Redmi Note 5 Pro Camera Review

Here is my camera review of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro. Dual cameras on this Redmi Note 5 Pro look like the ones on the iPhone X, but once you get past this, they perform really well.
I was surprised with the image and video quality that this camera produces.
Redmi Note 5 Pro is well on its way to be one of the best overall smartphone in under Rs.15,000.
Watch the video for lot of image and video samples.

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sai sujal says:

should i wait for zefone 5 lite or can i take redmi note 5 pro ?? answer any one ??

Akshit Soni says:

Bro you voice❤️

Hemant Singh says:

Slo mo?

Jash Outline says:

Awesome camera review bro … loved it

Majid Ahmed says:

There is the option in open camera to enable eis also in 4k i saw that video in thechniqued channel but dope video

farhadul haque says:

nice video. can u please test if the google camera port work on this device? or anyone here tested it already?

Victor Nade says:

Awesome no it’s wowsome the vdo I’m talking about and the redmi note 5 pro speechless #TecworkZ

Avronil Roy says:

Also make a video of ASUS Zenfone 5

CsoCsoCsongi Channel says:

Xiaomi A1 or Redmi note 5 pro ?

Mukesh Parihar says:

It doesn’t support portrait shots from long distance

Ranjit Singh says:

great job .

Alex Deep says:

Спасибо за обзор! и субтитры! Удачи!

riju chatterji says:

Please do a detailed comparison between the Mi A1 & the RN5P (preferably not only the camera but everything). Thank you. ☺

biswajit rath says:

Kitne mein deta mi?

Raj Pawar says:

I just watched the video more than 4 times…. Editing is cool and awesome…. Setup is Super awesome…. If got opportunity wanna work with you

Varun Sehgal says:

I just love ur work bro u creating great b roles n detailed discription

Sandip M says:

does it has a slow motion video capability?

Swapnil Wanjare says:

When will moto g6 plus will launch?

MD SAAD says:

Bro Plz tell the name of the launcher you are using…

Raj Pawar says:


Madhusudhan Devadiga says:

In moto g5s plus under depth mode we can change the background image is that feature available in note 5 pro

Sanket Gugliya says:

I have seen a vdo on YouTube that says … 1st camera is useless .. guess d first camera is just for fun… It’s not using first camera to take photos.. plz comment …………

iwe Indian wrestling entertainment says:

Please take review of Asus Zen phone 5

om babele says:

Which phone do you use in your daily life?
Which one is your favourite ?

Aditya Joshi says:

Nice bro

Bitopan Talukdar says:

Hope to see this channel crossing 100k subscribers soon.

v. shivakumar says:

Is it have a shutter lag?

Bakon Nyam says:

I brought mi note 5 pro today so, Can you please upload camera settings…my camera is not my expectations so please…

Afzaal Munir says:

is it performs better in low light condition as compared to mi a1 ??

Nasrul Mejbah says:

Nice camera review.

love the way u lie says:

i have one question bro is the phone is full metal body?? that antina lines looks like plastic

Rajwanti Deswal says:

when is moto g6+ coming?

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