Sony A6000 Full Review: Best Travel/Beginner Camera?

In this video, I fully review the very popular Sony a6000 mirrorless camera. Is this the best travel or beginner cameras on the market? Is this camera worth all of the hype on the photography and videography community?In short, hell yes! This compact mirrorless camera packs a punch for a fraction out of your wallet. Coming in at under $600-$700 bucks you get something a professional photographer likes to have in their bag.
Sony a600 Unboxing/First Thoughts Video:

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Daniel Godwin says:

what is the adapter that I can use on this camera to use my nikon lenses and my sigma lenses? can you please share links for the above? Thanks in advance!

Michael Bennett says:

Have you looked at the new Canon G7x Mark ii? I’m so torn. I like/want the G7 touchscreen (but don’t need). I like/want the viewfinder of the A6000, but don’t need. I like/want the selfie-screen of the G7 (not sure if I need or want at this point). The A6000 is 2 year old technology as well, whereas the G7 was just released. It has a smaller sensor as well but hear the portraits offer a nice background blur. It also has great low light capability. I found two vids on here that show side by side with A6000 and the G7 appears to be better at low light than A6000. Overall, not sure which one is best. I do need and want something no larger than the a6000 (motorcycle travelling/touring).

Trang Tran says:

hi, can I use my canon 50mm fix len on sony a6000??? and what kind adapter to use it??

Zoe Noel says:

Thanks so much for the review? Super helpful! Is the 16-55mm lens going to be good for starting or would it be more ideal to have the 55-210 lens as well?

mel says:

Do you think buying the body + kit lens is fine, or should I just get the body and invest in a couple primes?

Aviatorspot says:

Great video! I just got my Sony A6000 in ebay for bargain price A$365! I love it for my video work!

Kukuh Fachrudin says:

what do you think with d5500?? not in term of size i meant, cause i think both them have nearly same size.. in term of IQ, AF anything. please give me your opinion..

Morgan Alexa says:

Hi! I’m 17 and going to Europe next year. I take photos with my current camera but I don’t have much experience. I really want to take super high quality travel pictures and vlogs when I go to Europe. My current camera is too bulky and I want a point and shoot so I can fit it in my purse. Would you recommend this or another camera for that? Thank you!

samet baki says:

+Eric Rossi will a6000 be great enough in autofocus for amateur sports photography 1000$ is hard for me I am between a6300 and a6000 is a6000 enough for it? waiting for your advice thanks

TastyCritters says:

I’m considering the 6000 only because of the price. It would be used mainly for RE photography, so no issues with speed or video capabilities. Do you think this would be adequate until I can make enough to buy a full frame, or do you think I should just wait until I can afford a full frame? I’m using a T1i, …2009, …lol . Lord help me. Lol

Kristīne Kicis says:

Hi! What leses you would suggest for full body,portrait boheh shooting? under 600$

Farah k says:

i want to buy a new camera, my old camera is canon 600d. i love travelling so i really look for a camera that easy-to-use (and light) but has a great quality for taking a video and photo. which one did u recommend for that, fujifilm x-a2 or sony a6000? thanks

Danielle M says:

so i am looking for nice camera to use while traveling. something that takes quality pictures and is good for beginners. i know this may be a dumb question especially to someone who is well versed in camears but how does the sony alpha6000 compare to the iphone 6 or other smart phones. i know a lot of people claim it is pretty comparable so is it worth the $900 for the kit?

pschroeter1 says:

I just ordered one today from Amazon. I’m hoping it can handle outdoor Christmas lights and pictures of the Christmas tree indoors.

kynancecove says:

yep my opinion too,I was going to buy the Nikon D5300 I spent nearly 2 years analysing & researching it.Then bought one.

Wesam Saka says:

Dear Eric, how this would perform for serious wildlife photography?

26Bluegb says:

I’m a newbie looking at the A6000 and wanted to know what you would suggest for additional lenses for travel/landscapes….Sony’s 50mm 1.8, or Sigma 30mm or 19mm both 2.8?

Chris Villanueva says:

Eric, should I get a Sony a6000 or a canon g7x for a smaller camera to bring around to pair with my 80D please help

pyro lummel says:

this or a 70d?

Muhammad Naufal says:

which is the best? sony a6000 or Fujifilm xt10?

Visatron says:

Budget cameras? I can’t afford to spend over 200$ on a camera

Eureka Norbu says:

hallooo do u know whicj better sony a6000 or sony a5100?

