Samsung Gear 360 4k Spherical Camera Review

Spherical Video Shot on Gear 360
Get the Gear 360 here
Good memory card for gear 360 64GB
128GB micro SD card
Galaxy S7 edge
Galaxy S7/edge VR headset
VR viewer

Sample footage (more to come soon):

Samsung Gear 360 Action Director (You will need our gear 360 product ID key to use this)
Spatial Media Metadata (tells YouTube your video is spherical)
Gear 360 manager
Digital fish thank app Aqua TV
My live wallpaper is called Audio Glow

Creative commons music credits:
B-Roll – Islandesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

B-Roll (ska) – Islandesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


Haydn Po says:

Great review. Thanks.

Prostipirugolfo1 says:

Will or its compatible with IOS ? Any application on the app store?

Dr Abdalla Alkhashmani says:

Nice review …
Can I use it to shot panoramic photos “fishey” like gopro one and how is the quality of photos ?
How to take it with a selfie stick, is there any bluetooth button or something like that ?

kais jeedon says:

Does it working on any android phone?



SaaS Support Technician says:

It’s Spherical, SPHERICAL!!

Ralph Fernando says:

How come my video comes out blurry when i post on FB using my s7 edge? Thx

SkunkapeProductions says:

question can it be used for streaming live footage?

好野人休閒事業有限公司 says:


Michael Thomas says:

Did you say that there is no microphone? We’re considering using this for History Education, but I need to make sure that there is a microphone capability.
– Thanks, Michael

maticholic says:

is this camera only support for samsung smartphone? beacuse I try to searching app samsung gear 360, there is no samsung gear 360 in playstore. *I’m using asus zenfone 2

Simon says:

is it possible to have 3d video along with 2d video on youtube?

sean nguyen says:

Dam, just love this cam but wait price come down

Flaxvert and Mini Flax Adventures says:

Brilliant video! The camera is currently at £249 in the UK and will no doubt go cheaper over Black Friday and towards xmas so it is now in my price range. I have the S7 and Gear VR so the camera will be my next purchase. Looking forward to getting it now I have seen your awesome review. Many thanks buddy! Steve.

Trinh Trần says:

How much is it ?

Iliana Montoya says:

hello, can you live stream with the samsung gear 360?

Jwolfe137 says:

I know this a bit of a dumb question. But do you HAVE to have a android phone to use the camera?

Richard Leaver says:

Good vid, but question, how do you set the cam down and scan what it’s seeing, in 360, not the spherical ball or is that it on a phone, Richard

Titan Mechanism says:

Does it work with other new Android-Smartphones?

BluesShuffle says:

dude!!! 8k !!!

Are u aware of how high resolution that is… FHD is around 2 megapixel (mp), 4k is around 8mp, 8k is 33mp.!!! Should be possible to go 5-6K (14mp-19mp) with a use of more and also larger sensor, but the price would right now be to high for consumer action cams

Tomas Kanaporis says:

Does it work with iPhone?

Chris Johnson's Adventures says:

basicly u hold that thing when filming u transfer videos to ur phone from it?

Ravi Takle says:

Can I pair Gear 360 with Moto X style ?

A Smith says:

when can we ditch the phone and use smaller goggles to watch your recorded vids off the pc

banks120 says:


Alexandre Venseslau says:

How can I do to export vr videos in a format that I can send by whatsapp, for example. Can I only view vr videos on Youtube or Facebook? Help me please…

Emiliano C says:

Does somebody know where can I find good programming examples for the Gear 360?

Goran Grabić says:

name of that live wallpaper and where i can get it? thx

Amon Manapalekar says:

does it work for other phones?

Damien Dopson says:

That is a nice TV, how did you get the aquarium on your screen?

yuvraj gurung says:

Does it Gear 360 compact with all android mobile or not ? what about IOS ? H

Kelton Fenrich says:

Does it work on galaxy tab e

Jackson Roh says:

This is a really stupid question, but can you use it with iPhone?

monarchlilsis says:

this is probably a stupid question, but does it store video so that you can load it to a phone later?

AJNAL777 says:

Awesome review! Getting one this Wednesday!

westernsharpie says:

does it have motion detection for security uses?

Sebastian Anderson says:

Very helpful, thanks!

Noil Bee says:

Excellent video. Question, where can I get that fish tank screen saver? Thanks!

alison briginshaw says:

Hi, can the camera be connected by a USB or similar directly to the Samsung phone to upload the pictures/videos rather than using wifi?

Josh Kaufman says:

Does the app work with the Galaxy Note 4?

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