Sigma SD Quattro Camera Review – Quite affordable and very special

This is a modern mirrorless camera with an APS-C sized sensor. But its also so much more than that.This camera is truly unique. And without breaking the bank.

Damian Browns review:

You can buy it here:
Sigma SDQ + 30mm,
Sigma SD Quattro H,

Video recorded with:
Fujifilm X-Pro2,
Fuji 23mm f2.0,
Manfrotto Befree,


Music: ”Faded War”, Josh Woodward.


Eric Tidmore says:

You and Damian have some of the best review videos out. Very real, tasteful and honest. Production value is great as well!

Keigo Moriyama says:

Do you know the meaning of “quite affordable”?

quma001 says:

I’m a Sigma user since 2007, and that’s because of the special sensor. The sd Quattro might be the best Sigma camera ever, but the new sensor is a failure. It’s not a true 1:1:1 Foveon sensor anymore. The legendary micro contrast and clarity of the previous generations is gone and there is already lots of noise at ISO 100. Sigma adds a lot of noise reduction to overcome this issue, which results in smearing of textures.
A true Foveon-lover’s heart must be bleeding. Mine does. The legendary 3D pop is gone, the legendary rendering of clouds: gone
I have no idea how people can like the output of the Quattro and consider it as special.

RicohPentaxSigma LumixEpson says:

goddamn camera ! . why this is’nt popular like the others?

Maxotics says:

It’s amusing how us photo nuts can get so caught up in photography we forget to mention the first thing someone should know about whatever subject we’re talking about. Unless someone had watched your other videos, they might not realize that Sigma cameras have special sensors that pull out primary colors using stacked pixels (like film) compared to every other camera that uses bayer sensors which pull the primary colors from side-by-side pixels. So the reason the Quattro is like film isn’t because of it’s “iron” body, but it’s unique sensor which no other manufacturer uses because, like you say, it only works well in ISO 100. A full color pixel from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, one’s cell phone, are pretty much the same. A Foveon pixel is different. Not better different always, like you say, but different, different 🙂 I enjoy all your videos, but you seem a bit burnt out. Maybe you need to widen things out, interview your dog or something 😉

rpgroome says:

mattias hurling you made a comment about using Sony with an adapter, but didn’t give any specifics and I can’t find anything supporting this claim. Could please provide some specifics?

king715168 says:

Bought one a week ago, image quality is simply stunning!

king715168 says:

Great review, do you find the modern sigma glass provides better image quality than the vintage m42 glass? I’m hesitating which one to invest in.

Cassius Grey says:

I was excited for the eventual DP4 review. That camera looks really unique.

Alexander Wachsman says:

Can you throw some Pentax K lenses on there and let us know how it goes? The bayonet is mechanically identical but the flange distance is shorter (same as Canon EF). This means you should be able to use PK lenses at the expense of minimum focus distance (and infinity on the lens would be past infinity).

Warren C says:

Bomb proof!!! Classic in the making.

Kenny Tjahyadi says:

people (in japan) have been complaining about the dust problem in both sd q and sd q H, what do you think about it? Im quite interested to play with this camera and considering either getting sd Q and 30mm lens kit or just go with dp2 q…

jaybryd134 says:

Im a avid user of this and the sdqh, if you want the view of a professional portrait photographer check out my ig – birdisthename

Take This L says:

“Quite affordable and very special” sounds like my type of girl.

rockymhs says:

For filming, it would be great to get your aperture down. The shallow of depth and non-sharp lens makes it difficult to watch the video during the product shots.

Damian Brown says:

Legend!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot man, that was super kind. (Gonna finish the video before the next bit!)

Really enjoyed this video, all round quality review and not to mention the recommendation which has made my day! (technically it’s now Thursday so that’s me set!)

Skyler King says:

good timing with this video. I was actually considering getting this camera after your other Sigma camera reviews.

Jan Laurenz says:

the flower picture at 7:58 is incredible!! super

Sumanth K says:

for 1k$ a6300 is better imo! nonetheless sigma sd quattro is beast!

Mr. Midnight says:

Amazing review, so cooool

Michael Lu says:

sigma camera is very interesting, it seems like mirrorless but you have to treat it like a medium format.

CaptainPmode says:

Stop making these videos. I had to sell one of my kidneys to fund my last camera.

Mark Broeksteeg says:

An enjoyable and informative review as always. Thanks!

Seafox0011 says:

One thing also worth mentioning is that there is no band-pass light filter on the Foveon chip – so you get really sharp detail when using a high specked native lens and compared to a similarly mega pixeled bayer chip based camera.

Raoul Simon says:

Definitely a very sweet review for such a underrated tool. Love using this camera for portraits and traveling/landscape. It just shines and produces great images color as well black and white. Once you can get over the quirks when compared to other cameras, then you’ll be able to skill it and know when and how to apply this tool for a situation. Thanks for the review!

Danvil says:

Just another digicam. I much prefer film cameras. You have the most shot French Bulldog in existence.

Igor Trepeshchenok says:

This camera somehow reminds me of the Mamiya 7, a big and sturdy brick.

RetroB3AST says:

Wait, did that say 45 megapixels?!

Marshall6975 says:

Colours are great another camera that I want! Great video

Indestructible Salman says:

please make a comparison video between sigma sd quattro & fuji

Jake F says:

Finally a good review of this camera

peterzpictstube says:

Thanks for confirming my Sigma fan boy tendencies, great review!.

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