Leo Fit Life says:

great video man thank you! Two questions, though I just got my Sony A6000 to vlog on my youtube. I was wondering when taking videos is there a way to pause it rather than having to start another clip? and what about being able to attach a microphone to the camera body such as the Rode microphone?

Eric Heyblom says:

Do you find it really lacks without the articulating screen for doing video, especially when framing yourself? I have the Canon 70D, and really don’t know what I would do without it. I like the capabilities of the Sony especially for the video, but its that screen that is holding me back in giving it a try.

James R says:

I was looking for a compact camera that would take sharp photos at night for street photography.  I love my current 2 D700s but it would be nice to have something lighter and a bit quieter.  I haven’t used Mirrorless before but I like the fact that this camera looks simple to use.  I just don’t want to spend the money for a Sony A7000.  Do you think this is a good choice as a second camera to a dslr?

Young At Heart Mommy says:

I’m REALLY hoping you can help me because I’m having such a hard time. I purchased the Sony A6000 and recently the 16-70mm lens for travel. I took some photos today in which I thought they would show up on my PC as JPEG then a RAW image file to edit in photoshop. Instead, I have JPEG and ARW files? I can’t open these in photoshop and have no idea how to fix this!

Ronaldy Ongky says:

Im using rx100 m3 and gopro now for capturing my travel moment. Will a6000 be a good upgrade? Or rx100 is sufficient?

erin hwang says:

looking to get a camera. total newbie here, would this be a good one for a beginner like me?

Chesa Djanelle says:

Hey Eric. I was wondering if this is a good camera for a graphic designer? Or should I buy the canon 70d dslr?
I actually like this cause I can bring it anywhere

neil jameson says:

What  adapter  should I buy for my a6000 and use my old a-mount len’s…

Jashper magaway says:

hi erik just want to ask which is best sony a6000 or canon t6i thank you

Young At Heart Mommy says:

I’m thinking about purchasing this camera for an upcoming cruise next month. Will I be okay with the kit lens? I don’t want to bring my DSLR but still want good quality photos.

Kobe Ojeda says:

Could I use a micro USB to 3.5 mm headphone jack to use a external mic

William Gazca says:

which lenses work best with this camera ? I know there’s the Zeiss lenses but something about buying a 1000 dollar Lens for a 550 dollar camera seems ass backwards to me. anyone with more experience could recommend me some lenses?, wides?, zooms, etc? any tips are greatly appreciated. Cheers.

p7272 says:

1st person I’ve heard mention the card speed. It’s the small things like that little bit of info that makes the difference.
Thanks ;-))

Connor Avila says:

Would this be good for shooting youtube vids?

Jelka Striseo says:

I just got this camera and I’m very happy with it, thanks for the review.

Aman Singh says:

how about body of this camera? it it magnesium alloy ??

icygamingguy - says:

can i do professional photography with this camera ?

jenny garcia says:

I have this camera what kind of adapter is best to use?

karanzwaanstra says:

Hi, I have a couple of questions about this camera!! I am looking for a good on-the-go camera for travelling and blogging… something that is easy to use, pretty basic, but really good image quality (crisp images for putting up online, instagram, etc). I’ve read some reviews that the lens that comes with the camera is okay, but not great…what are your thoughts on the provided lens?
Does it come with a neck strap?
I also read that its great for shooting sports or things in motion, is this true? (fast shutter speed?)
Thank you so much!

Alberto Martinez says:

I recently bought an a6000 and i’m very disappointed with iso quality, after 1250, generates too much noise in images, so i bought a Sony 50mm f1.8 and I could not improve that problem, could you suggest me something to achieve quality images in the post process? That would be great (if it’s possible of course)

brandon cloutier says:

fantastic deal… i just got a deal for 300 for this camera

Marcus Loo says:

does it shoot video in RAW

Damn Boi says:

how does it feel in your hands?

Jennifer Guardado R says:

Hi! I am a beautyblogger that constantly has to take selfies or pictures of zoomed in eye makeup, would you say this is a easy camera for a person that doesn’t know much about camera’s?

June Dudas says:

Thanks for your candor. How well does the A6000 wifi work for downloading images?

steven G says:

one of the best cameras ever. image quality is good , nothing super special but the features are outstanding! super fast auto focus is the best and the 10fps! if only the full frame sonys were as quick… now with the 6300 you can get this at a great price.

Samuel says:

This or the canon 700d/t5i with magic lantern for an even mix of videography and photography?

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