Samsung Galaxy M20 Camera Review – HUGE FAIL

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Stay Tuned says:

Edit : This phone come with camera 2 api enabled.. so please try with Google camera..
Yeah it’s kinda request.

Amit Sharma says:

PS this man can shoot stunning photos with a Potato. If he fails to click a decent photo nobody can. I trus your reviews blindly bhai. I was thinking of purchasing to gift it to my Mom, now I will look for something else.

Lordex Gaming says:

I paid 30k for Samsung A9 Pro when it had come out and trust me, the camera on it was even worse than this. Lost all faith in Samsung since then.

Random Scientist says:

Honest review. Keep it up!!!

siddhartha dey says:

For all of your kind information this phone gets easily broken into hlaf on a little pressure !! Reference # Durability mark!! If you don’t see that video you will regret my friend !!

Siddharth .S. Nayak says:

I’m guessing this M20 is still using the sony imx249 at the back from the J7 Prime. Front camera is straight up from the J7 Prime.

Darshan says:

The phone seems to not use the ultrawide angle camera for bokeh and just simulate the bokeh with the help of the software , hence the horrible halo in the bokeh!
I’m surprised manufacturers like Motorola and Samsung have still not figured out the bokeh when first timers like Nokia and Mi do it like a boss!

Pratik Jambhulkar says:

Bro, actually you deserve 10m subscriber…

aakash kingmaker says:

Man you deserve 1m subs… great job and thanks for the video…

Subham Bibhar says:

U r a pretty good reviewer… better than the geekies and gurus out there…

aman deep says:

What is this legendary superhero music in the background lol

Debanga Shivam says:

is ur camera the Sony Fs5 ?

Vishal Giri says:

That title tells a lot, if u can’t take good photos with it nobody can, thanks for the review bro, will keep this in mind before recommending this phone to anyone, great job bro!!

Amit.s Shalat says:

Most underrated channel

Azizul Islam Rahin says:

Thanks for being honest

Pinder4u says:

Every YouTube channel was praising camera quality of M20 and here comes unbiased camera review.. even the pics are little blown-out to my taste .

Ajinkya Chaudhary says:

This is the most under rated channel…!
Man IAM in love with your cinematographic intros…! Amazing…!

dayaban sagar says:

do a video on best budget phone q1 2019 on every price segment

ankit pal says:

Waiting for Redmi Note 7 review !!!!

Jitender Kumar Jain says:

Actual M20 camera is this ……. unlike the Samsung paid Youtubers praising the worse camera …this deserve a like


Would Samsung blacklist you for making this video?

Arhaan Khan says:

sponsored review by Chinese company’s

deadf pool says:

I come to this channel for unbiased honest reviews

ankit pal says:

Waiting for Redmi Note 7 review !!!!

Sanjeeb Phukan says:

One of the best camera review I ever saw..
Keep up with this great work bro…
Should I skip this phone and buy ZenFone Max pro M1. the Max Pro M1 still worth in 2019??

Naresh Gundu says:

This channel needs more subscribers.

Jasing Marma says:

Editing of this review is not good….
I found glitches several time watching video

par logg says:

sorry not light notification !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

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