Sony a6300 Mini Review – Best 4K Camera Under $1000!

Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Digital Camera Body Only:

Metabones Speedbooster:
Buy Metabones Adapter:

Recommended Lens:
Sony 10-18mm f/4 OSS Alpha E-mount Wide-Angle Zoom Lens:×7

Videos Shot with the a6300 and A7SII:
New York International Auto Show 2016 Highlights!:

10 Must Test Drive Vehicles for 2016:


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rodrigo says:

que camera pica pqp… so perde com certeza pra a7s ne?

Pete Cohen says:

can u still film a movie without the headphone plug

Lucian Neby says:

what’s the song you used for this video called?

PronunciationLesson says:

Were there any color grading done on the test footages? CRAZY QUALITY!

Colin Johnson says:

Can one customise the FPS ?

Dear Gamer says:

You shot this in Victoria Gardens lol, it;s a nice mall.

Jean Claude MUGABE says:

a6300+la-ea3+sony dt 16-50f2.8 anyone knows how this combo performs in video autofocus ?

trillaG says:

i have a question here if somebody could help me please, i’m looking to buy a lens for overall use to use it on the a6300 and my choices are between the Canon EF 24-105mm F/4L IS USM and Sony E 10-18mm F4 OSS which one should i get? and shall i use speed booster or commlite adapter ?

JohnAgowilt says:

thoughts on the panasonic g7?

JL Jules says:

Great vid!

Pete Cohen says:

thanks buddy

USERAMG09 says:

What brand and spec lens and what metabones speed adapter do you use?

Photomeike says:

Great Review!

tech authority says:

what is your opinion about canon 80d video compared to sony a6300, how we can compare?

Tasty Food In 4K says:

good video & thanks, can you tell which LUT is best for converting Slog3 to Rec 709 because i am not getting perfect result’s on A6300.

Brahim Jounh says:

Hello Armando,
Thank you for your amazing videos, Could you please give me your opinion and answer some of my questions, i really really appreciate.

– I just bought A6300 and after some review and searches online i decided to buy complete adapter and also bought an expensive canon lens 16-35mm.

My only problem is that i am having problems taking videos with this sense, it does not focus automatically i think and my videos are not sharp, i tried to change the AUTOFOCUS to continues and it tells me not valid for the lens.

1- Did i buy the wrong lens or i am missing something else
2- should i just sell it again and try to get the sony original lenses?

thank you

danielleVIDZ says:

great review !! i am looking into buying a sony a6300 primarily for traveling. i know this may seem like a dumb question but i am new to photography.. with the capabilities of the smartphones (iphone 6) now a days is it worth it to spend the money on an a6300? i hope this isn’t insulting. it seems our phones are equipped with a decent camera.. how would it differ using a mirrorless? i do have a desire to pick up photography as a hobby and after reading up and watching countless videos it does seem like this is a good choice of camera for me so i was curious. thank you !!

jalal hasan says:

use canon lens?

TheMarmboy says:

Hey what’s the name of the background music

Irene Iren says:

wich camera do you use

Mychal Simmons says:

Excellent video

Young Zealous says:

Did anybody see the water he was looking at?… Unreeaaal!!


good channel

RoyTecTips says:

Canon 80d or Sony a6300 or a6500


Another amazing video thanks so much now i’m going to buy this camera!

Chris Villanueva says:

So with the a6500 out now that has in body image stabilization. Would you suggest that more than the a7sii?

Distant Signal says:

HI Armando. I’m blown away by your a6300 video examples. I’ve been a camcorder guy for 10 years, but now I really want to learn DSLR filmmaking. Those images in Long Beach of The Queen Mary and of Bubba Gump Shrimp are just the kind of shooting I want to do. I primarily do train videos and like my Sony Camcorders, but the quality and richness just aren’t there.
The A6300 looks like the perfect entry camera for me.

Daniel Gastelum says:

What is a speed booster? I know nothing about cameras or lenses at all

rrrjjj 05 says:

What lens was used for the autofocus test on the first part of the video?

Raul Puente says:

Hey Armando I really liked you review on this camera man. One question… did you in any way edit the imagine quality and color of the video? or is this what the Alpha a6300 image really looks like?

RJ Tech HD says:

gr8 video

We McLaughlins says:

Hey Armando what lenses did you use to film this video? Especially the stock video you show towards the end?

iSpecificHD says:

Thinking about trading my t6i for this camera is it a good deal?

Jpk Channel says:

Sony 2016: amazing autofocus and 4k
Sony 2017: touch screen and IBIS
Sony 2018: flip out screen and improved 4k video
Sony 2019: 7D AF
Sony 2020: doesn’t overheat

Malcolm Watson says:

Crispy clean..

Milk Komson says:

What’s the name of the song you used in the video sample, please?

Eric Bartolo says:

Which lens would you recommend for video?

Levisgil47 says:

Hello, did you shot the video with the sony lens or with the none native lens?
By the way which one is it and does the autofocus perform well with?

Mikey Dolan says:


Jose Ruiz says:

Who is the Music by?

Laertes the barber says:

Hey my friend

Mikey The Barber says:

What lens did you use for the video at the end?

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