Pro Photographer Lite Phone : Honor 9 Lite Real Camera Review

We took the help of Pro Photographer Aman Chotani To Help Us prove our views on Camera of the Honor 9Lite
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Shot on Location at Fairmont Jaipur
Drone Shots Using DJI Mavic Platinum
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Manjeet Singh says:

Gr8 effort

mjsr says:

Presentation bhut sahi hota ja ra h apka #iGyaan

scorpio 66 says:

Respect for igyaan ….raised ..

Ramesh Dagli says:

you guys are awesome and great

Guri Sidhu says:


Deepak Shankar says:

Seriously ???!

Vinod kumar Biloniya says:

Wow I am living in Jaipur
Thanks for coming our city
#igyaan sir

Krunal Malivad says:

This video is beyond pro level. I’m gonna buy it.

Justin Joseph says:

So pathetic!!
I’m not saying about technical qualities of this video, but the real content!!

When a photographer reviews camera of a phone, he won’t expect much in a phone! And if phone exceeded that expectation, he would say the camera is really good! That is what happened here! In order to really review the phone, compare it with similarly priced mobile cameras!!

Being an owner of honor 9 lite, I must say that its picture quality is not up to the mark! It over sharpens the picture making the picture grainy!! Colors are quite dull! Even honor 6x produces better pictures with good color and sharpness! Same is the case with honor 7x too! Even my old Nokia X6 (5MP sensor) takes much better pictures than this phone! So, this camera is “okay” for the price! Nothing to boast about! So stop spreading lies in new forms!!

terrance martin says:

Thanks for the clarification, good job and great effort put into this video. All the best

Jayanta Kumar Das says:

igyaan is the best

aniket sinha says:

This is the best camera review I have ever seen. Could you something with Pixel 2 and iPhone?

nochet2211 says:

He actually is a fantastic photographer… Loved the photos he capture.

rahul jadhav says:

Creative youtuber

Mazhar Hussain says:

Can u please send me the last song you used in your video, it’s raw and beautiful… Would love to hear the full track

Karanbir Battu says:

If you really want to capture cool then take the Mi A1…. I dont really like the these Honor and Huawei phones….

Nayan Das says:

Great video!

Guri Sidhu says:


Asan Zindagi says:

from interview, Picturization to review everything is Top Notch, Jaipur 🙂

Deepa Singh says:

Story telling✔
Awesome music ✔
Nice cinematography ✔
Perfect drone shots ✔
Casey Neistat wali feeling✔ XD
Bharat, keep on doing this.

Atul Yadav says:

awsome and camera men is also very best.

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