Samsung Note 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Test Comparison Review! (Curiosity Test)

In-depth camera test between the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge! The only video you need to watch on YouTube before making your next big purchase.

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Jeffrey Codoy says:

note 7 exaggerated in color in the dark for me i like s7 edge


I think the note 7 was better

That8oySimba9302 says:

If it’s the same setup, it would have to be the software processing, making the difference, no?

Incubushi Incubushi says:

hehehe si tiyay nag hambal ilonggo..ahaha nice one! kasimanwa! Godbless

djlobb says:

Can you please do a speaker comparison between the S7E an the Note 7?

abbas hmood says:

iPhone 6s Plus vs Note 7

rizul sharma says:

note 7 camera is better than dslr

patriotic warrior says:

samsung note 7 explosion edition

seyese 54 says:

Note 7 better at shadows. I prefer Note 7.


Note 7 has a higher colour gamut and more accurate colors. Not 7 is also showing more details and Dynamic Range. The yellow balance should be there as warm Not cool color temps are accurate. Also check and see if this has Samsung or Sony sensor . The Note & camera has been tweaked further and looks better.

Hotlook Man says:

I think it’s the sams vs Sony camera test. watch in app camera info.

Neelmani Jha says:

Do a comparison video for Note 5 vs Note 7

Jim Aldwin Camacho says:

Are you Filipino? just curious.

The Matt channel says:

Note 7

rizul sharma says:

note 7 camera is best

Mark Winston says:

yellow tint on the Note 7 is good, that just means more neutral colours in most cases and closer to d65k. my eyes are customed to calibrated screens and monitors, and the s7 definitely has too much blue in it.

Enlil Gods says:

I have not seen such nice video!all sit together and watch..keep going.the S7 edge at night perform better!!

A. M. says:

Samsung it.s better

Benz TV says:

Note 7 destroys S7 Edge but the Galaxy Note 7 is exploding. 🙁

djlobb says:

Seems like they have not only improved general image processing but also improved the stabilization too… I don’t like the noise reduction they have put on the Note 7 though, I prefer the more natural sound of the S7E

Nickoy1 Channel says:

note 7 seems to take in a little bit more light and thus things that are dark shows a little bit better

shanealus says:

Lol, if you tilt your head a little and cross eyes, you can actually view this video in 3D

Neelu Tadisetty says:

galaxy edge 7 got lot of shakes, however note 7 seems very smooth and stable. Is it because of your tripod mount or the camera is not good?

Hotlook Man says:

Check camera sensors.

jasonffx01 says:

would be great when u can compare note 7 with v20 when it release. I saw some people on youtube compare note7 vs xperia z5 premium. note ois doesn’t seems to function well. any comment?

Youtube Police says:

note 7 looks more natural. im curious to see how it battles pixels camera

Jake Mars says:

lets get starteeed….

aranthi fernando says:

S7 edge wins for me. But both are amazing!!

Mary jane says:

note 7 blow up

Gene Savage says:

Note 7 seems to be slightly warmer, and do a tiny bit better in low light… very interesting! Thanks for doing this test.

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