Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Camera Review – Splendid As Expected!

In this video review let’s take a close look at cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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somk23 says:

Good review. Haven’t see many quality reviews from other Indian channels.
A suggestion: Visit some good locations and take awesome pics. Showing the beauty of India in camera reviews instead of traffic and shopping malls can be a unique feature which no other channel offers.

Jose Sanchez says:

Does the camera app have an option to have the volume keys control zoom because I couldn’t find any way to set it

Biswajeet Mahapatra says:

can we shoot 1080p at 120fs with any third party app?

阿意 says:


Joe G.P. says:

Didn’t look that great

osanda wijeratne says:

I’ve been following you from the early days. Avid Note owner had every note since the note 1 except the note 5 because I just love/loved my Note 4 Edge. Of course the Note 7 is a big technology leap and I’m super keen. I’m also a pro am photographer. So who did I turn to for reliable reviews that meant something beyond the usual fluffy mainstream nonsense out there? C4E tech of course! And as per usual you came through! Huge thanks for all your hard work. Great to see your channel growing so well. Keep up the great work! Cheers!

quest 123 says:

Nice camera, what camera is better this or iphone 7 plus?

Abdul Basit says:

dear please make video on how to root and install twrp recovery for note 7 please please…

venkatesh venkat says:

Nice review.Will be more happy if you try to make another video in Tamil too I guess you know the language

Juan Gomez says:

Why does Samsung phones look like jello when recording video I don’t see it with iPhones.

Roberto Licardie says:

Im very picky when it comes to cameras. In fact I switched to an Iphone 6s + due to androids lagging a few generations behind. Now, I still see the same pattern from Samsung. They over-sharpen their images… There’s nothing you can do, and the colors are too saturated. I’ve seen this in the last three S phones. The Galaxy s3 wasn’t like this…. I wonder what happened. Spec aren’t everything… But quality is… And paying +$700 for a phone… Youd expect more. Seems like I’m stuck in IOS until a phone competes with the quality of the iPhone 6s +.

TheCambra says:

I noticed my pictures are very blurry on my Galaxy Note 7 compared to my Galaxy S7 Edge. If anybody knows why I would appreciate a comment thank you. Doesn’t make sense they both have the same megapixel camera

steve andrushko says:

Great job! You answered a lot of questions I had about the Note 7 camera

sclogse1 says:

Since selling my Canon 5D Mark II, and only having my Canon Elph 310 for some ok 1080p video and very good pics done in program mode, I’ve found the limitations with the Elph, mostly in edge fall off in stills to be problematic enough to consider using a phone camera like this. Actually the reason the issue came up is that my long time artist friend is having a show in New York of his line art drawings, usually done in ink on paper around 9×12. Sending photographed images to galleries even carefully sharpened in photoshop has been unsatisfactory. The lines just smear around the far sides. I’ve tried backing off, forcing the the camera to higher f stops, etc., and the problem persists. So, perhaps it would be interesting for you to photograph (hand held) graphs used to test lenses with to really check for sharpness falloff on the edges. My artist friend has been around for many decades, and has seen and heard a great deal. He also studied for 4 years in Japan, back in the 1960’s.

Nitesh Mohite says:

Do i take s7 edge or note 7??

A7 video channel says:

hahaha bander

Muhammad Faisal says:

excellent camera.

Sri harsha says:

Bro go to parlour before taking your pictures that’s why you got only 26 k in 5days

Phantomusic - says:

do the huawei p9 review its just launched ash

Jeff Hartmann says:

does the note 7 have a front flash???

poikatiikeri says:

Great video and great low light samples!

thang vu says:

I like it!

Amusedcat says:

The image stabilization was so trippy.

Professional DJs says:

Nice Job keep up the good work

Mugundhan Rp says:

can u do a video on nubia z11…?? even if possible one plus 3 vs nubia z11….

Kshitij Jagtap700 says:

Will u make a review on zuk z1 vs k5 note plz as soon as possible

Peaceful world says:

Leonard or Walter white?? WW

NO NAME says:

A M A Z I N G !!!!

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