Pentax K-1 Review: The Best Landscape Camera Ever?

Pentax K-1:
Pentax 15-30:
Pentax 24-70:
Pentax 70-200:

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pinkeye00 says:

Way to pick on poor Matt G.

Nunez87 says:

running a K3, I’m currently buying Sigma full frame lenses, so that when I do choose to upgrade my camera body, I’ll have a nice selection of fast and sharp lenses that are also cheap. Might not be weather sealed, but I’ve learned to live with that. Still have weather sealed lenses for that absolute necessity.

Laughing Man says:

4:40 that was funny

Mario Nelaj says:

I`d love to see a collaboration between T&C Northrup and Honest Trailers.

HenryDavidT says:

Ah, good old reliable Pentax! Glad it is still alive and well, given the tough competition of the last 30 odd years.

Took THOUSANDS of pictures, from the late 1970s throughout the 80s, from Junior through high schools, as well as college years…. using my old, cherished Fedmart-bought Pentax.

Fedmart and may other such store chains have come and gone and Pentax is still around; it says something about their reliable, affordable products…

Loopsrainforest says:

Makes me wonder how Pentax can make a full frame camera with most the bell’s & whistles for almost half the price of the Canon 5dsr. Especially because of the market share & vast manufacturing advantage Canon has.

Chandler Jong says:

“I’m Matt Granger”…
I fucking died laughing lol

MrJumbolegz says:

I like it how Pentax just sits around twiddling their thumbs instead of releasing lenses. They need to get on with releasing some WR full frame lenses and fast.

Mario Vidal says:

Samyang does lens for pentax full frame

Jason Fry says:

matt granger dig @ 4:42? Lmao!

Ric Donato says:

Terrific video, I was thinking about this camera, but now passing on it. Appreciate all your work doing this review.

On a math note: the price of the Pentax is not 100% less than the Canon it is 50% (half the Canon price). The price of the Canon can be stated as 100% more than the Pentax.

Again, love the information in this video. Thank you for all your work, from your videos we learn very much.

Steve Bastiman says:

Just a thought re card failure – you wouldn’t lose a weeks worth of work if you focused more on backup rather than updating social media sites.

Peter Richey says:

I did not read all the comments, but I’m sure someone has told Tony that most of the third party lenses he mentioned are also available in Pentax mount… For instance, I love my Tamron 70-200 f2.8 on my K-5 which would be full frame compatible on the K-1

Ingemar Kenyatta says:


lecirconflex says:

“I’m Matt Granger” 😀 I laughed and had to stop the video… 😀

TheFelipemahler says:

Great review!! Good job, thanks a lot.

Cecil Sharps says:

I’ve shot 3 generations of pentax bodies. You don’t buy them for the glass. You buy them for the sensor and the sheer cross compatibility of the lens mount.

pinkeye00 says:

Or $1000 less for the Nikon D800 .. have a nice day.

大狐 says:

The beginning of the video reminded me Attack of the Pentaxians….

stas satana says:

when K-70? they ara cheap

LM says:

Good job on the Pentax K-1, just a quick update, there are 52 full frame lenses for Pentax being sold at B&H, off course not all from Pentax, but very interesting lenses from Sigma, Tamron etc…

OldMan Mick says:

Dont compare apples with oranges. It gives the impression your protecting a sponser????? or two


well, after watching several reviews of PENTAX K-1, i have to say that your review is the most professional one among them, and what’s more, your sample picture is far more better than the others, which convince me to buy that camera. Thank you for your work!

ralphus9999 says:

no sony hhhhhhhhh interesting I’m talking about the comparison

TechJunkie says:

“I’m Matt Granger…” LOL

jrodriguezquiros says:

Can you please share the name of the initial soundtrack of this video? Thanks.

stas satana says:


C Man says:

This helped me thanks, Cliff

Humza Ahmad says:

“I’m Matt Granger.” LOL classic!

Stephen Gatley says:

I would shoot the K1 if not for 2 things Lenses & Flash System support from 3rd party manufacturers!

dieselphiend says:

A lot of those lens you mentioned COME IN K-MOUNT…

Robert L says:

A lot of dust on your sensor , i mean the camera used to shoot the footage

Issei Yamazaki says:

lol that matt granger joke

Colloquial Bunny says:


Eli Iluz says:

1:53 Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone (UFC) LOL

Ted P says:

I would probably buy this camera if they made one or two more primes lenses like a 85 1.4 would be great.

