SONY A5100 Mirrorless Camera – Review (Photo & Video comparison)



Sony A5100 Review
Sony Alpha 5100 Review




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Mae Layug says:

Thank you so much for this video! It was very helpful. Been thinking of getting the Canon Eos M3 but I’ve watched too many videos about it that it doesn’t autofocus that well. Now that I’ve seen this review/demo, I’m decided to get the A5100 from sony. Thank you again!

foreign's gaming tech says:

Going to get this camera soon! Specifically for video. Thank you for doing a review like this!

armand wizani says:

thank you for a great review

Layla Renee says:

I heard this camera easily overheats and then shuts down, is this true?

Yee Tsun Evina Siu says:

Appreciate your effort man

Anahi Martinez says:

Is there an option to change the f stop?

Yuki Yuki says:

Thank you! It was helpful!!

HenryS Vlog says:

Very infomative.. thanks a lot Jim…
Your explanation dan content is very amazing..

mamang bogar says:

who’s better Sony a5100 vs fujifilm x a2

Wavy Vaporizers says:

Hey you said look at this weed growing but it wasn’t weed 🙁 lol

Twinuality says:

I think I’m convinced this is the camera I want. thanks

Anjanee Unique says:

Wow! This was definitely the best review I’ve seen on this camera. Very informative. Provided great examples.

MalaanB says:

I really appreciated this video. I just purchased my camera and I’m used to the Canon line of DSLRs. This video made me feel like I made a great decision for a easily tranportable camera that compromises very little in quality. I would have like to have seen some information on how to transfer photos using the wifi capabilities, though.

Outside of that, I wanted to say great job and thank you!

Martinus Oktobre says:

Thank you for another amazing review… Does the Camera has a microphone port?

ddm says:

What camera did you filmed with

Terann Lancaster- Williams says:

Loved this video!!! You did a great job of showing key features and I love that you put in actual photos and videos.

Arthur Aizikovich says:

Really Good review!

Mortemon says:

a5100 , eos m3 or 700d?

Ali Azanullah says:

Great review! Very informative for those who are seeking to buy a new camera. 1 question, how about the sound quality & there is no way i can attach an external mic right?

Jack Cahill says:

What is the highest fps on videos?

Laura says:

Please could you help me? I’m deciding which camera to buy. This one ( Sony a5100) or the canon 750D. I just want it for portrait pictures and Instagram selfies as I do make up. Inneed a flattering and very hd camera. I read about the Sony one having a soft skin smoother which I liked. But then I’ve also seen really beautiful smooth skin pictures with the canon 750D on other make up artists pages. Please help! Thanks

David Copperfield says:

why do i need a lense ? i wanna do videos just for youtube upload ? can i pass the lense ?

androiddevelopers{code} says:

how do you put a mic on there?

Spinit Tweeks says:

Now that is how you do a fucking review!!! Take a bow Jimbo… Bravo

asha jyoti alfiyah says:

Is it better sony a5100, canon m3, or fuji film xa2?

Urwin Hoogenboom says:

Good review! !!

Windri Avi says:

to record a video, which is better? sony a5100 or a6000. as long as I know that a6000 have no jack for external microphone.

Zeljko Petricevic says:

Amazing review

Christine Semprini says:

thank-you! this was very helpful

Kaylee Teen says:

Can anyone help me? Is there a difference between the Sony a5100 and a Sony Alpha A5100?

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