Review – is Google Pixel Best Smartphone camera ever?

Google says its new Pixel smartphone camera is the highest rated smartphone camera ever.


Naturally, we set out to find if that was true.

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Henry Chaisritha says:

My Panasonic gh4> pixel, s7, iphone7.

chrisak49 says:

this guy is a joke

kermitrehab says:

Enjoy your dislike!
all the tests and such stupid conclusion
camera is better in low light? with now optical stabilisation and darker optics at F2.0

real pros working there at USA today

Steven Franklin says:

Why didn’t you show the full image u idiota

crisgutz84 says:

Clearly, google pixel crazy video stabilization is Greater than great!

M McAllister says:

Should’ve talked more about the video stabilization.. It’s none comparable.. But oh well..

crisgutz84 says:

Dont dream to be a great reviewer when u r a apple fan… Lols#Biased

101 says:

What a total fail of a video. Utterly pointless.

Jeff Martinson says:

I was disappointed in this video… felt very rushed, also didn’t give very many examples of shots and examples they did give of shots were shown very briefly on the screen which didn’t give viewers enough time to see them and make a judgement themselves. Could just as well cut out the first minute of the video and gave use the bottom line.

Joshua Smith says:

Did the word “The” do something to you USA Today? Why are you obviously ignoring it?

claypool0 says:

the camera is only a little better but the software is a lot better.

Melbourne Dauz says:

how the hell do you have 200K subs and you are recording at 720p? damn

Julio Lagara says:

USA Today needs to remove these incompetent, uneducated videos from their channel. What a joke! Dude knows nothing

2 Spooky 4 Me says:

This video was bad, and I hope you feel bad.

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