Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera Review – Unleash the Dragon

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t seem to be packing in anything different than the Galaxy S9 on the surface, a closer look reveals some additions and changes for the better, including support for the more efficient H.265 codec, 4K 60FPS recording support, and a new remote capture feature with the S-Pen. The same dual-aperture camera from the Galaxy S9 is here too, but does that mean it’s the same quality as the Galaxy S9, or is it better? We compare the Galaxy Note 9 to the Huawei P20 Pro, HTC U12+, vivo NEX S, and the OPPO Find X.

Full gallery of comparison shots:

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Joe's Whatever says:

I like to see lg manual camera features in Samsung phones that bring Samsung to a hole new ball game

S Saini says:

Another quality review

Finley Shanahan says:

Finally an honest review of Samsung’s blurry camera!! Dude, PLEASE do a comparison with the pixel 2 generation so I can share it with people who think I’m lying when I point out how far behind Samsung camera software is. PLEASE. 10/10

Lukas Dvorok says:

Excellent and very detailed review as always. Thank you.

Iurie Spatari says:

Very well explained review. Thank you

Moisés Silva says:

Photos :

XZ2P > P20 Pro > U12 > Note 9

Mark Ferguson says:

Awesome video.. best detailed camera review I have seen this year.. all about the details..

Onigiri says:

Sony xperia old phone also got *”scene”* in their camera

Prashant Kumar Singh says:

This is your first video that I have seen, but boy-o-boy what a review. In depth and comprehensive. You have gained a subscriber. Great work. I have booked my Note 9 and waiting for the delivery. Will test all the aspects that you have brought up. Thanks.

Nipun Sharma says:

This is by far and will probably be the best camera review for this phone on YouTube. Android headlines has become my go-to source for excellent, well balanced, honest and detailed camera reviews. Thanks a lot for this absolutely brilliant and extremely in-depth camera analysis. I’ll keep referring people to your reviews, as it’s well nigh impossible to find any that bests your quality.

John P says:

I’ve only just found this channel but but far you have the best camera reviews. And it’s nice that you pointed out that front camera on the note 9 is better than the s9. I noticed the difference straight away when I got my note 9 yesterday.

Lee Taylor-Lawrence says:

Fantastic video, very informative

Uzayr's Photography says:

Do a comparison between note 9, P20 pro and xz2 premium

Brazord says:

Huawei is shit!

youdarkraver says:

I sense a lot of healthy sarcasm in the title.

Pravin Patil says:

Superb review

Rex Haozhe Zhang says:

Thanks for making this comparison video! It’s amazing! Nice to see P20 still holds up to the competition haha

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