Sena Prism Tube – The Perfect Helmet Camera? : REVIEW

The Sena Prism was the first helmet camera to bring true bluetooth connectivity to action cameras. Now Sena release the Prism Tube – a smaller, sleeker, more aerodynamic, cut down version of the Prism. With fewer features and quick, non-stop action recording, along with an external microphone and speaker, is this the perfect helmet camera, and a Motor Vloggers dream??
Lets take a look!

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Md Hidayat says:

anyone knows what is the helmet in the video?

Weasel Motovlogs says:

Can I hook this up to a phone and record calls?

James Cagney says:

Great Review,

cw127cw says:

Great review….do you think it could be used for dual sport riding and filming some off roading riding. Nothing crazy. Single track trails, wheelies etc. Do you think the Sony AS100V would do a better job?

Eric Davis says:

whats that helmet in the video called?

stephen stewart says:


rruiz311 says:

where can get this?

Man In Black says:

After you slide to on, it automaticly record or not?

Total Control says:

3.5 MPs???? is that a joke?

Alan Hayward says:

Another quality review by iftibashir…

Seth Adam says:

Kinda cool, but mounting from the side has too much helmet in the frame, dead center of the the rider is far more pleasing to the eye, also not having the ability to mount it anywhere on the bike limits the ability to make a visually interesting video.

Ian Davies says:

The concept is good but the functionality just isn’t there. I originally thought of getting one of these to compliment my 2 sony 4k action cams as they are a fair sized lump for helmet mounting but the Sena settings aren’t compatible with the Sony codecs for a multi cam presentation. Pity.

Josh Halterman says:

Can you record and charge at the same time?

Jamison Bunch says:

can this camera be mounted on top of a helmet or only on the side?

Man In Black says:

After you slide to on, it automaticly record or not?

Paul Valas says:

How does this work with existing Sena bluetooth headsets? I already have speakers in my helmet and a mic from my Sena 3S.

Luke wontsay says:

would this be a good choice for playing paintball and recording ?

Oliver Lexborg says:


Dean Hewitt says:

Well done! Now do I buy now or wait for the upgrade with GPS, 60fps, longer battery life, bigger cards…. LOL!

Forum Admin says:

Can the Prism Tube be mounted on the RHS of the helmet?

Willie Gray says:

What would you say are top three helmet cameras, I just bought a VEHO MUVI K-2 NPNG

Mike S says:

I want to use it as a rear camera instead of mirrors.

Tony Jeeves says:

Great video, thank you. I think I will buy one.

The Doob el Doobarino says:

I’m going to be working on getting 3 or 4 of these to mount on my bike. At $125US each, they will allow me to have a really nice & affordable multi-cam motovlogging set up. 🙂

Josh Halterman says:

this review was veeery repetitive. just saying

ipanase megison says:

nice review, equal with 190 USD in Indonesia

Josh Halterman says:

Can you use a different microphone?

chico suave says:

will it sync up w/the Sena 20s?

Ezyrider64 says:

you did a review of the prism tube—then tried it stuck to a car—lol——i tried mine for the first time—on my helmet—very unimpressed—if you have gloves on —god help you turning on and off—its a nightmare—you cant feel if the switch has slid forward or not—so you have to fumble around and look in side mirror and take eyes of the road to see if led is on in mirror—you cant hear the speaker once you go over 40kmh—-ill stick with my gopro—the slide switch should have a rocker or a click—its impossible with gloves on—i sold it

MilhausMN says:

I’d appreciate it if you worked in “balls deep” into your next video tnx

NismoFury says:

Sena remains clueless. We don’t side mount. Only idiots side mount. We chin mount. Front mount. Bluetooth to connect to our headset would’ve been nice. This is another mic & earpiece to install. No thanks. Barrel style cameras are also a no go.

Hudimus Maximus says:

Yes great review, I think I will be getting this. Btw it is cheaper than gopro and i’m cheap! HAHA!!!

Mini Militia Intense Gaming says:

Really You Made My Day… This Is The Product For What I Was Looking Around…. But What’s The Cost ???

saltire546 says:

Just what i need , nice and small and compact .Video quality seems fine
for the price .But after reading reviews @ Revzilla it does not fair so
good seems it can only record fine in short durations thats a pity
because its mounting system seems good and its compact size .Maybe a mk2
version will be better .

Alexey says:

Thanks for review! I guess this will be my first unit.

Kym Moulds says:

Thanks Ifti for another great review.
Just a few questions, can the unit be used while charging?
How does one line up the horizon or line up the lens before recording?

Even though I have the SENA S20 and S10 units I believe that Go Pro and the clones are better than this unit with no WiFi connection and limited battery life.

Cheers Kym

Ajoy Sarkar says:

how can i buy this item in kolkata, india ?

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