Pixel XL vs. iPhone 7 Plus: Battle of the cameras

Does Google’s new Pixel phone really have the best camera ever put in a smartphone? We tested it against Apple’s dual-lens iPhone 7 Plus to find out.

Google Pixel review: http://bit.ly/2dl5lSa
Google Pixel unboxing: http://bit.ly/2dYOJxd
iPhone 7 Plus review: http://bit.ly/2ciWrW6
Pixel vs iPhone: 5 things Google does better: http://bit.ly/2cXmm4t

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Sumeet Pande says:

the girl in the video is so beautiful

Game Cross says:

Anyone else notice the Pixel was sliding on the grass at the end? 🙂

Thanh Hung says:

Make a comparison between the Galaxy S7 and Pixel.

Luis Brito says:

hahahahahahaha burn….


iPhone is trash … trash is iPhone

Riday Chawla says:

Whatever iPhones the best


Pixel over saturate the colours but are much more promising to eyes where as iphone are close to nature

jeremy mack says:

I don’t like these videos from big companies like CNET they always go to the flavor of the day no matter if it’s apple or Google or lg or whatever and cuz it’s the new phone course they going to make sure they spend more time focusing on the new phone to up selling it

Markus Reyes says:

I7 gang clocking in

Till M. says:

All these iPhone fanboys, guys calm down, these are only Phones

Xpadder333 says:

You should’ve not used a tripod in low light you should emulate how normal people take photos, or maybe you did that cause the pixel doesn’t have OIS which would make it preform way worse without a tripod

Luis Nava says:

The Pixel is so much better than the iphone in every single way, except for water resistance. The pictures and videos are better; It’s not over-saturated like apple users say, it does make more pleasing photos with great colors, better stabilization, and better dynamic range. The AI is better with Google Assistant, often answering questions two to three times faster than Siri. The android os is better and more intuitive. To be honest i find pure stock android simpler than ios, but I guess it just depends on what you are used to, and its more customizable. I can make my phone look like how I want it look, not like how a company thinks my phone should look. I even have the ability to play my old nes and gameboy games with ease whenever i want. I can download songs for free on my phone whenever i want. Also, you can find a lot of apps on the play store for free, that cost money on the app store. There’s even entire categories of apps that the app store will never have. And the reception is better as well. There’s 24/7 support built into the phone, easily found in the settings with a swipe to the right, where you can chat with someone to help you. It’s very fast and snappy without any lag. There’s no camera bump. There’s a headphone jack. There’s fast charging. It has better battery life and a higher resolution amoled display. It has a better screen to bezel size ratio. There’s free unlimited storage for photos and videos at original quality on google photos. And if you truly think the phone is ugly, then slapping a D brand skin on it will make it look pretty dope. And also, you can expect a lot more features to come next year on the pixel 2.

nurı genc says:

Cnet just says iphone better on video ,but on photos google better

johnlennonistheman says:

Pixel a clear winner, look at the colors and their satiety.

icecreamania says:

Did they bring in camera people from Samsung? The warmer colors and better low-light performance resembles flagship Samsung’s cameras.


Xiaomi Mi Mix got. 16MP and can make 4K videos.

Trexy says:

Lol the apple fanboys in the comments can’t accept their defeat. Anyone who isn’t blind knows that the pixel has the overall better camera.

wahyu triono says:

Who those girl ? I wanna sex with her

sanjith321 says:

The looks is a totally different story cuz (no offense to anyone who likes the pixel) the pixel looks UGLY

Aslam Batcha says:

Pixel vs s7

Angry HD says:

The model looking chick was definitely too hot for either phone.

HeySup4K says:

How much Google paid you guys?

passionatx says:

APPLE fans only come with one reason which we all are aware off.. cant accept it iDiots.. you r going to use 10 different photo editing tools later on to saturate and sharpen your photos.. but pixel already does it for u. we can clearly see the difference between both cameras here. 7plus is good but Pixel shits on it.

Fredrick Weathers says:

I have a 7+ and tbh I really like the phone but the camera is only a tab better than my old 6S+

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