Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Camera REVIEW

A review of the Polaroid Snap Touch – a touchscreen digital camera with built-in Zink Printer.

The Polaroid snap touch can be found in stores as well as on
Amazon UK – http://amzn.to/2ojTC7X
Amazon US – http://amzn.to/2oppiaU

A few people mentioned they would like a stand-alone Zink printer for mobile phones – they do these as well http://amzn.to/2pxbUpU

You may also be interested to know that in 2014 I made a video featuring the LG portable Zink printer and the Fuji Instax Mini 90 camera. https://youtu.be/rdqO18H3lfo

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A few people are saying “bring the Muppets back”…I guess they must be new here, because subscribers will know that the comedy outros don’t feature on every video…usually they are added to one or two videos per month..whenever there is something for them to say and time allows.


Andrew N says:

pretty bad that you cant print the movies on zink paper :/ maybe next version 😉


Good video.

theSyd says:

The older model has an option to just save the photos on the SD card.

Squaller says:

Your language is retard not english

NonsensicalVids says:

guess i got lucky with my 64gb samsung class 10 card, it was only £13 at the time

Thiago Luz says:

Will be great if you can review this clock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxL4ElboiuA

Many Martinez says:

you should review the other polaroid snap (screenless)

Yaroslav Korneev says:

if you are planning to visit some far away country, like Burma or Nairobi, this is an amazing thing for giveaway gifts, even for adults, not only children. There are happier to have a small picture of themselves than a 1$ gift.

Robert Makinson says:


Helium Road says:

I’d rather just spend my money on a refurbished Polaroid SX-70 or a model 600 and get new instant film from the Impossible Project. It’s expensive, but it works just like it did in the 70s. Also, Fujifilm has the Instax line which is good quality built, as is all Fuji stuff, digital and chemical.

Jaska Börner says:

Seems like a fun gadget – grab a friend and have a day out and about in the city or something. Sadly I’d probably put it on my shelf that night and not touch it again for a long time, kinda like my other Polaroid instant cameras! Great review though. Gotta say, the technology is pretty cool. I don’t see the concept taking off, but it’s a neat niche product all the same. If I were a retail exec, I’d offer that reasonably-priced bundle deal around the time people are heading off to college, for example.

Rusko Kollektiv says:

Thanks for the detailed review! Seems like a great idea poorly implemented​. And blast from the past with the paperclip reset!

biteeemeee101 says:

only dumb girls will buy this

Jim E says:

*wheel. k is 2 close to the ell

Stephen Scutt says:

Its a con! The video function doesn’t print!!

OrenjiTeam Sato says:

Hey I am turning seventeen and interested in old technology how they work and thanks to 8-Bit Guy showing me your channel.I honestly loved it and now subscribed to you.Thank you and keep up the good work 🙂

Cheers from U.S.A

Matthew Wells says:

Looks like a waste of money, most phone camera take better quality video and pictures.

William Henley says:

The quality of the pictures is not that bad for a camera in this price point. I had pretty low expectations for it being a Polaroid, but those pictures were actually pretty impressive, and is what I would expect from a camera in the $100-$150 pricerange from Nikon, Canon or Fuji. The blacks were amazing, and the colors really popped without being distracting (I actually really like my pictures to look like that, and most cameras have a vibrant mode. It does look, though, that there is no way to turn that off). The sharpness was actually okay – most people are not going to be zooming in that much on an image (at least, not your Average Joe user).

The video mode, however, is not good. The video mode is what I would expect out of a point and shoot from around 2010.

The app is a nice touch – I really like that.

Between having the app, the quality of the images, and the novelty of the printer, if you could grab one for around $129 or less (or, lets say 100 GBP or less), this might be able to hold its own

Rob Robbie says:

……. Why weren’t ‘The BeaTles’ eaten by the GIANT SWANS ?

Crushonius says:

I just love the canal boats

Don Hyon says:

Is that Liverpool?

LemonSlice says:

Just be a man and stick with film.

murtisoft says:

16:57 Is that SSTV? I could not decode it. :/

Mark Woodworth says:

I would never buy this product for one main reason…the prints are minuscule and therefore useless. Just a really expensive sticker maker. Furthermore; why is the lanyard WHITE and the camera is BLACK? Nit-picky I know, but that would really get to my OCD!

Catzilla says:

I love the idea of a photo printing camera but I’m going to wait for a second-generation camera that fixes these problems.

UXXV says:

Can you review the new Drift 4K action cam 🙂

arxiSigma says:

I have this thing and its adorable

Le foto di KatyB says:

It can be fun but not for that price and that errible quality! I can buy a real Polaroid 1000 and i can use the impossible project cartridge to shoot pure analog and beautiful instantaneous photo.

will89687 says:

Another great post. As a gentle suggestion, why not have the donation credits scroll horizontally rather than vertically?

ZXRulezzz says:

And I’m sitting there wondering what that noise at the end of the outro might be…

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