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Which has the best Camera? Samsung Galaxy S9 (S9+) vs iPhone X Review – I compare Photos, Selfies & Video to find out which smartphone has the best camera. Buy US: | UK:

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Matt Duarte says:

the winner is……. still a dsrl

Евгений Мокрушин says:

Nice shit sharp samsung

GiantBananaHoldingAGrapeFilledHotpocket says:

Iphone x has a good camera, sure. But s9 is 10x better. You can just tell.

Carrie Harlow says:

I have the S7 and was so pleased with it. I’m excited to get the S9 on Friday! I switched and haven’t looked back.

K shano says:

Iphone win… and I don’t like apple

Crucial_US says:

The s9 looks overall better with clarity dynamic range etc but it doesn’t look as natural as the iPhone X the s9 is more vibrant

top-10 cowntdown says:

oh my god ! that baby is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute !!!!

Da Fitzy says:

your S9 selfies look like it was put through a glamour filter..

Ahiko rck says:

I need help from a fan that enjoys Apple and Samsung the same
Which one should I buy for
-Selfie Portraits/Back Pictures (especially for models/ling)

SaimonSSL says:

Its not about which color is natural. It’s about color accuracy. Don’t know why people always confuse that.

top-10 cowntdown says:

i just like your way of comparison …… winner is s9+ as always better camera..

Czupakabra23 says:


cherick empenio says:

Iphonex is shaky compared to s9

Ulas Cavusoglu says:

S9+ Camera ❤❤

Layan Karam says:

Both are amazing but the iPhone is more natural

Laurita Lara says:

Not to mention the audio recording quality amd advanced camera option om s9+ hehe

Markus L. says:

Samsung Galaxy S9:
+ – sharp but oversaturated Frontcam

– less realistic colors
– to much saturation
– wrong Black Level
+ less overexposed
+ good sharpness
+ good image stabilizer

Musk Elon says:

Korean number 1

Nydia Elizabeth Gaytan Hernandez says:

I prefer the s9

Hashim Ali says:


Mohammed Shafi says:

S9+ winner

M1LL3R32 says:

I like how the Iphone 10’s selfie is more natural than the s9’s camera. The s9’s selfie camera makes our face look oily. Lol.

Pat Az says:

If we switch to pro mode on the s9+ can we have the same natural colors of the pictures taken by the IX?

Talent Swag says:

Just wait for the killer one.. Samsung galaxy note 9

Arriton Jonuzi says:

For Selfie iphone x is better 🙂

Hameedullah Pir says:

You can see he doesn’t like iPhone X

Abdirahman Abdikadir says:

S9 maks you perfect

nedko says:

* The color of the iPhone is definitely better – the face is too pink and too orange in S9. The colors are overly saturated in S9, definitely missing the halftones.
* The stabilizing while walking was better in the S9 which was great.
* The dynamic range is better in S9. I wonder about this one, i guess they use some hdr algorithm here to save the blown out white, back there in the scene with your nephew.
* The details in S9 are missing in many places because of the aggressive sharpening+nose reduction, so iPhone better here.
* The contrast is just too high in S9 whereas the iPhone kept more visible details in the shadows, so iPhone better again.
Well, in the end when you look at a static picture the colors are the first and most important thing to watch about.
The majority would have said that S9 is better but from more fastidious point of view – the iPhone is the one here.
And in the end the most important is what pleases you.
N.B. I do not know how Pixel performs yet but as of now I would definitely choose iPhone as I don’t see single Android phone with better imaging. I’m saying all this being an Android fan boy.

AHIMI F says:

What is more real in color?

Baba Abdul says:

S9+ vivid color, and more clean picture

Itz SHAI says:

S9 has a built in Photoshop so you won’t appear as ugly in selfies **sarcasm**

Mohamed Ajaha says:

IPhone x have nice camera

Rayhan says:

The big question is: were you looking at the s9’s photos on the standard display mode? If you were, then the colours will always be oversaturated. One can also change the display mode to be more natural on the s9. You should look at all the images on a desktop with a great display.

Shrikant Radhanpura says:

Do a S9+ vs pixel 2xl review plus another video for the same on camera

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