirrorless Camera Review

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julie foster says:

sorry I added the code but was told something went wrong ? (confused )

lboymusic says:

Touch screen? Selfie LCD 180º? Image Stabilization? frustrating awsome 🙁

danielleVIDZ says:

great review !! i am looking into buying a sony a6300 primarily for traveling. i know this may seem like a dumb question but i am new to photography.. with the capabilities of the smartphones (iphone 6) now a days is it worth it to spend the money on an a6300? i hope this isn’t insulting. it seems our phones are equipped with a decent camera.. how would it differ using a mirrorless? i do have a desire to pick up photography as a hobby and after reading up and watching countless videos it does seem like this is a good choice of camera for me so i was curious. thank you !!

Jekrispard Dichos says:

I just joined the giveaway. I’m hoping to win. I always wanted to have a camera someday, I might soon. 🙂

Ahmad Younis says:

Nice review but I think your giveaways are fake. it is hard to believe so when your channel is below 100k subs and views below 1k per video and still you do so many giveaways. check out unbox thereby and learn how to make giveaways and how prove that people actually win. stop faking giveaways!! I think this hurt your channel growth more than it benefits.
I am not here for giveaways anyway

omegatrac2 says:


Dave Bassett says:

Is the size similar to the NEX-5R and are the lenses compatible. It looks like a nice upgrade to 4K and should fit on my hex copter.

Min ひかる says:

what code ?

howard dyckoff says:

I find no sound on this video…. IS that a production issue?

Saundra McKenzie says:

Wow, slow down just a little. You talk sooo fast. I really wanted to learn about the camera but I can’t keep up with you.

nygma says:

Really good video, thanks!

Mohamed Ahmed says:

world’s most uncomfortable strap?! what? I’ve never heard anything like that from any reviewer. you’re the first. all in heard was good things about about it

Ariel Abella says:

I entered on the contest, hope to win.

Bryan Acosta says:

what program is that ???and nice review

Channel says:

Fantastic review! No time wasted, great info, subbed

theodoros christoforidis says:

nice 🙂

Иван Мартынов says:

what program use in video for photo correction?

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