Samsung Galaxy Camera Review!

Samsung’s new flagship category is here! Thumbs up!

Samsung Galaxy Camera:

My first hands-on with the Galaxy Camera:

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5



Junior M says:

I’m thinking about getting the Verizon version since they’re cheap. But does it run 4.1.1? Is this affected by the Heartbleed virus? I know phones running 4.1.1 can be affecged by it

Eugene Li says:

Wth happened to the window at 3:26

Austin Squires says:


Fisher Bredrup says:

3:29 the glass breaks

adkodiyan says:

Did anyone notice th hole in the window a 3:27

TheNexusGen says:

At 1:30, it’s not AMOLED.  It’s HD Superclear LCD2, but it’s tuned to look like AMOLED.  Nice try samsung…

Sam says:

3:26 assassination I am ready

Dukey125 says:

this camera is available at pcworld in the UK for £299. £90 off the original price. 

PixelMixel1316 says:

Should i get it

XXxxx_420BLAZED_DRENLOCKX-Origin_[FAZE_69_DILIANOCARTERO]xxxXX[BO3]@_Faze 0o0 says:


NoahThomas43 says:

At 3:23, the glass broke?!?! Nice video by the way!

mazdapremacy97 says:

Can it be used as a phone ? it has a sim but some tell me it cant e used as a phone ? 😀

Seth Mcmillan says:

you should have a giveaway

Megan Stonestreet says:

Hey, btw what camera do you use for filming?

Three Stripes says:

4:42 the glass on the top broke again

Bas van der Meij says:

16MP small? XD A Nikon D4S has 16MP, though the files are probably a lot sharper on that at 100% crop, but still.. 16MP is not bad.. 😛 The other things about that camera makes me never want it at all.. 😛 

Manny Kim says:

what happened to your window?

변시율 says:

It uses Super LCD not a AMOLED

TDubbedMusic says:

Guess I don’t have to mention the bullet going through the window. Looked kinda fake, though. I hope it was fake, bruh!

TJMHD says:

I just watched your windows 7 upgrade video… it’s amazing to see the growth, keep up the good work man

Maxumum99 says:

3:27 bullet hole?!

wahab.omar says:

Who the f shot at you?

Pedro Guilbe says:

Hey im want to buy a desktop set up like yours can u help me where and how much

Vivienne ziqing says:

I wish I could buy this…

Chase Neal says:

Wtf cracked your window!?!?

noniabizz337 says:

“My not so tech savvy sister” lol.

Chance Paskon says:

Dafuq? Is his camera shooting bullets?

Rasyid Zulkifli says:

What happened to ur window?

Crystal Morgan says:

Love your reviews. When will you review the Samsung Galaxy 2 camera?

Jivan Chandoo says:

Y does the glass in the window keep cracking ?

Naomi Barreto says:

My birthday is December 26 after Christmas

Noah C. Fisher says:

3:27 – LOLWUT?

Seriously, what happened?  Did he shoot his camera?

TrektNation says:


Alex Woodley says:


despotmurgatroid says:

why do people state that 16 megapixels are a low count?????????? you can still get great shots with 5 megapixels – its the sensor size (and this camera has a larger one than a phone) and the person that takes the pic that counts!!!!!!!!!!

Emily Lopez says:


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