Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Review Best Camera Smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Camera Review are these the best camera smartphones out there the S7 has a new 12MP rear facing camera with F 1.7 lens and I have taken a ton of sample pictures and videos so that you can judge it’s camera performance is various lighting conditions.

Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge is sold online in India via flipkart

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Ritik Salvi says:

which phone is better for overall performance and for camera also samsung s7edge,nexus 6p,LG G5 or iphone 6s plus

Bikram Banerjee says:

So now my question is, which is better, the LG G4 (perhaps the best) or this ?

Karanpreet Singh says:

where do u live in india

Crock Hunter says:

hey sir, i have a doubt, pls do reply
In case if i buy s7 fron Riyadh(Saudhi), can I use it in India with My Indian sim ???

Nitesh Oberoi says:

Check out for Purchasing, Selling, Exchanging and repairing your smartphone.

Seth Rollins says:

can someone answer me? is the s7 camera better than the edge version or is it the same??

James Lee says:

Hey ranjit what is the model of that Seiko watch you took a picture of at 2:43?

Sahil Basera says:

Vibe P1 or redmi note 3 based on overall performance

jayant soneja says:

Which camera is better ?
Iphone 6s
Galaxy S7 edge

VSixOneSix says:

guuug shaaaaarptttt nesszzzz

Agam Narula says:

stabilization was quite good

jorge tisera says:

the frontal camera of galaxy s7 edge have the same modes than the back camera??? or not have all the modes?

Rizwan Shaikh says:

+Geekyranjit #why not reviewing LG G5

Dev Chawla says:

samsung has finally nailed it

Happy Floral & Bakery Shop says:

I don’t know, from my phone, it look horrible, maybe I have to do some setting ?

Manu Mishra says:

V10>Note 5>S7 edge, if u know how to use manual mode.
For auto mode S7E>V10=Note 5

Gs- MediaArts says:

which is better under 15k having a good camera

Niranjan Zadgaonkar says:

Hey Ranjit do you have any plans to review creo mark 1 its an amazing device.??

Nitesh Talukdar says:

this guy looks so ugly and his accent totally sucks.

Srivatsa Gumma says:

S7 camera can light paint

Raghav Aggarwal says:

its become blur when i zoom

owusu edwin says:

I think Xperia camera is more than de s7

Games World says:


Yash Tech says:

does the the S7 pics have detail ??

Abhilash Putti says:

sir what do you use for live tqa sessions

sanee Aman says:

lg g5 next please

YOGESH says:

who was that girl in camera sample sir ..?

abhishek sureka says:

samsung did a great job in the camera dept. with s7
as it takes in more light and has a great autofocus speed
but the camera comparison on most of the sites have shown the lg g5 to have a better camera

Lost Spirit ™ says:

Cheap crap

Damchaa Kh says:

Hi mr. Ranjit I want to know from you, sir that can i play games using gamepad on my samsung a5 duos 2015?? Sir i’m eagerly waiting for your response THANK YOU

manoj kumar says:

hi ranjit could you plz help me to buy a smart phone under 7k. thank you.

Dr.Romel Dental Surgeon says:

hi, how to hide icons from galaxy S7 edge camera previous screen?

Abhijeet Bodas says:

i think the yellowish photo is due to white balance, it can be corrected while taking the photo using pro mode
what you think sir?

Noob Gaming Center says:

what about the nokia lumia 1520

Rohit Rohtela says:

thanks buddy

Raja Vadhana says:

sir, please do make a complete comparison between galaxy s7 edge / nexus 6p / note 5……….. pls

deepak sai says:

I want you to compare redmi note 3 to mi4

Rohit Rohtela says:

thanks buddy

Jayanand Ukey says:

Hi Ranjit. Thank you for your review. Can you suggest a smartphone as good as the S7 edge camera under 20-25K? Thanks.

pradeep mishra says:

sir when 64gb edge will come in india ????

Jasraj Bhatia says:

ranjit you are fool that you are doing nettpicking of such an amazing camera

Ritik Salvi says:

which phone is better for overall performance and for camera also samsung s7edge,nexus 6p,LG G5 or iphone 6s plus

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