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OK first of all great review. I’m looking for a camera that has three of the following features. A) it needs to be capable of a decent amount of zoom. B) it needs to be capable of a minimum of 1080p video. and C) it needs to have a great auto focus feature and be above average to great in low light settings. you can see from my videos at night what issues I’m having and what kind of things I record. so please could you recommend something be it a bridge camera or dslr or simply a video camera. thanks. I’d like it to be $800 or less but I’d listen to higher price ranges.

Liz Viy says:

pls blow your nose, you sound congested

jheminyahable says:

I can’t stand camera reviewers, cause these people “nit pick” any and everything thing they can. Watch, just 3 years from now, the NX1 will be considered obsolete on various levels.

Erick Barron says:

First off I’d like to say I’m a huge fan and love you YouTube channel. I have learned a great deal and I’ve put it to good use. I just had a few questions and I was wondering if you could help answer them, Best of your capability and knowledge.

1. I am looking to purchase my first Mirrorless camera, I’ve narrowed it down to two options. The Samsung NX500 and the Sony a5100. I know they are both great cameras, I’m looking for something small and compact when the weight and size of my DSLR is too big, I want the camera that will shoot the best images video is secondary. I have chosen these models because of the LCD screens, and small profile. I like the controls and the gizmos on the NX500, but I also like the variety of extras and lenses that sony offers. Giving your honest opinion what would be the best all round camera? Specially in low light conditions and good dynamic range. If you can please give me your two cents I would really appreciate it, I know you’ve reviewed and tested both so your input would be very valuable.

thank you very much

goeij febrian says:

hello jims i want to ask you about samsung nx500 sony a5100 and fujifilm xa2 which one should i pick?? thank you jimss..

Wavester64 says:

Awesome video. I am *slightly* thinking of upgrading from my Nikon J1 for doing my YouTube videos. Would you say this is a good upgrade for doing YT videos?

Cammandoookhan Skyblue says:

But it’s nice review

Nestor Freytes says:

Hey man. I would like to buy that camera off of you if possible. I believe they stopped making it and what ever is not bought, the prices are jacked up to $1000 or more which sucks because I was planning on getting this camera for a couple years now. I would be willing to pay $300 for the camera or $400-$450 for everything that came in the box. Nestor Freytes camera Samsung NX500

Mya xox says:

What would you think is better Samsung nx mini or this one for videoing and the audio

Raffaele Pugliano says:

Hello Jims…..Nice review . In a week I buy the NX500 , it is a monster machine . One question … the camera body is stabilized ?   Thx Raffaele

Andy Lo says:

what camera did you use to shoot this video?  the quality is fantastic!  I’m assuming you used adobe premier for editing.

Javeria Khaled says:

hey Jim please do answer me, is this better than the Sony a5100?
I’m actually planning on buying it

Jigs Lavado says:

NIce Vlog very informative. Please do a review on Fujifilm XA3.

theoisback says:

Wow, great review. I have had the NX500 well of a year now ,thanks to your review I am learning new things about it.

xomewchii says:

Thank you! This was really helpful! ~

stainonmars says:

Awesome job at this video. Very impressed. Subbed.

Peter Vernelen says:

Great video review, just can’t decide between this and the Sony a6000 love the oled touch screen and simple but effective menu on the NX on the other hand missing an EVF is a serious downer, btw video isn’t a priority for me since I mainly will use it for stilts, all feedback welcome

Mr MagicMan says:

what video camera u used to record this? its smooth.

ktheebest says:

would you say this is a better camera than the sony a5100 or canon g7x overall?

i_kill_you_u_die 123 says:

Why is there only 4K at 30fps not 60fps

blackl1steddrums says:

Top Notch Editing, gj man

Dominexanbarbie27 says:

I love this camera.i think I’ll be getting this

Hey Wu says:

thank you for your review, so helpful!
Now I know what I need to get.

Cammandoookhan Skyblue says:

Not a good camera as Samsung Galaxy camera

MarvellousMichelle says:

Samsung NX3000 or Samsung NX500? Please respond :p

Azizul Huq Bhuiya says:

iPhone 7 plus 256 gb

Luna Lovelis says:

Do you know if the battery is the same as the Samsung NX300?

Jeff Grey says:

appreciate the honest review

SlaywithJ says:

Looking to switch from DSLR to mirrorless. would this be a good alternative and does it beat out the Fuji XT-1 or Olympus EM-5 mark ii?

Yee Tsun Evina Siu says:

Why are you so good at reviewing cameras … thanks so much man

T Newman says:

Hey Jim or anyone that can advice, can you tell me please, 
I am thinking of getting this camera but do you think nevertheless it is better to wait a couple a months more and get the NX 1? 
My priority is image quality whether it is video or photo

Gal Mordechai says:

Can you please include diameters in CM also in further videos? It’s very confusing if you aren’t american

Ch Chand Tanha says:

it’s Rated as the king of Apsc cameras on Dxomark website.

spycozelot says:

if you can mention the fps at 1440p or 2,560 x 1,440 would be nice

Dee Murillo says:

I’m looking for a camera that has high quality video recording. I’m a student and we occasionally record videos for projects and I’m hoping if you could suggest a camera for students that can record high quality videos and take great photos. Thanks 🙂

Enver Deen says:

superb analysis

Shay Elizalde says:

X-T10 or NX500?

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