Podo Camera Review – Kickstarter Stick on Camera / Selfie Stick Alternative

The Podo is a smartphone controlled camera that sticks to surfaces pretty securely. The washable sticky surface holds on remarkably tight and doesn’t appear to damage surfaces when it’s lifted off. But your mileage may vary. Subscribe for more! http://lon.tv/s

0:45 – Hardware overview
2:12 – Mobile app
3:10 – Image quality samples
4:06 – Video mode
4:42 – Video sample
5:30 – Conclusion and final thoughts

At $20 this would be a fun product. But $99? Forget it. Poor image quality, useless video mode, and ridiculously long image transfer times. Not the fun quick selfie camera that they pitched to Kickstarter backers a year and a half ago.

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Gadget Addict says:

Nice video Lon. From what I’ve heard that sticky stuff stops being sticky after about 6 months and no amount of cleaning will revive it.

House Station Live .com says:

you can’t put a sega genesis and a nes cartididge right next to it. you have to make a choice dude xD

Trent Blackburn says:

Good review but a pretty awful product. It sounds like they need to upgrade the sensor quite a bit and probably use Wi-Fi instead of bluetooth so the transfers don’t take forever. A memory card option would be nice too so it can just sync up in the background or something like that.

charlie brownau says:

All these links and you fail to link to the actual product

Kaykaykay Me says:

Why would you need it

Don't Press Subscribe says:

Someone already beat me to this. But they should change the name,sounds like PEDO.Eh,no thanks.

Antech says:

what happened to theoffice

Youtube Account says:

Im guessing the long waiting times is due to Bluetooth speed?


Lon – You were exactly right! I bought this camera for $20 from your store after the video, just to kick you a few bucks to keep going, and to see if it was worth the $20 you thought was a fair price. I’ll agree with $20, but only for the entertainment and tinkering value, not for the camera itself. Such a shame though, as the concept could be a fun use for a good, quick camera…like you said, maybe hanging on the wall at a party to grab a few shots. Given the cost of going to a movie, or even going out for an ice cream, the $20 I spent was fair enough to play with the camera for an hour and toss it into the drawer of “could have been” gadgets in my shop. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Phil Drums says:

you should have thrown it at the wall and starting screaming “i want my money back”

pointlessfailure says:

I read this as “Pedo Camera”

JohnAlexander says:

Hey I really like your Video!! Would you mind checking out my channel and telling me what you think? Looking for some feed back to grow on. Thnaks!

Chris Wheeler says:

i see a blockbuster dvd lon seidman.

Danny Deal says:

If you’re ever able, Could you do a review on the Nextbook Flexx 8.9″ Windows 10 tablet with detachable pogo keyboard??

Jason Wade says:

The LED ring around the camera lens seems to be the only innovative thing that came out of this kickstarter.

XSportSeeker says:

Ouch! xD That lens/sensor configuration looks exactly like some of those chinese spy button cameras… wouldn’t be surprised if they used that stuff. It would explain the horrible compression/noise. And wow, those transfer speeds… gotta wonder if they didn’t botch something in app development. That looks slower than old Bluetooth connections, so gotta wonder what the bottleneck is.

Oliver Swenson says:

My phone keeps crashing

IraQ Nid says:

Can you get your money back? Did they lie about what their machine can do?

EposVox says:

Love the backdrop!
But yeah this looks like a total waste of money.

Sefa says:

transfer photos via usb

Dexter says:

Great Concept but camera functions and usability are just horrible!

House Station Live .com says:

i’m always fascinated with spy cameras. good for secret reports, sextapes… everything xD

House Station Live .com says:

you should give a score or something like this, in order to indicate your “satisfaction-rate”, you know ^^

Pawan Kumar says:

rip money

Stuffyou100 says:

This would be great at $20

Podo Labs says:

Hi Lon,

We appreciate the honest review, and agree completely that the experience needs improvement. We’re working out the kinks as you can imagine we’re finding with our first product ever, and would like to address some points from the video:

1. Sticky pad: We’re glad you find the sticky pad and hinge cool!
2. Photo transfer: We use Bluetooth for transfers for the ease of connection compared to Wifi, especially if at home we don’t want to force you to switch networks all the time. We’re doing the best with the speed we can (it tends to be faster on Android, and is slowed down if the phone’s antenna is being used to mirror for Apple TV as well), and I still contend that 3MP is more than enough for Instagram! (A phone’s screen won’t render 8 million pixels)
3. Video: The sound will be synced through the phone after the transfer occurs after this first app update. The transfer time is very slow though, but you can leave the phone locked or use it for other apps during this process as it goes in the background.
You can also transfer any files through USB as a normal mass storage device.

All in all, we thank you for your thoughts and we will continue to do our best to improve connection speeds and stability, as well as add features. We appreciate you even giving us the chance on Kickstarter, and hope we can build upon what we feel is a good idea to continue to improve the product!

The Podo Team

mr_duck says:

that looks and seems exactly like the soocoo g1

Latler Palmero says:

Can you do a review on onda obook 11 plz

Sloth Bear says:

nice video as always

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