Pixel and Pixel XL Review

Our Google Pixel and Pixel XL review is here!

Pixel camera review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ferxiZlirg
25+ Pixel tips and tricks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUwn4GK24c8
First 10 things to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wDBHVbh5lo

Music: Chris James Robb (https://soundcloud.com/chrisjamesrobb/thursday-snow)

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Chad Blose says:

Video production quality has really gone up. Good video.

ToastersMakeTea says:

sp00py reviews perfect for sp00p season!

videznv says:

I love the vid but try working on looking at the camera more when talking

CoolKwaz says:

What camera do you use?

Jason Dranoff says:

HELP! Pixel XL or The LG V20? I need to give my note 7 back and I can’t decided. great Video by the way.

Ryan Gullett says:

“Google has made it obvious this is one of their big focuses going forward”

So tired of believing this from Google and then they completely drop the app/software a year later

Jaime Fermin says:

Excellent video and review!

Rajon Slaughter says:

great video love shots and the over all quality just a tip or a suggestion keep the backround music going though out the whole video keeps people watching

raghuram s says:

A very good comprehensive review… I have been using the phone for one week and I love it because of its great display and beautiful camera… You review guys mostly concentrate on several other things…But, one should pay attention to display quality… I hate Iphone 7 because of its low resolution displays…They always look old wine in new bottles…Still releasing the same old Full HD resolution screens….The dullest phones are IPHONES…The only negative shade I find on Google Pixel Xl is its expensive price…They may not be expensive, but, I feel like that because I am not rich man to afford it…. hahaha

Scott Reed says:

I can’t wait to get one. Been waiting to jump ship from iOS but don’t want to settle for a 32 go device

Laszlo Boocz says:

Awesome review. Great camera footage as well. I also agree that I was engaged the while time. I can’t wait to get the Pixel.

Abhinav Srivastava says:

The best overall review of pixel i have seen!

Jose gonçalves says:

very good reviews greatings from Portugal

atl3630 says:

iPhone 7 plus or Pixel XL? Price is the same…actually the iPhone is $100 cheaper at BestBuy when you upgrade on Verizon.

Bryce Arnold says:

Great review and I really liked this style of review, good job! I’ve been following along with you guys since the days of the og droid and it crazy to see how you’ve grown droid life. On a side note I took my family on vacation to Oregon a couple months ago and it was amazing and beautiful. We can’t wait to visit again.

Jim Allocco says:

800 bucks for essentially a nexus phone? For a little more than 400 I can get a Droid play, good luck selling these overpriced phones.

Brad Clapp says:

My biggest complaint is no waterproofing but I can live without that, but people bitching about no expandable storage is really starting to get annoying… You get unlimited Google photo backup for a reason… Just back up all your photos. Oh let me guess now your excuse to not like this is “Oh no its gonna eat up battery life and my cellular data”. If that’s your best excuse that’s pathetic. You can set Google photos up to backup only on WiFi and only while charging.

All I can say is I love my pixel xl and it’s the best android phone I have had so far!

Ryan Weeda says:

What is he doing to kill the battery that fast? I haven’t been able to get my XL to drain in a day. I just did a 17 hour shift 2 days ago and although I only used the screen about 3 hours (no time to use my phone at my job) I still had over 50% battery left with about 18 hours of on battery. The lowest I’ve managed to get it is to under 15% with 6 hours of screen on time and I think close to 18 hours on battery (I was trying to see how much I could use it in a charge).

Tyler S says:

no clue what he’s talking about with battery, this battery has a much better battery than my s7 edge.

King Mal says:

Intro was a fail for me.. The camera does not need to be so close to your face. Made it a bit too creepy

Choosy Moron says:

Nice shoot & edit. Something new to my eyes.

TheKnobdayShow says:

why are you facing the wrong way


that beat tho…

Be-good says:

could you tell me what gear were you using while shooting this review? i mean the camera and mic. thank you.

Orian Iglesias says:

Great style video. It felt very personal. Thanks for the review!

locoism1025 says:

I gotta say, this video is one of the smoothes and cleanest video in 1080p/60fps I’ve seen so far. Great review too.

Roman reigns can't wrestle says:

Saygus v2

David Fernandez says:

awesome video. that intro song though. sounded like CD skipping

Juan Lopez says:

Which app do you use for video editing?

Felix S. says:

wish I had money to get these one too lol

Alex Ra says:

please keep looking into the camera when you show your face.. in this video you seem like an autist who neither can talk to people nor look into their eyes.

David Furik says:

Will be here review of Sony Xperia XZ?

jeremy brinker says:

I’ve been following you guys since the original droid days. great job! By far the best Pixel review out there.

Tim K says:

Droid Life gets better and better.

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