My review of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera with sample shots and 4K footage. Things can obviously change until launch day on March 16, but this is one of the best cameras that I’ve used, especially for low light.

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ALL IN ONE says:

Stabilization it’s not great on the rear camera

Sunil Mekala says:

Why is it you show your face more than the product

bi g says:

bad front camera
very very bad

Shadrack says:

I’m pretty sure the pixel 2 has it beaten

Umer Mahmood says:


porsche00fan says:

meh no where as good as new iphones and pixel phones

Mike Jones says:

Missing a really important part, the telephoto lens on the s9+. How are you missing that?

carver 9 says:

This camera is freaking amazing.

Junhyeok Lee says:

Um… even though I like Samsung phones, I think their camera tend to over saturate the color….

Zach Marusich says:

If I’m honest I’ve never liked the way Galaxy cameras have looked, all the specs are there but there’s something about how they process images that I just don’t like… Or maybe I’ve been spoiled by the pixel

But that 960fps feature is F I N E

Biswajyoti Mukherjee says:

All dislikes from the vegans out there.

George Kanani says:

Idk why htc is underrated i’m still using htc 10 and it has better front and back camera than the samsung s8, stabilization is also better hope people who aren’t used any htc new devices to not be offensive i love samsung but thats the truth!

Danilo Costa says:

I don’t know… footage looks strange…

Giulio Vismara says:

Great video about the camera but I would not feature bisected dead animals bodies the next time. Not vegan friendly and gross.

Imad Abselem says:

i would of liked to see the plus’ portrait mode compared to the s9’s selective focus mode

ricerdude says:

to be honest, i think the camera is total garbage. it looks more like how my s6 would perform

salman sohail says:

Not impressive camera The only bad thing about android Samsung. When they change the fake looking front camera. I’m switching back to android Samsung from Apple. ASAP.

Vasu Sharma says:

Cmon this one has better camera than pixel and iphone . Pixel has some weird kind of filter to all pics. Dont know why people nitice that. Iphone camera can never be better than this

ken aully says:

i dont know why but that looks bad. well not as expected

wolf hunter says:

Is the camera better than iPhone x and pixel 2

Adi Asmawi Adanan says:

How does it compare with the Pixel 2?

Pokemon Master says:

Damn, front facing camera is shaky AF, they STILL haven’t fixed the jello like stabilisation on video and dynamic range sucks.

Robert Velez says:

But the examples you posted of low light images don’t really look that impressive.

randyy says:

Everyone saying the quality is bad just remember the differences in your devices. The bit rate and quality of this video. The color correction done in this video. But non the less, we won’t know for sure until the device is released.

Vasu Sharma says:

Clearly noise reduction n dynamic range is great on this. Its dont feel like fake over hdr pixel. It feel like real camera performance.

SetupWar says:

focus? color? low light?

Israel Andazola says:

I like your haircut, what’s the name of it?

Psyclonus says:

How’s the pro mode?

Justarandom says:

The video seems oddly unstabilased and stuttering, I’ve seen other video tests and in those tests everything was butterysmooth…

HogbergPhotography says:

This does not look good.. everything looks blurry.. Why do they add so much noise reduction?! Nobody wants those blurry shots!

Randy Robinson says:

looks too saturated. Not that sharp. Frame rate looks a little choppy… not sure if that is the phones fault or YouTubes fault.

Frederick Anancy says:

Hey Karl…..Try Snap HDr camera app on the S9 plus …get the apk from chrome and let’s see the effect for HDr shots of 7 pics combined into one final one

Erald M. says:

No midnight back option will be available in Canada.

Neha Naaz says:

He dint use the 960fps camera

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