Sony a5100 Review, Camera Setting, Pros & Cons | Nathalie Munoz

Many of you guys have requested a review on the Sony a5100, so here’s my honest opinion on the pros and cons. Hope you guys like it and find it helpful, if you own this camera let me know your thoughts and opinions below.

Disclaimer: I am NO expert on cameras, just giving you my honest opinion.

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Sony – Alpha a5100 Mirrorless Camera with 16-50mm | White
Amazon Faux Leather Case:

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DISCLAIMER | this is not a sponsored video!

Nathalie 🙂


princess myaa says:

Which would you say is better this camera or cannon t5i

A Matita says:

People if u want to buy a lense for this camera buy the 50mm its sou freakin amazing and it has blurry background i can find it on amazon

Just Josie says:

7:52 you are not suppose to expose the camera to light light that, you can damage it, especially your dslr.

Tim De smet says:

If you want all of this and more, get like a Panasonic gx85 or so. Very good and small.

DolorianLynne says:

so you cant take any pictures or record any videos without a lens?

Thomas Rivera says:

Awesome review! I actually had the canon t6i but exchanged it for this one because I didn’t feel too comfortable walking around with a well sized camera. Love home compact this one is!

Kirsten Serrano says:

I just got this camera, and when I go to take photos it has a timer on it, but I cant seem to find out how to get it off. Could you help me?

Brett Nelson says:

Thank you for this review. I appreciate hearing from a real user, instead of a pointless unboxing or geek-tech-spec review. You explain what you like and why. Perfect.

Lily Lee Tracy says:

I just got this camera in white too! I’m so excited for it, thanks for the review!

Skyla Wilson says:

You can put a screen protector on the screen that’s what I did with my Samsung nx mini. I getting this camera and ill be doing the same thing to the screen.

JaneEightFive says:

it’s a flip screen, not a viewfinder…

Jazmin Alvarez says:

What camera were you using for this video ?

FashmineTV says:

Do you recommended the A5000?

Candace Rae says:

So i have a question that has been driving me nuts! Hopefully you can help me out?! Anyone! I have this camera and i record vlogs. After i export the movie from imovie in HD and its SUPER clear on imovie and on my desktop after saving, why after i upload it to youtube is it not the same?! Ugh i see so many people use this camera vlogging and it looks amazing but on mine its not like that. Nice but not the best it should be! Please help!

Jasmin Marie Olis says:

the vid is so informative thanks for that..but can u at least talk slowly? it seems like somebody’s chasing u..

Corinne Law says:

Heya. Is there a huge difference between this camera and the canon ixus as i currently have the canon ixus and not sure if its worth buying the sony? Thanks

Keana Carter says:

Does anyone know any youtubers that do camera giveaways?

nathaniel millett says:

Thanks for sharing!

Your Valentine 89 says:

definitely saving money for this!

Kiara Cymone says:

Can you send videos to your phone too? Or just pictures

Vida Garcia says:

Has it not overheated? I’ve had mine 2 weeks and over heats at 12 mins

China Jade says:

Dope review! I really like this camera as a vlogging option for myself. I’ve been searching online for gently used cameras hoping to get one soon!

William Klatt says:

Have you run into any problems with overheating during video?

Sundoll hippie says:

Can you send Videos through the wifi settings?

prettygirljenny2o says:

ive been on youtube for about 3 years and i finally made the leap to buy a camera , and i got this one ! Ive been playing around with the settings and i think i just about got it right , so happy with my purchase 🙂 btw thanks for the video! i need a case asap

Daphhh says:

what lens do you have with the t5i in this video?

Thatscmr says:

Hi, so I received the sony 15000 for christmas and more or less I believe these cameras work the same. My problem is with the recording setting. Do you record in AVCHD format or MP4 format. I have read a lot that AVCHD format is harder to transfer and edit and I’ve been having a problem with that. If you record in AVCHD what do you use to transfer/edit?

3carra says:

How did you get insurance on a camera? Or do you mean a warranty?? Thanks

Emma Chavez says:

Thank you for the app name ❤️❤️❤️

Uka Ung says:

great review!

KinglyTroy says:

Is this camera okay to make Storytimes with because I’m a big Fan of shooting story times but I herd that this camera over heats so that makes me so nervous about buying this camera! Btw I thumbs up this video.

Jasmin Marie Olis says:

the vid is so informative thanks for that..but can u at least talk slowly? it seems like somebody’s chasing u..

Alicia Symone says:

Do you deal with overheating?

Veirisye Winovenli says:

what camera u used for record this vid?

ToshPointFro says:

Your bloopers lol

Cilla Latte says:

I freaking love you!!!!!

Sarah Chacha says:

Just got this camera tonight and I’m really excited to use it! Thanks for this video!

Jokoya says:

Stop talking so fast

ECurvy says:

You talk sooooooooo fast omg

audrey smith says:

can you film a second video on your set up, tripods and lighting

Ru Brooks says:

What camera did you use to film this blog

Weberlyn Dossen says:

Great review! Can you hear the zoom sound when recording?

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