Samsung Galaxy S7 Real Camera Review: Fewer Pixels, More Light

Galaxy S7 Skins:
Samsung cut back on the resolution of the Galaxy S7’s camera to improve low light sensitivity. Will this gamble pay off? We live in a time where the only camera someone might own is the one bolted to the back of their phone, so let’s take an in depth look at what this camera has to offer.

Exposure, saturation, depth of field, focal length. Are you unfamiliar with some of the photography terms used in this review? Here’s our photo terminology primer to help explain what we’re talking about!


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Kyle Farmer says:

that’s what filters are for. go figure

nThor Espiritu says:

i liked it more now that it has been upgraded to android7 Nougat. it looks and feels like im using the Note7 except the Spen and eye scanner.

Kyle Harvey says:

What stylus is that?

Joaquín Cárdenas says:

which stylus is that o;?

Glenn Hillman says:

OK so what’s best for front and back cam settings uhd or fhd 60fps and settings for selfies uhd or fhd I heard fhd 60fps takes better photos videos then uhd setting ????????? I allso heard image stabilizer turned off and just use fhd 60fps best setting ????????

Jayme Capurso says:

Dam good review, phones are finally ready to replace point and shoots for real….

yamahaevo says:

Dont like the pictures

Dambels on the floor says:

My mom wants me to have her iphone six after its 2 years contract. But she said said that I can upgrade my samsung into either Iphone or still android. I don’t know which one to choose because I just want a good quality camera. That’s it. Iphone and Samsung s7 kinda take good photos.

I’m so ******* confuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuused. Halp meh

Alan Southern says:


bugsburny says:

Excellent and professional review.

infinite universe says:

how does it compare to the 16mp s5 camera? it’s it worth the upgrade?

Oladotun Ilori says:

i love megapickles

MovieMan797 says:

which phone has the best camera you think?

KDMartin27 says:

What stylus did you use on your s7 Edge? I really need it like right now! Thanks! 😀

Deric Chong says:

how to take lowlight with s7edge?

(Jimmy) Luis Sepulveda says:

FINALLY found a vid like this

Cesar Reynerio Zapata Arauz says:

excellent review!….is there any similar for the LG G4? i have not found any yet

Joshua Garcia says:

LG has cappy video recordings

Stacie D. says:

I honestly love my Samsung S7 🙂 I don’t have any problems with exposure, colour and etc. 😉

lol lol says:

Try s7 edge its the camera is better i promise u that

Michael Jared says:

correct me if im wrong. s7 has 4:3 camera aspect ratio so when you switch the picture size from 12mp to 9mp (16:9) the view finder seems it got zoomed. and s5 has a 16:9 camera aspect ratio and changing the pic ratio to 4:3 will not do any changes in the screen.

Eduardo Lara says:

i own this phone, and the camera is not that great .

Yvan says:

at 0:32 is that a regular stylus?

Whenever Shah Travels says:

Hi. Did you experience any glitches or staggering on 1080p 60fps video every few seconds? It’s ruining my videos. Also at night the auto focus goes nuts and can’t decide what to focus on with bright lights everywhere. Let me know what we can do to fix this. Thanks.

Paul Gokin says:

S7’s image files exhibit the highest level of circular rainbows in the shadows I’ve ever seen. Just bring up the shadows in some raw samples and you will see for yourself. I returned the S7 as these artifacts negated any other pro of this phone’s camera.

windmillsofhatred says:

I work in the mobile market and these camera reviews are absolutely excellent. So much info, the best around!

Alan Southern says:


Tra Enzo says:

Why most people care alot about the Megapickles?

Foysal Hossain says:

which camera is better?S7 or V20

Paul Anderegg says:

Does the S7 create 30p/60p or broadcast worthy 29.97p/59.94p? Could explain some of the glitchiness when run through an editing program that spits out broadcast standards and not PC/internet standard.

Glenn Hillman says:

mega dickles

Xperia GO says:

the camera sucks its bad it oversaturated every thing
and no fewer pixel doesn’t means more light they are big pixels=more light=better details and less noise
bigg aperture size=more light =bright images in low light

Jan-Hendrik Wempen says:

Thank you very much for this excellent review!

flightjam says:

whats better at light streaking? V20 or S7?

Matt Weston says:

진심 폭발만 아니면 최곤데 폭발이 너무 크다.

Permafrost - says:

How does it taste? those megapickles

Brownson Laborde says:

stfu hater

Assayilan HD says:

The camera is perfect if you see it as a phone camera its not a DSLR 😉

Leandro Nogueira says:

lol megapickels

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