Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Real Camera Review: Can it beat all the dual camera phones?

Galaxy S8 and S8+ Skins:
Expectations are high for this phone. Last year’s Galaxy delivered one of the best cameras of 2016, but now Samsung faces more pressure from premier partnerships and dual camera phones. Is the Galaxy S8 a top performer, or has Samsung held back in too conservative a fashion? It’s time for a DEEP dive into some camera tech…
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what’s the stylus you were using in part of the video? Thanks

Andi Kravljaca says:


rojhat yilmaz says:

What stylus is this?

Alex Roque says:

16 mega pix was better on the s6 what a down grade for the 2017 s8

giraffe says:

What’s the point of even buying a phone for the camera. Yea a good camera is nice but if you want a good camera just buy an actual camera.

M 310 says:

LG V30 coming soon….

SmoothbassmanStudios says:

I like your closing. Nice Review

Edward Swardt says:

I don’t know man. If my S8 created big black ovals on my wife and child’s face, I’d have a problem.

jk. Great review.

TheDark Knut says:

Great video but i fail to understand why you think some of the software features are inspired bcos they were already there since the Note 7/ S7.

ThatStormEnthusiast says:

What is the bitrate of the S8’s audio when recording video, might I ask?

Khaled Lababidi says:

where is Michael Fisher?

Joseph C says:

say no to Samsung and apple.

Stoopidly Stoned says:

This phone is amazing. At first I wasnt impressed until I used the camera app instead of the Social Media apps. Nearly no noise in the photos. I took a pic at night of a green tree under a streetlight and the blacks were damn near no noise. Brings me back to having my Sony A6000

aravind villa says:

Compare with G6.

JakeChambersOy says:

As usual a great review which is unmatched on YouTube!

Agoston Gyula Szabo says:

I think the main question for many readers is how the camera is improved compared to that of the S7. I might have missed your conclusion on that or you might have missed that from your conclusion.

Alberto 9324 says:

i’ve always hated the EIS because at the 8:34 which is where i paused i noticed so much warping of the video

Vandrefalk says:

Can’t wait for the XZ Premium treatment on this! GAH! 😀

Joey Murphy says:

excellent review. megapickle fl

Tejender Prasad says:

Megapickles <3

Brandon Thompson says:

Did you take the RAW photos using another app, or does the Samsung camera app have that option?

Aries Q says:

You can enable the floating shutter button, so u can place it anywhere you want to place it.

Frode Bergeton Nilsen says:

I still feel these reviews try to cover to wide an audience. This time around, a lot is made more accessible to the less tech savvy, but the video is too long and not pointed enough for a less tech savvy crowd. Personally, I think you guys need to split the review up into multiple segments. For the less tech savvy ones, go for use cases. Like macro, sports, action, portraiture, kids, street, evening, or dining shooting. There are too classes of tech savvy people: Photographers and the smartphone generation. Personally, I am more of a photographer, thus I will always shoot raw, while jpeg is used for the just for fun shots. I split between in cam processing (jpeg) and real performance (raw). I also need to know the iso performance, both jpeg and raw, to know what to do for frame rate and shutter when filming. Even as techie this review is, it is still not even near answering my questions. What to expect from say iso 800? What is the highest iso for video? What is the shutter range for video? What is the lowest iso, and with a f1.8 aperture, what happens to shutter vs frame rate for video? Do I need a ND filter? Also, if the app is compressing to heavy, is third party apps an option?

The smartphone generation share their shots and video by using smartphones at both ends. These users will be stressed to see any artifacts from compression or any lacking sharpness, as the screen simply is too small. Many smartphone sites show samples at about 720p, and no one complains. There is no way sharpness may be reviewed at 720p for 16Mpix shooter. You are lucky even to find the point of focus. Most of these users do not need anything beyond 1080p, particularly since they have no clue as to get anything onto a TV screen at 444-chroma, and have no clue what that even is. The point is: Color accuracy fits everybody. Focus accuracy fits photographers, but only fairly in focus matters for the smartphone crowd. Contrast and saturation applies for everybody, but generally, people tend to like cool rendering (thus the cool default of TV sets), high contrast, high saturation look. Photographers are typically at the other end of that.

If you do some testing of iso, all the iso settings, and some testing of lens qualities, and basic focus abilities, combined with some quick third party app testing, then making a crowd pleasing review is simple. The in dept think, might be a bit raw as a video, and less polished, as it is targeted at a smaller crowd. I for one, would watch that, and share the crowd pleasing one with my friends. The one that is crowd targeted, is more a translation, target at non-tech savvy people, of the more hard to comprehend technical stuff.

Francisco Herrera says:

Great video Juan! Love the final analysis of the types of camera consumers there are, and how the S8 fits in the middle. I for one am very much in the “point and shoot” group, so the iPhone 7 Plus and Pixel XL do all I need them to do. Keep up the great work!

Sir Luna says:

Balboa Park

Harbinger Dawi says:

This is one of the best camera reviews for the S8 on YouTube. I look forward to seeing more from you. I really need to invest in a good camera. I just will have to put aside my distaste for bulky cameras.

Idriss Bah says:

So how’s Snapchat? Lol

TechnoLegend says:

I think samsung’s aim for the S8 is mainly design and the dispaly.

NinjaWithCookies says:

Awesome review, I live for the days you make these videos!

Sudden Revelations says:

S8 much better in low light shots indoors.
If you’re a purest then buy a DSLR

Jesse Afolabi says:

great review…waiting for a comparison with the Google Pixel

TaylorVogt says:

All hail the mega pickle

Joe Likes Tech says:

No, that Circle indicating a wireless charging inductance coil is ridiculous. That would be far too small to function as an inductance coil properly.

W. L. says:

Pleeeaaase continue with these reviews!

Haroon zahid Khan says:

nice to c u in selfie test, the best camera review is always from ur side….

Caspianek says:

This is exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you!

SaintGeorge67 says:

did he say mega Pickles ???

Romio Niz Romio says:

I dont know why u use same photos with all reviews thr is many other place u can capture and recording videos i give u dislike cus u know nothing abt camera

casper. do it all says:

you’re one of the best phone reviewers I have ever seen the way you speak so deeply about a subject is incredible pocketnow definitely found a diamond in a pile of sand

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