Samsung Gear 360 camera review

The Gear 360 is Samsung’s first entry into the budding 360-degree camera market. It shows a lot of promise, but the quality isn’t quite there, it’s not rugged, and it’s difficult to use if you don’t own one of the newest Samsung phones.


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Simon says:

is it possible to have 3d video along with 2d video on youtube?

gsh0ck3d says:

What’s the quality of these VR cameras? Even the Nikon 360 seems soft?

evergreene89 says:

What a brilliant way to review this product! Excellent work folks!

DarKnightofCydonia says:

Can you walk down the streets of New York with the camera? Or go into that new building near the world trade center with the oculus (a literal oculus, not the rift)

DP ie says:

This 360 is pretty useless.

SejongEO says:

Watch the video in 4K people. (sigh)

TechTranslated says:

Damn! Amazing! Yeah, the stitching isn’t so great but otherwise absolutely amazing!

Kevin Shi says:

It really really looks bad…

gilakot says:

Man, this is amazing for a start. The audience is slowly moving from being passive to mildly active.

Anton Smirnov says:

Stitching is far from good, Allie camera does it much better

Sherlan Gittens says:

nothing else please, if I watching this on my TV, then it’s useless to me

Kara Paar says:

watching 360 video is too much work for me, I don’t want to have to move my phone/scroll around the screen while trying to chill out and watch a video. still not convinced, only purpose I could see is for land/cityscapes or photos.

Efx GT says:

hi verge i check out every video u make

Philson says:

What’s up with the studio lighting? It’s horrible!

tiburonroano says:

Wow!! loved this video didn’t know it was 360 until I moved the iPad lol, this is fun

William Burke says:

still looks crappy

Jason C. Whalen says:

Great review Sean! I agree that the workflow is not ideal for non-Samsung phone users, but for an entry level 360 (4k) camera I think the investment and workaround is worth consideration. If you’re interested, I’m stitching with Action Director on a Mac using Boot Camp (had to purchase Windows 10 Pro / $199) and then found an Adobe Premiere plugin (Skybox 360/VR Tools by Mettle / $189) to re-center the frame. I think it’s a great starter camera to test and learn. Recommend it for non-professional projects.

Clement Martinez Private says:

a bit late for this review

Guitars AndJams says:

Even at 4k it looks too blurry :(, I was thinking about getting one, it feels like I might need to wait a year or two for tech to get better.

Joey Pore says:

360 video is annoying.

A AM says:

I find 360 video very distracting. Half of the time was wasted on me dragging my finger around the screen.

mkao88 says:

Skiing and Snowboarding videos

Deepak Prasad says:

Itt would be cool if you could put this on a drone and have it stream to your phone in real time so you could feel like you are flying . But with those transfer times I guess it’s not possible right now

Jarkko Väänänen says:

Samsung product… Boom boom baby!

Radio Bizarro says:

why is it so pixie? it’s not sharp by any means… nice review anyway

Purple_peace_lover // purplegrayson says:

OMG I’m not social at all and this video helped me and now I want to go outside thanks

Lee Bradley says:

image quality does not seem that & lines where images overlap. seems like a rush job to get this product on the market

Alejandro Romandiaz says:

wow you guys are so late to release it.. its been out for months

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