Polarioid Snap Instant Digital Camera Unboxing and Review!

Shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture!
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The Silent Gamer says:

do you need ink for it

Frank Lopresti says:

I have one. it’s not bad but , doesn’t come with any paper (even though there’s plenty of room in the box), and the instructions are pretty useless. Even the reviewer here, had to say not sure what that button does or that light means or whatever. if there were directions then that would be clear. Just saying.

Luisa Mesto says:

how many papers can i load into it at a time? do i have to load a new paper for every picture or can i just put in ten at a time or something like that?

Drew Welch says:

so if you mess up and don’t want the picture printed your just sol and out .50 i guess?

Tegan Beaulieu says:

THANK YOU! I really want one and I didn’t really know how it worked, and now I do!

Bangtan Boys says:

Can you connect it to your phone and print photos from your photo album?

Itsjustemily X says:

The paper came with mine !

Sanjay Mendis says:

i just got one. It just doesn’t come on! There is no support which is a bad thing. As I got it in the US and now live in Asia

Tali Valenzuela says:

Boi it’s not quite I have one

Katie Kitchens says:

mine came with a 10pack of paper in the taped box… maybe just my Walmart lol.

Lewis Ashley says:

you dint even show the quality

TheBellaBubbles says:

Poloroids were never meant to be shaken. They had to release an official statement after that song came out saying not to shake the pictures! Dx

Prince Of Dubai says:

it’s come without films ?

Cara Padilla says:

What camera would be better? Instax mini or this?

Minerva Chamois says:

Does it print every time to snap a pic?

Jeff Salim says:

Where can I Get in India.I found this channel through Andre

danny ibarra says:

What’s with the stop looking button? Also does it saves your pictures to you sd card?

Daniel0409 says:

Life is strange anyone, xD

mamajuana343 says:

Ok, i dont know if he mentioned it, but need to know if this device uses ink, or if the sheets its self have everything, in order to print them

Fine Tour says:

How mutch the camera

Temporal Rewind says:

You don’t shake old Polaroids….obviously not a real photographer.

JamesTube says:

Do you need an SD card in order to print the pictures?

Nerd Output says:

had to mute to generic show the damn picture.

Some may call this junk me I call them treasure says:



Superbutter131 says:

Your actually are not supposed to shake polaroid pictures

Micaela Strawberryton says:

what happens if you use an SD card, but don’t put in any paper when you take a pic?

get it juli says:

Would have liked it if you took a picture to see how it comes out! 🙂

Samw A says:

I imagine people like him and unbox therapy have such a cool house

Spideyceptduit says:

What a loser!

Deasmonic says:

My sister has that exact camera and I’ll get one but black so we won’t get confused

xraychick says:

I still like to shake it like a polaroid..hehe

Daisy Mendoza says:

Do you HAVE TO get an sd Card for it ?

Ricky Brown says:


Gulan Van benthem says:

Just get à real polaroid camera
And you should never shake à polaroid picture iT is bad for THE quality and iT was made up by people


Can you print photos with out taking them from the camera?

Jeremy Jaramillo says:

this dude bothers me

æstheticMSP says:

Comes in pink too

Shez Patiño says:

aw too bad its not compatible with the polaroid films :

Carlos Moreno says:

I need this

509g1 says:

Would be useful to bring the printed pic forward so we could see the quality ffs

Katie Kitchens says:

mine came with a 10 pack of film and a nice padded case instead of the cardboard and mine came with a micro sd card and an adapter all of it was in a tapped, closed box. LOL my Walmart is a go-getter XD

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