Samsung Galaxy Note 8 CAMERA Review – Worth the Upgrade? | The Tech Chap

Is the Galaxy Note 8 Dual Camera any good? I put the Samsung Note 8 to the ultimate test in New York to find out if the new dual 12MP cameras with Live Focus and 2x Optical Zoom are a big upgrade over the Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus. BUY:

Note: The Galaxy Note 8 is using pre-release software.

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Joe A. Lin says:

Still, the jello effect in the video.

Ebin mathew Ninan says:

Nice to watch in my S3neo

RicoGalassi says:

Not worth a fucking phone anymore with these outrageous leasing programs.

Anthony Mark says:

Where did you get that handle to hold the phone

Zacharie Chiron says:

Had been a while since I saw one of your vids 😉
Was very good!

Jack Ryan says:

yikes. Is my monitor broken? those shots were so unsharp

nikchris69 says:

Stupid phone for stupid people

Richard Capacia says:

i have s8+.. large screen are ideal for split screen mode.. real multi task.. wireless fast charging, dual sim/account, microsd slot, one handed mode help a lot.. but i much prefer compact cameras images quality due to its sensor size, then edit on the phone.. just have a descent camera on the phone, cut down the price, more reasonable i think..

Ralph Tiu says:

I saw Mrwhostheboss

Richie Lagnason says:

jst wait 5 years from now maybe the price will go down to 500 dollars lols

Martin Langberget says:

Could you make an in depth video about OLED and QLED TVs? Maybe a comparison video of some sort? LG vs Samsung or something.. Would’ve been great!
Love your videos! Cheers from Norway 🙂

Gaming_world says:

Waiting for lg v30 to release

Wolf Edmunds says:

N8 = S8++

Albert Ahn says:


Farzaan Ali says:

this costs as much as a good laptop, yeah it’s definitely not worth it

Jihan R. says:

Apple It’s time to retire

Tech Plus | تيك بلس says:

woow the note better than s8+

White Dog says:

naaah, i just stick with my note 7

Rashad AbdulAzeem says:

The Note 8 this is a great phone, and some folks complain about the price, I would love to drive a Mercedes AMG S 63, but guess what?  it’s too expensive for me ($147k)  if you can’t afford it, then buy something else…simple…the iPhone will probably cost more and you’ll have millions who won’t even blink at the price, and IMO the Note 8 will be a far better phone, there is so much to love about the Note 8 and if the price scares you then there are other alternatives, you won’t find me going to that Mercedes dealer complaining about the price of the AMG 63. Let’s keep it real.

Muntom says:

I see quality of camery is pure crap.

Some Guy says:

Due to planned obsolescence, I wouldn’t buy a Apple or Samsung again. They simply start decaying way too fast. Doesn’t happen on Huawai or other smaller brands. Clearly something the big guys are doing with the software. My Note 4 was almost unusable 5-6 months in, it was so stupid. After an upgrade.

Robin Jacobs says:

Just preorder the note 8, finally a note again after Europe not having the note 5 and the note 7 recalled before the even was available in my country.

music video says:

can i get your old ps4

Roborav says:

Note 8 is way too long and retarded looking. Anyone holding this phone will look stupid. Samsung are idiots they have lost the plot phones need to be wider not as tall as this. This is madness not only from Samsung but apple and Sony too.

Osman Alaçam says:

it is great phone but no thanks still use my Note5 and LG G5 both are still good enough, i wont pay 1k to phone, it hurt my pocket.

Nanor Goaming says:

Dual camera copied from LG design for wide shot.

!cE Ag says:


Craig Davies says:

Its to early to review the camera as its not the final retail unit with all the niggles fixed. Tut tut

shane blue sky says:

Love my s8plus. But the price tag of note 8.
Samsung wants some isheep$$$

ridwan yusuf says:

I think the stabilisation on iphone little bit better

Mayuresh Patel says:

its definitely worth the upgrade if your phone is more than 2 or so years old. IMHO there’s no phone that worth upgrading if my current phone isn’t more than at least a year and a half old. Nobody should be talking about the cost if they expect to upgrade each year and complain that the new phone doesn’t add much.

landey grocks says:

holy fucking shit… this guy actually pronounce samsung correctly 0:01


Sok Savuth says:

I have been watching many videos talking about the launching of Galaxy Note 8 and mostly I focus on the dual camera tech it’s equipped with the new phone. I found that it’s awesome, I love it and I am going to buy one soon as long as when its price is dropped a little bit more, because now is too expensive.

Many videos I went through, I found only standstill photos with this dual camera tech to make a blur background (I love it), but no one make a video with this new tech to see how does it work. I wonder whether this dual camera can work with blur background when you take a video? Anyone have an idea, please share.

siachoquero says:

what is the soundtrack used from 1:24

Ahmad A. says:

I’ll be grabbing this to complement my Surface Pro. I make serious use of that active digitizer pen, nothing without it is worth the upgrade as my next phone.

Nєxσ says:

So is the video call camera great? Or is it not as good as Apple’s?

Miguel Barmuda says:

I spend $1090 for that phone

K Kawin says:

I’m not sure I like it or not but I know I like you! Lol

Muhammad Nouman says:

background blur is not gud…..i think iphone 7 olus gives better background blur

PoliticalHell says:

Hey look, Samsung introduced a feature that Apple introduced last year. What a giant surprise!

Teguh Imanudin says:

S8 vs note8 camera….!!!

Adam says:

How’d you get the blue note 8? I thought they were only selling the black and silver here in the states?

Matthew Muscat says:

I have the samsung s 7 edge i think ill wait for the samsung note 9 .

Saurabh suman says:

Mrwhosetheboss fan

ssmpm says:

It is a hard life 🙂 Can you use the Live Focus / bokeh effect on videos too or is it only for still photos? How does the second camera affect video recording in general?

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