SkyTech TK107 RC Quadcopter with a Camera Review – TheRcSaylors

The SkyTech TK107 is an RC Quadcopter with a Camera that looks like it’s going to hit all the important nails on the head! Having All of the basics, and more advanced features that you could want out of an rc under $100, Nate and Abby of TheRcSaylors are here to test those out and see if it actually does what it says it will!

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Red White & Blued says:

It’s nice to see an honest review of the drone. No sugar coating which I appreciate.

Michel Gaudet says:

The mic sounds as good as it gets, this from someone who KNOWS audio… HUGE audiophile geek here. Well, I WAS when I THOUGHT I was rich enough to afford the ‘hobby’… sigh.

mtctookie25 says:

Audio sounds great, what setup are you using?

rexempire1 says:

Hey nate….u think it could handle a 2s battery.maybe that would give it more power

Luis Garcia says:


SickocrowAU says:

It looks like the same as the X250 Wifi cam. You record to your phone. That machine can get weighed down by the camera unit as well. I took mine off as the wifi cam is useless and it’s a much better flyer without it. Thanks for the honest review. Audio is very clear.

Daniel Cordone says:

the new audio setup you guys have is amazing! I never used to mind the way you guys used to do things but hearing this new setup really makes me enjoy your videos even more, love all your videos and keep up the great work nate and abby!

Sarge Monday says:

Thanks for your honest review Nate. Most reviewers on YT think they HAVE to give positive reviews or else they won’t get any more quads to review. You say it like it is.
That’s why I like you guys so much! :^)

Felix Von der Bank says:

Nate I totally agree labeld transmitters are super good!!!
Nice video!!!

Ratana Van says:

Can anyone tell me what is headless mode??? Plz

Carpenter Dick M says:

Great sound. Not so much with the quad lol…

Michael Sanders says:

The microphone does sound better.

YouKnowMe Idiot says:

hey i am a new subscriber to your channel and i am searching for a drone in that price.i found that drone and i searched to youtube for videos and i saw that i wasnt as bad as in your vid!maybe it was the battery thet made that beeping and the bad power! i would really apreciate it if you could suggest me quadcopters in that price

Rafzan Ahmed says:

Please send me one!!!


the mike works very good

willdoryder says:

Do you have another battery of the same spec? It looks to me like that’s your culprit.

David Reynolds says:

I know that brushless motors should be run in, to make them run properly, it could be that that particular set of motors may not have even had a basic run in from the factory, so it may well be down on the true power. Either that, or it’s a turd of a quad. Good video again, I like your honesty about them & your microphone does seem to work well.

Shayen RC Enthusiast. says:

Your honest opinion is Awesome !

Alan Savage says:

Great review Nate & Abby!! 🙂 I think the company released it too early. They should of done more testing with it before putting it out on the market. Also, really like the mic system; crystal clear audio

shernaz kaka says:

Cool now proper hd quality sound

Jesterx98 says:

New microphone is awesome sounds good Nate! Great addition for sure

ZanDaManDawanJonsen DoubleStuff Woods says:

I was going to say that you are happy people but you already said it.

Seth Hai says:

I wish you guys would do some more ground vehicles. Or add like 1 review of one every week or something but great video!

Santfa Orange says:

Hey you guys should do a review of the JLB Cheetah!!! It’s costs about 260$ but is the best and fastest for its price!!! Atleast check it out

KennyB123Fly says:

That Drone Doe’s Not Look 2 Great…It Happens…Hey, Nate &Abby, I hope I did not Leave a Comment from the Past that Bothered You Guys, I Apoligize if I Did…as I have Not Gotten a Reply from any Comments I’ve Made Lately…Thanks 4 all the Great Reviews that you do& Enjoy…& See Yah (Hey Popeye…!!!)

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