MJCMedia15 says:

I’m not sure how you can not recommend the K-1 for portraits; your comments were dependent on exclusively using your shooting methods. Not everyone will, or should, shoot portraits exactly the way you do. I love shooting portraits with my K-1, the results are astonishing. This negative attitude is pretty consistent with most reviewers of Pentax cameras, who are so used to using Canon or Nikon, they reject almost any other way of shooting. And the comparison of cost to Nikon or Canon as being actually lower when you use used lenses is utter nonsense. There are thousands of Pentax lenses out there, in a variety of different prices, as well as independent makes available used that can save a ton of money over similar offerings for Nikon and Canon. My lens line up include Pentax, Tamron, Tokina, and the odd Vivitar Series 1, both in full frame and APS-C, AF & MF, and I’m having a blast working with them. I can now put together a kit for each type of assignment I get, and it works. This is not to say that Pentax doesn’t need to upgrade their lens line, they absolutely do. But that’s coming, as Pentaxians we’re patient. I am willing to concede that Nikon and particularly Canon have faster AF speeds with wider number of focus targets, so shooting sports with Pentax is a challenge. While I haven’t shot sports with the K-1 (yet), I do use a Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 on my K-3 and I’m getting good stuff shooting football, soccer, field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse, and I’m getting published regularly. My work appears in local newspapers.

I am truly at a loss as to how you didn’t see dual formats and backwards compatibility on the K-1 as a major positive. This was done primarily for Pentax owners, who in many cases have glass in both formats. While it is true that any full frame lens will work on an APS-C camera (and that’s what I had been doing prior to the K-1), to present both formats showed sensitivity to the Pentax user, meaning no lens in the history of Pentax glass (including screwmount lenses) is obsolete, which perfectly keeping in Pentax tradition. Perhaps you didn’t realize that while Canon had to create a new lens mount to accommodate EOS, and Nikon had to make a mild modification, the Pentax bayonet has not significantly changed since its induction in 1975. I have some lenses more than 30 years old, including a 17mm fisheye that still works just fine on all my Pentax DSLRs. Canon can’t say that. Nikon has some backward compatibility but not on Pentax’s level. Olympus can’t say that. Sony/Minolta can’t say that. Fuji can’t say that that I’m aware of. In fact, Pentax is the only manufacturer that has factory designed and made adapters that allow any Pentax DSLR to utilize the legendary lenses of the Pentax 645 and 67. I have used 67 glass on my digitals and the quality will blow you away. Love to try that with pixel shift.

If you’re expecting the K-1 to act like a Nikon or Canon, then obviously you haven’t made the effort to get to know the camera that well (maybe that will change should Pentax lend you a K-1 for extended testing). IMHO, the camera still doesn’t adjust to your style, you must adapt to the camera and explore the ways you can get what you want. If you’re not willing to make that effort, then I guess you will frequently be “appalled”.

김윤하 says:

Nikon Body is so expensive . Cannon Lens  is so expensive. Nikon and Pentax Body  is same price. I Like Pentax . because Lens pentax price is so cool.  pentax lens is famous single lens. But You Can use Lens Pentax SF (Film/AF still moving) . Ooo You like only new lens?    Why don’t find Sigma tamrom , samyang?

Nick Stone says:

Tony is most def hardcore. But it’s hillarious seeing him try to act tough. BAHAHAHAH

Rachel Hilgert says:

My mama is so fat she needs a K1 just to take a selfie.

Keith G says:

Pentax should spend more time designing new lenses than coming up with silly gimmicks, and their cameras are still fugly. D800/E/810 anyday.

Yeinier Ferrás says:

I would like your help to make my choice. My actual camera is a Sony H-400, and I want to jump to some better. I think tha Pentax cameras are a great choice considering features vs price. Me likes landscapes and macros, and I want to include a telephoto lens. I have made my research but I’m a amateur in this field.

Suppose that you have a budget of $2500, and its restricted for a purchase a Pentax K-3 II (about $850) and the rest ($1650) is for the lenses. The question is what lenses to buy. This is my list:

For macro phtography:
– Pentax smc D-FA 100mm F2.8 Macro WR (about $540.00 on amazon)
Note: In my opinion this lens satisfies myself, but I’m open to your suggestions

For landscapes:
– Pentax DA 10 – 17 mm FISH EYE F3.5 – 4.5 (about $400.00 on amazon)
– Pentax DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited (about $500.00 on amazon)
– Pentax HD DA 21mm F3.2 AL Limited (about $600.00 on amazon)
Note: Neither of these three lenses is weather sealed (I’m interested in any that has this feature)
– Your suggestions

For telephoto:
– Pentax HD PENTAX-DA 55-300mm F4.5-6.3 ED PLM WR RE (about $400.00 on amazon)
– Pentax DA 18-135mm F3.5-5.6ED AL IF DC WR (about $340.00 on amazon)
Note: My Sony H-400, has a 4,4 – 277 mm with F3.4 – 6.5, and has a Zoom of 63x, I’m interested in a lens that has a great magnification and it’s max cost could be about $600 (of course if this hypotethical lens exist)
– Your suggestions

I apreciate your help, thanks a lot and apologize me if I made a mistake about the lenses.

persianOUTKAST says:

saw the Longhorn hat @0:35 & just had to comment.
did you go to the *University of Texas*, or do you have connections to *Austin*?
as an Austinite & a UT graduate, i had to ask.
anyways, LOVE the very honest & unbiased reviews. keep up the good work !!!

dopamining says:

“100% cheaper”. Bwahahaha

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