Panasonic G85 (G80 / G81) Camera Review for Filmmakers

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You can buy the Panasonic G85 / G80 (U.K.) / G81 (Germany) camera here:
BH Photo Video
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For a list of lenses compatible with the Dual I.S. 2 (i.e. the latest Panasonic I.S. system), please visit here:

Here are the extra batteries we purchased for the G85:

Here is a SD card that we highly recommend (a UHS U1 class card failed on us; this one has served us for a long time):
Amazon U.K.
Amazon Canada
Amazon Germany

Remember, in filmmaking there’s no problems, just a lack of solutions!

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My name is Tom Antos. I am a film director and cinematographer with over 15 years experience in VFX & animation.
Jak się masz?! I’m originally from Poland 😉
Check out my channel here:


Dark Horse Films says:

Thanks Tom and Lucas, always appreciate your reviews.
Cheers, Pete

Dano Digitals says:

Can’t wait to see what you think about the GH5.

Lets Build That App says:

Can’t wait to see your reviews and work using the GH5

Matthias B. says:

audio of this vid seems overdriven?
what gear did you use? are you using any kind of limiter?

Tobi Lang says:


trevorpinnocky says:

Looks like a great b cam…

raredreamfootage says:

Hey Tom,

I’ve been testing the G85 at my local camera store. And I can’t for the life of me figure out how to map the audio gain control to one of the physical function buttons.

Do you know if this is even possible or are we stuck with using the touch screen only?

D. says:

Hey, what’s the difference between the G85 and GX85? Is there a difference, or are they the same camera?

Gear Jones says:

Great review, guys. I’ve been considering the G85 as a companion for my GH4. This might put me over the top, but that GH5 has been whispering in my ear.

Phil eMotion says:

Top review guys !
Thanks !!

SetMusicFree says:

GH4 has no I.S. right?? as well is not weather sealed like the G85

SuperSuperka says:

Tom! I love your videos. But they are too yellowish mostly! Smth wrong with your colors!

Errol Smith says:

Guy on left more honest about the camera than guy on right. Moire all over cap

Unidrw says:

Not worth selling G7?

Lukasz Antos says:

the video has been uploaded in 4K / 2160p, although YouTube still has not made this version available – it’s taking a long time

Rasu PK says:

Nice Camera and Nice Tutorial sir

Shiznutsz says:

I would actually be worried with those DSTE imported batteries. They fried my GH2 back in the day (well almost, the camera was salvageable). I like Patona a lot, a European brand, so you also know they comply with standards and warranty and all that. With DSTE you’re really cheaping out on the wrong thing. They’re the cheapest, but when it comes to batteries, I figured it is better to spend a little more for something that’s actually to be trusted… so like Patona, Ex-Pro, ChiliPower, etc.

orange42 says:

I found GH4 AF consistently faster than G80.

PriusMax says:

and panasonic g8 for japan

Final Cut Multimedia says:

Great review but Hey Tom, next time let your brother talk, he was doing a pretty good job but you kept cutting him off.

CriticalAngle says:

Hey guys nice review. I just ordered the baby brother to the G85, the G7, and the Zhiyun Crane. I can’t wait to see the footage I’m going to get with it in some of the videos I have planned.

Pri e Jan em Dublin says:

Good video. I suggest trying all the auto-focus options and see the one that works best. Center based, continuous on or off single…and then even try between spot, face, etc.

MatthewCho says:

First?!?! Haha

derryk1 says:

Tom your brother’s hat is tripping me out man real psychedelic effect there. Good reviewing points though. As always keep up the good work and thank you for your videos it’s “far out” man.

Ruben van Peursem says:

Do you think the smaller crop factor in 4k is a big advantage of the g85 over the gh4?

Dave King says:

Hans and Franz!

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